Ripple surged almost 56 percent Friday to a high of all-time, overshooting the ethereum making it the second-largest crypto-currency by the market capitalization. Officially known as XRP, ripple climbed to 55.9 percent making a record high of $2.23 this Friday afternoon, as per CoinMarket Cap. The digital currency having a market cap of $86.3 million, had sublimed to $73 billion of ethereum, as per the website.  Previously, the two crypto currencies battled for making the spot for second-place just when price fluctuated in the morning trading.

So far, Bitcoin stays as the largest crypto-currency.  It holds a market capitalization of an approximate rate of $247 billion, accounting for almost 41% of the total market cap of the crypto-currency tracked by the CoinMarket Cap. Ripple accounted for almost 12.5 percent, whilst ethereum was approximately around 12.1 percent, as showed by the website. The charts of CoinMarket Cap shows Ripple had overshoot the ethereum into the spot of second-place this May. But earlier those days ripple only had worth of around 36 cents.

The digital currency came to an end in 2016 below the rate of 1 cent and topped only $1 previous week, before hurdling over $2 in the afternoon, Friday. Ripple is now up over 34,700 percent this current year. Friday afternoon, Etheruem had an increase of 2% to $753.57, having a market cap of almost $72.8 billion, as per the CoinMarket Cap. Bitcoin traded a bit higher, near about $14,475, as per Coinbase.

Ripple is the official mane of the start-up of the San-Francisco based BlockChain technology for developing the bank payment modes, many financial institutions and various digital assets exchanges. Those Network participants who use this service use a digital coin named XRP for making any transactions. The crypto-currency has a settlement time of four-second, versus extra two minutes for ethereum and more than an hour for Bitcoin, as per the website of Ripple.

In existence the start up own almost 61% out of 100 billion in XRP. At the record high prices on Friday, which is giving Ripple almost a worth of $136 billion of the digital currency.