Amazon Prime Now Food Delivery Service Started in San Francisco

Amazon Prime Now Food Delivery Service Started in San FranciscoThe E-commerce giant just introduced the Meal Delivery service in San Francisco. The Local Food Delivery Service, Amazon Prime Now is offering local restaurant food delivery service. The Current operations of this facility are spread across 8 Cities and 33 Zip codes in the United States. The San Francisco is the eighth city in the Amazon Prime Now operations zone.

The Amazon Prime Now is offering the Meal Delivery Service with the help of Local Restaurants in those eight cities. The Amazon Prime Now app users can know the status of Availability of Food Delivery service by entering the ZIP code in the app. If the ZIP code of the user comes in the service area, then the Food Delivery Service by Prime Now will able to deliver food. The Amazon Prime Now service comes with a price tag of $99 per year and some cheeky perks. The Amazon Prime Now offers one-hour and two-hours express delivery on several items, like Perishable Goods.

To attract customers to Prime Now food delivery service, Amazon Launched the “No Menu Markup Guarantee”. If the user finds the food item on Prime Now listed with a higher price than the original restaurant menu card, then the Amazon will refund the full amount to the user. Also, Amazon Prime Now delivers food items at the doorstep in one hour.


Amazon’s Prime Now Soon to be Integrated in to Amazon.com

Amazon's Prime NowAmazon’s quick home delivery service will be integrated into the Amazon.com environment. The Prime-Now, which is the logistics service of Amazon, which offers 2-hour delivery and 1-hour delivery to the Amazon Prime members, will be integrated into Amazon.com Ecosystem to help users to use it with extra cost. Currently, Amazon Prime members can order perishable goods with the two-hour delivery option for free and one-hour delivery for $7.99 only. The Prime-now was available only through the native app, but Amazon team is eager to adapt and integrate it.

In a news report from Bloomberg, it was said that the Amazon is quite happy with the performance of Prime-Now service. The Prime-Now has worked better from its launch, which happened in December 2014. The Prime now offers Amazon Prime member a free two-hour delivery and $7.99/- for one-hour delivery of individual items. Mostly, users can order groceries and perishable items with Prime now.

In starting days, Prime-Now was available only in Manhattan city, but soon after the launch, it was expanded in almost 20 cities of US and International presence in London, UK. The items, which cannot be sold on AMazon.com website, are available on the Prime-Now app. Now, with this proposed integration, Amazon users can order the groceries and perishable items like Egg, vegetables, milk, etc. from Amazon website.


Amazon Dash Button Project Increasing in US – AWS(Amazon Web Services) IoT Button

Amazon Dash ButtonAlmost one year ago, Amazon.com released the “Dash Button”, for ordering items with just a click. The Dash buttons or the push buttons are made for the single purpose, i.e., ordering only one item. The Dash Button was launched in the US exactly one year ago, which was the day of April 1st. The idea behind this push button is to let users order only one thing.

Today, Amazon announced that they are expanding this Dash Button program in the USA. Currently, With Dash Button, users can request only one thing per button. There are very few brands associated with Dash Button project. But Amazon announced that there are more brands willing to join, which will improve the experience of shopping through the Dash Button. The brands like Zico Premium Coconut water, Stayfree sanitary pads, Energizer batteries, etc. will have their own Dash button. As per Amazon, The orders coming from Dash buttons increased by 75% in last three months.

Currently, the Dash Button is available for US Customers of Amazon for only $4.99 per Dash Button. The company refunds the money after ordering it the first time. Dash Buttons have an Adhesive strip on back to stick it anywhere. Also, it has stickers of the brands. The items ordered through the Amazon Dash Buttons will be delivered from Amazon Prime two-day shipping.


Amazon Delivery (In 2 Hour) in Berlin-Welt, expands to East Bay: Report

Amazon Delivery (In 2 Hour) in Berlin-Welt, expands to East Bay ReportThe E-commerce giant Amazon will launch Two-hour delivery service in Berlin. The Amazon is working on starting the two-hour delivery for selected products in Berlin, Germany. According to the German Newspaper, the Amazon is setting up a warehouse in Berlin to store and process almost 10,000 items. As of Now, the Amazon products are delivered in whole Germany via Deutsche Post and DHL couriers. The Amazon’s this move to set up its delivery system for super fast deliveries, is the potential threat to the DHL’s and other courier companies business.

In the first phase, the shipments will be made via the local courier partners, who are highly active in Berlin. Their network may help Amazon to deliver products within 2 hours. The Local courier partners of Amazon are playing a big role in this 2-hour delivery option introduced by Amazon. However, the Amazon is taking help from Local courier partners for phase one, but the company may expand their Amazon Transportation service to dismiss the services from local partners.

The Amazon Prime customers can avail this two-hours delivery method. The Amazon is charging $99/ per year for Amazon Prime customer, and they can avail ultra-fast 1 hour delivery for clients in particular cities and regions. According to the German Newspaper, Amazon will launch this service in May 2016.


Amazon Great Indian Holi Sale 2016- upto 70% Discount Offers- Cloths, Mobile, Laptop

Amazon Great Indian Holi SaleAmazon Great Indian Holi Sale 2016- Upto 70% Discount Offers:

Recent Amazon The great Indian sale has been ended. Now get prepared for the new Amazon great Indian Holi Sale 2016. Here Amoazon has offerd colourful holi to customers, that means Amazon holi 2016 offers coming its way. Bookmark this page and stay updated with us to grab more discounts and offers from Amazon India Holi Sale Dates.

What Exactly Amazon Great Indian Holi Sale/Offers??

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Flipkart Holi Offers 2016 – Sale, Discount on Mobiles, Laptop and more {HaveColourFulHoli}

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