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Crazed fan of Taylor Swift arrested for stalking and burglary after waiting on her roof, says report

Taylor Swift had declared an escape from the crazy fan. A 29-year-old man was stalking her and was arrested after the burglary. He has climbed up on the roof and has tried to enter her house by ringing the door bell several times. We have the strange details, here.Crazed fan of Taylor Swift arrested for stalking and burglary after waiting on her roof, says report

The 27-year-old pop star Taylor Swift was forced to call the police on yet ANOTHER stalker, according to TMZ reports. The report says that an obsessed fan climbed several times onto the roof of her beautiful penthouse in New York City. The incident had taken place from 10pm-2am. He would keep ringing her door bell frequently almost for an hour and move around in the lobby.

The crazed fan is a 29-year-old named Mohammed Jaffar, and this really freaked out Taylor. He was then arrested for stalking and burglary and he has to pay $20k to get out of the jail.

Taylor Swift: The Pop Star

We might think that the Taylor would be safer in the glamorous building. Along with Taylor, Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh also lives there. The saddest thing is that she had spent $20 million to purchase that home, so she does expect more protection.

The singer of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” also faced similar kind of situation about 6 months earlier, when another stalker was arrested in Nov. 2016. In the case of this situation, a 39-year-old man called Frank Andrew Hoover annoyed Taylor’s family, asked for photos with her and stalked her till the airport, even after she got a restraining order against him. So offensive!

The whole incident left Taylor really freaked out, and we can’t imagine that she has to go through the same trouble again with this stalker. “She tries to neglect that incident and forget it as early as possible, but whenever she starts thinking about it, she gets afraid,” an insider reported to EXCLUSIVELY. “She tries not to focus on it at all because she does not want it to scare here anymore.”