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SmartWatch Maker Pebble Reduces Staff by 25Affordable Smartwatch maker, Pebble announced the layoff of their 25% workforce. The Pebble announced that the 25% of their staff would lose their job from the company. This decision was made days after their Competitor; Apple reduced the prices of Apple watch by $50/-.

The Pebble is famous for making affordable smartwatches for their customers. Pebble started the trend of smartwatches. But now, to continue working with less capital, they need to reduce their staff significantly. In an interview with Tech insider, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky said that Pebble is reducing its workforce by 40 employees, and planning for a careful approach for next year. With a low on funds and capital, the company has to innovate in the gadgets and marketing strategy. In a talk with Tech Insider reported, Eric Migicovsky revealed that Pebble has raised over $25 million over last eight months.

Just two days ago, Apple slashed the price of their smartwatch, Apple watch prices by over$50/- from their launch price. Now, the Apple watch is priced at almost $299/- and the most expensive smartwatch from Pebble is for Just $249/-. This decision of Apple made them closer to the Pebble Smartwatches price range. Having Apple as the main competitor is a hard thing for Pebble. So, the decision of saving money to innovate and eat of the market share over next few months is a good decision by Pebble CEO.


OnePlus 3 With Snapdragon 820 SoC Spotted on AnTuTu – Specifications, Updates, Key Feature

OnePlus 3 Spotted on AnTuTuAfter the launch of OnePlus Two, it was clear that OnePlus is working on the OnePlus Three. The OnePlus is taking huge steps in the smartphone market, which made them popular in very less time. After the craze of OnePLus Two smartphone, the companies new smartphone, which is OnePlus Three was spotted on AnTuTu benchmarks app. The Smartphone was listed in AnTuTu benchmarks app.

The OnePlus team was working on a new smartphone, which is rumored OnePlus 3. The OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said that the New smartphone from the company will have a new and refreshing design. The Co-founder of OnePlus stated that new smartphone from the company will go on floor in the second quarter of the year. Also, he said that the new smartphone will make OnePlus fans go crazy, as they went on the launch of OnePlus One.

According to the listing on AnTuTu benchmarks app, the Alleged onePlus Three is having Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC processor, Adreno 530 GPU, 4 GB of RAM, 16 MP rear and 8 MP Front camera and it will run on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. Also, there will be the 32 GB internal storage capacity of this smartphone. Along with the development of OnePlus Three, OnePlus is coming up with Better buying process for their customers, rumors suggests. There is no extra information about this step from the company, but expert says that the firm will start selling smartphone themselves and ship faster than individual sellers.


Apple’s Starts {iPhone SE Online PreBookings} : Most Cost-Effective iPhone Ever only at 499$

Apple iPhone SE Online PreBookingsThe Pre-orders booking for iPhone SE has opened today. The iPhone SE is the latest launch from the house of Apple. On March 21, Apple Launched the iPhone SE with the upgraded feature. The iPhone SE is a 4-inch smartphone from Apple. The iPhone SE is an upgraded version of iPhone 5S and will share some features with iPhone 6S.

The iPhone SE is a 4-inch smartphone from Apple, which was a small surprise for all fanboys. The iPhone SE will be shipped with 12 MP rear camera, powerful A9 processor, Near-Field-Connectivity for Apple Pay. The smartphone is the cheapest smartphone from Apple till date. The Pre-orders booking price of iPhone SE is $499/-.

The iPhone SE will go on full sale on and after 31st March 2016. Currently, Pre-order bookings are shipped after the 31st March. The surprise from Apple is the smaller screen in this iPhone, saying that the “Small is a new big”. Fanboys and geeks expected the launch or announcement of new iPhones, i.e., iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, Apple did not share any official word. After this launch event, there can be another event in September, where Apple may reveal details about Latest MacBooks and the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and other accessories.


Xiaomi Mi TV 3S Launched in China- Price, Key Features, {Specifications*}

Xiaomi Mi TV 3s Launched in ChinaApart from Smartphone manufacturing, Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi is in full swing in television market also. Recently, they’ve launched the two new variants of the MI TV 3S. The two variants of MI TV 3S were launched in China. The MI TV 3S has two variants. First, one is 43 inches Full HD version and the second one are 65 inch TV with Curved Display.

Before this launch, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi TV 3 with 4K Display. The MI TV 3S is a successor of Mi TV 3. The 43 Inch version of MI TV 3S is powered by LG’s Full HD Display. The display is encased in Ultra-Thin Metal casing, with the width of 10.9 MM. Also, it has MSTAR 6A908 Full HD Processing Chip. For beautiful Audio Experience, the MI TV 3S 43-inch version has DTS and Do; by Digital Technology.

On the other hand, the 65 Inch version with Curved Display is of its first from Xiaomi. The Curved Display comes from Samsung’s factory, which is encased in 5.9 MM ultra-thin metal frame. This TV also features DTS and Dolby digital for better viewing experience. The 43 Inch version is priced at RMB 1,799/-, and 65 inches curved display version is priced at RMB 8,999/- in China.

There is no word from Xiaomi about the global launch of MI TV 3S Variants.


Apple to launch Ultra-Thin Macbook in Quarter 2nd or 3rd of 2016

Apple to launch Ultra-Thin MacbookApple created a lot of buzz about the New iPhone SE launch keynote. Many Bloggers and fans were expecting about the Announcement of New Apple’s Macbook. There was no announcement in latest Keynote by Apple, but they’ll announce the launch of New Macbook laptops soon.

Reports say that Apple is working on developing the new Macbooks, which are Ultra-thin than previous MacBook versions. The Ultra-thin Macbook will be available soon with two different screen sizes. The new Macbook may boast retina display of 13 inches and 15 inches. According to the rumours, the new MacBook will come with the same design as the current version of Macbook, but they will be thinner than existing ones.

It is fascinating to see the launch of these MacBook very soon. Also, sources suggest that the launch date of these new Macbook is set somewhere in the second quarter of this year. Even with the slight delay, it may be initiated in the third quarter of this year.

The Apple is developing this new generation Ultra-Thin Macbook to gain significant market share in Notebooks market. As Apple doesn’t have high demand in laptops market, it will try to create a buzz among laptop users. The current market share is occupied by top computer manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Acer. These Rivals of Apple are soon to launch new ultrabook in the market to compete with Apple’s Macbook series laptops. It is interesting to see the fight between top companies to gain significant market share.


After WhatsApp, Facebook Dropped Support for BlackBerry OS Devices

Facebook Dropped Support for BlackBerryFollowing the steps of WhatsApp, Facebook dropped the support for BlackBerry OS devices. Recently, WhatsApp announced that they’ll not support BlackBerry Devices and now the Parent Company announced the same. According to the Facebook, Almost 99% of the users of Facebook are accessing it from Android, iOS or Windows OS enabled smartphones. Thus, they decided to stop supporting Facebook app and Messenger support to BlackBerry Devices.

The Company is Revoking the Support of Facebook app and Messenger from all BlackBerry OS enabled Devices later this year. But, the Latest smartphone made by Blackberry, which is BlackBerry Prix and runs on Android OS, will get support from Facebook. The WhatsApp was introduced for BlackBerry Devices three years ago, and now they also took a step back from BlackBerry Environment.

Facebook said that all BlackBerry mobiles can access Facebook’s web version via third party web browsers, but not from Native App. The BlackBerry spokesperson posted about this step of Facebook on their Blog, saying that they are disappointed in this decision of Facebook, The BlackBerry will fight back to revert the minds of officials of Facebook and WhatsApp. From a Long time, BlackBerry focused on the Corporate market to sell their smartphones, which made their way to downwards. This step from Facebook and WhatsApp can be taken as the indication of BlackBerry furthermore fall.


Microsoft Edge Browser with Extensions Support Test Build- Download, Update!!

Microsoft Edge Browser with Extensions SupportThe Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer alternative, Edge Browser now got the support for extensions. The Edge Browser will have support to install extensions, which was not available when it was launched. The Microsoft Edge browser is a successor of Internet Explorer browser. The developers can use the test build of this browser.

In the test build, there are three extensions in Edge browser test build. First, one is Microsoft Translator, which offers translation over 50 languages. Reddit Enhancement and Mouse Gestures. These extensions can be installed manually in the browser. Also, these three extensions can be install simultaneously on Google’s Chrome Browser, and Chrome Extensions can be ported to Edge Browser. The new set of extensions like Adblock, Adblock Plus, and Evernote are going to come pre-installed at the end of the year.

Although, this build was to be revealed at the end of last year, but it was delayed until March. And now, it is here for developers to test it. Microsoft didn’t share any word about the period of this analysis by developers, but we know that after the trial period is over with success, then the extension will be available in Windows Store. The same delay happened with the Windows 10 roll-out for smartphone users. Microsoft announced that developers can create their extensions for the Edge browser, instead of using three basic extensions.


Google Update 2016: Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast #Nomenclature

Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast

Google Updates 2016 :-

The Search Engines just announced the new name of one of their product. The Google Changed the name of Google Chromecast App on Android and iOS to “Google Cast”. They made this announcement few hours ago. The Google Chromecast is an online-streaming dongle made for televisions. With Google Chromecast, users can stream the content in their smartphones on their televisions.

The Chromecast is a low-cost alternative to the Streaming TV boxes like Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV. The Chromecast made its particular place because of compact size. It was the most popular streaming device of 2015, with almost 20 millions+ Google Chromecasts sold in a year,

This is the small change from Google’s side. But the experts are saying that Google is giving a hint to this change. The Hint can be about the expansion of Google Chromecast usability. Also, this change in name is just a start from Google to integrate the technology of Chromecast into more gadgets. The Google has partnered with a new company, Vizio. These two companies are working to create a smart television, which will have Google Chromecast technology embedded. The Smart-TV will be remote less and can be controlled via Google Cast App on Android and Smartphone or from the Chrome Browser.

Experts are indicating that there may be a big announcement about the integration of Google Chromecast with other devices. Also, there may be some big plans for Android TV by Google. For now, we can just sit and wait for the next update from Google about the Chromecast dongle and Google Cast app.


Apple’s {iPhone SE Start at $399} new Features, Updates, Price live from Apple’s launch event

iPhone SE Price ImagesAccording to Apple: Apple’s Cost for 16 GB at $399, which is starting amount, then it will increase for 64 GB model to $499. Apple is also available in Installment plans which start as low as $17/Month. iPhone SE will available in the market from march 31st 2016.

iPhone SE is available with the 64-bit Apple A9 processor with the embedded M9 motion co-processor, Same like iPhone 6S. That will help the user to play games smoothly, in additional it supports Hands-Free “Hey Siri” prompting which is awesome. The camera features is same like iPhone 6S, with the same 12-megapixel iSight camera, and with a dual-tone flash as well as the ability to take Live Photos and 4K video.

According to Apple, last year 30 million people have bought smaller and lighter phones, So they’re taking steps to keep the 4-inch phone in their line-up, as expected. The phone has many of the same features as the top-of-the-line smartphones, including the ability to capture 4K video and take Live Photos. This smartphone has continued some same features like “top-of-the-line smartphones, furthermore included ability to capture 4K video as well as the ability to shoot Live Photos feature.

“As you may have heard, we’re calling it the iPhone SE,” said by Apple vice president Greg Joswiak.

iPhone SE available at the 4-inch size, it has faster LTE, faster Wi-Fi (802.11ac), new microphones, better battery life and most important the significant of Apple Pay support.

Apple’s iPhone SE starts from $399 with 16GB of storage and available at maximum amount at $499 with 64GB. iPhone SE available in gold and rose gold colors. This Apple’s iPhone SE will be available in more than 100 countries till the end of May 2016.


Google Android Security Warning and Updates that will Blow your Mind!

Google Android Security WarningGoogle is working hard to launch their newest Android operating system, named as Android M. they have been working with security measures of this operating system. Newest security measures from Google added in Android M ensures that the operating system is safe to run on device.

Google has added Boot system manager that scans whole operating system while booting. It can show you the current status of your firmware version. When you’ll start the smartphone running on Android M version, the security feature will scan the operating system and tell you if it is okay to run the device. There will be an alert message on screen when the features finds any error in Android system.

Google has added information about this feature on its Nexus Support page. In this page, Google states that there will be three types of start-up screens which will show you the status of the device OS. The first screen will come if you have installed another version of Android device. You can install another ROM when the device is rooted. This feature will check the status of new version and tell you about the status.

If you have unlocked the device, you can see this message with new security feature of Android M which says, “Your device software can’t be checked for corruption. Please lock the boot loader.” This message will come when you have unlocked the device boot loader.

The third warning message will be displayed after switching on the smartphone will be “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.” This message will appear if the security software found the OS damaged or corrupted. You cannot start the device when this message appears until you install proper stock ROM of the device. Google also stated that these messages will disappear after 10 seconds.

This is the quite interesting feature we can see in official released build of Android M. Google is testing this feature of Nexus device running on Android M developer versions.