ONEFOOTBALL APPAs one of the most commonly watched sport, football is followed closely by people around the world. OneFootball is an application that is available for both-android as well as iPhone users to get in touch with the football world and stay ahead of the game by keeping themselves informed about the various matches and news about football. It gives a complete coverage of news, player profiles, stats, tables, results, important soccer competitions and real-time notification.

A Look Back:

OneFootball was initially called The Football App. It has come a long way over the years and remains one of the most popular football news application. Lately, OneFootball is exploring the addition of smart watch features to suit the audience. You can stay connected with the Football matches from wherever you are with the help of your mobile. Its push notification has made this app as a ‘must-have’ for football fans. It also shows the location of where the matches are being held and updates you instantly on the scores of the matches.


Here are some things that we absolutely love about OneFootball!

  • Mind-blowing Match Coverage:The live commentary that you get from the TalkSport Live Radio via push notification is a great way of keeping the listeners informed. A minute-by-minute live commentary is provided which makes this the best app every for football lovers.
  • Adaptable: On downloading the app, you will find that you can adapt to using it without any trouble. From thelatest news to scores, you will be able to view just about everything you want to know about your favourite competitions and teams at the tip of your fingers from the tables. A left-hand sidebar is provided that helps you to access statistics, view tables and much more.
  • Follow Your Favourite Team: The OneFootball app gives you the ability to follow up to 3 of your favourite teams and get instant updates on them. You can get access to insider news, scores, match fixtures, video channels and transfers. With OneFootball you can be notified of all important information regarding the three teams that you follow rather than switch between tabs to keep track about the various teams in web browsers.


There are only two minor setbacks when using this app. Firstly it does not have any social integration and hence you cannot share your thoughts on the various news and information. Secondly, the app has some pretty serious crashes and takes a while to load- especially on a tablet.

To sum it up, OneFootball will be your ideal go-to app when following a particular tea and also be updated on the football matches going on around the world.

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