Opera Launched Developer Preview of New Browser, Provides Free Unlimited VPN

The famous web browser maker Opera launched the Developer Preview of their new browser, which includes the Free Virtual Private Network (VPN). Krystian Kolondra, who is the Head of Engineering at Opera said that Opera is the first web browser to introduced full-featured unlimited and free Virtual Private Network Service.


The VPN service is used by those who are not able to access any website which is out of their reach due to government restrictions or to browse Anonymously. This is good news for Frequent VPN service users because Opera is Providing Free VPN with their browsers. The Built-in VPN service with Opera Browser will help users to access the websites blocked in their countries, or blocked over the networks. Also, it will help users to surf the internet anonymously, by masking your original IP address by another IP address of VPN server.


The Opera’s VPN service will be provided with the help of SurfEasy VPN. From a long time, the Surfeasy was Opera’s preferred VPN provider, which they bought last month. The SurfEasy has individual subscription plans of their service, which costs users $6.99 per month. For Opera users, this VPN service will be available for Free of Cost and with Full Features.

vpn enabled

Currently, the feature is available in the developer build of this browser, which will be introduced in the commercial browser in next few weeks after testing it.

Installation links for Opera developer for Windows & Opera developer for Mac.


Hacker and SpyEye Malware Developer Sentenced for 15 Years in Prison

Hacker and SpyEye Malware DeveloperThe Algerian Hacker and developer of Malicious Virus is sentenced for 15 years by US court and additional three years of supervision release. The Culprit, Hamza bendelladj is the mind behind the SpyEye Malware, using which he tried to commit numerous wire fraud and bank frauds. He was charged with developing and distributing the malware on the Internet.

The Algerian Hacker has pleaded to the US courts admitting his crimes, like Wire Frauds, Bank Frauds and Computer Fraud and Abuse. His plea saved him from getting prison for 60 years straight and a fine of $24 million to the US court. The Attorney of Hamza Bendelladj said that Hamza cooperated with the Government in the investigation of this case and then admitted crimes, which made him eligible to get reduced sentence of 15 years.

Hamza developed the SpyEye Malware with his partner, Aleksandr Adrivich panin to steal the banking data and commit bank frauds. The SpyEye malware helped the Hamza and Aleksandr to take money from the bank accounts of the victims, whose computer was infected with this Malware. The estimated fraud done by this duo is almost of $100 million. The hacker was arrested in Thailand when he was travelling from Malaysia to Algeria in 2013. Thailand authorities arrested him and later Extradited to the United States.


Outdated Software Programs and Apps May Attract Ransomware Attacks on Server : Talos Group Analysis

Outdated Software Programs and Apps May Attract Ransomware Attacks on ServerThe security firm owned by Cisco has warned us about the Ransomware attacks on the servers, which are using the outdated apps. The Cisco-owned Talos group analyzed the servers on the internet and found that the 2,100 servers of businesses, Schools, Not-for-Profit organizations and aviation companies are infected by the Malware because the servers were running with outdated software.

The Malicious attacks are happening on the servers, which are using Red Hat Linux JBoss Enterprise software. It works as a middleman for the server hardware and the other apps running on the server. Such servers are mostly getting infected by the Ransomware, which locks the files on the server till you pay the money.

The Talco group’s security team warned about the attack on the vulnerable and outdated servers, which may get infected by Sansom malware, which is the Ransomware. The Ransomware locks up the files on your computer, till you pay the asked amount to the hacker and get the key to removing the Ransomware. The Schools and other educational institutions using “Destiny” software are more likely to get attacked by hijackers to install the ransomware on servers. The “Destiny” is the record management software mainly used by Educational institutions to keep track of Books in the Library.

The Institutions, Businesses, Government offices and Aviation companies are highly advised to update the software and stop using an outdated version of the software to keep valuable data safe from hackers.


Security Experts Found a Way to Crack the Petya Ransomware, Releases Tool to Remove it for Free

Way to Crack the Petya RansomwareThe security experts come up with an excellent news for the computer users, who’ve affected by the Petya Ransomware. The Experts have successfully cracked the ransomware. The Ransomware is a program which blocks users access to the computer by encrypting the files. To get the unlock key, the user has to pay the cyber criminals some money so that they can regain the access to computers.

The Petya Ransomware was come on the radar of cyber experts, when the crimes distributed this ransomware to the companies, via Job application emails. The Ransomware blocked the access of company computers, which made experts find the answer and crack the program. The Petya Ransomware deletes the Master boot record, which is the boot log, by which computer boots into the operating system. The Petya adds code in Master File Table, which is the table of all files, size and the disk partition details, which shows ransom note to users, instead of booting in the PC.

The Process to recover the computer from this Ransomware is bit complicated, but the Fabian Wosar, who is the Security Expert from firm Emsisoft, created a simple program, which replaces the infected MBR (Master Boot Record) with the original one. The Process cannot be executed on the infected computer, so the Hard disk of the infected computer have to remove and attach to the other working computer with proper cables. Once connected, the Program created by Fabian will replace the MBR, which will crack the ransomware and allows the user to access the computer again.


Reddit Introduced the Blocking Feature to Stop Online Abuse

Reddit Blocking featureThe Reddit is the heaven for the Memes and the free speech lovers. The Reddit is the best site for those who wanted to share the best content on the internet. As for the Free Speech lovers, Reddit is the heaven on the internet, because anyone can share their views without getting censored. But, with the increased popularity and free speech, there was the growth in the personal abuse on the site. To combat with personal or mass abuse, Reddit introduced the “Blocking” feature.

The Reddit added the “Blocking” feature for individual users to block the abusers on Reddit. Reddit has taken the step after an increase in reports of Personal abuse on the website. After Blocking unwanted users and abusers, the Abusers will not able to see the profile of the victim. Also, they cannot send or reply the personal messages sent via Reddit. The website introduced the Blocking feature on Wednesday.

There are almost 240 million daily active users, which will get the blocking function. With the Increase of Free speech, Users spreading Negative speech has also increased. That’s why this step was necessary. The Subreddits, which are small groups on Reddit with particular topics are the long-lived online home for obnoxious elements, who are still spreading the hatred. This Blocking feature will help users to stay away from those Negative elements and Personal Online Abuse.


Whatsapp Security: WhatsApp Rolled Out End-to-End Encryption for All Users

Whatsapp SecurityWhatsapp Security: – The one and a half year project of end-to-end encryption has finally completed by WhatsApp. All WhatsApp Messenger users on all platforms with the latest version of the app will have the End-to-End encryption on their messages.The Encryption feature is now available on All platforms, which are supported by WhatsApp.

In Layman terms, the End-to-End Encryption means the messages you send via WhatsApp stored on WhatsApp servers in Encrypted format. The Messages cannot be opened and Red by anyone, not even WhatsApp. This is the best thing implemented by WhatsApp, to ensure the Privacy of their users. The bad thing about this End-to-End encryption is that nobody can check the Messages stored on WhatsApp servers. Even WhatsApp cannot access the messages if ordered by Local Authorities. The Group Chats, Personal Chats, Attachments, Voice Calls, Media, and videos will come under the End-to-End encryption.

In 2013, the WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems, to implement the End-to-End encryption on WhatsApp messenger app. The partnership contract was signed between these two companies right after the revelations made by Edward Snowden. The WhatsApp users with the latest version of the app, who are using Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian S40 and S60 mobiles will get the End-to-End Protection option while sending the messages.


U.S. Department of Defence Announces ‘Hack the Pentagon’ Bug-bounty Program

DOD Hack the PentagonThe American Department of Defence, Pentagon has announced the “Hack the Pentagon” program. This is the first of its kind Bug-Bounty program for hackers and security experts. This program was announced to identify the security flaws in the system of Pentagon. The Department of Defence Press Secretary, Peter Cook, announced about this competition today. For this competition, the Department of Defence is partnered with the “HackerOne”; Silicon Valley-based Bug-Bounty-service startup. The startup will conduct this contest and bug-bounty program on behalf of the Pentagon,

The Department of Defence announced that public websites and systems are eligible to hack under this program. Also, they announced that there is no involvement of Secret systems which contains confidential data are involved. The HackerOne will start accepting entries for this bug bounty program from April 18th and will end on 12th May. The company will send rewards of this program before 10th of June.

Hack The Pentagon is the pilot program, which was designed after analyzing similar successful bounty programs arranged by modern business giants. The Pentagon Press Secretary said that the participants in this bounty program would undergo through the criminal record scanning process. It will help us to ensure that the money which came from Taxpayers pockets to spend carefully.


Global Managed File Transfer Software and Service Market 2016 – By Persistence Market Research

Global Managed File Transfer Software and Service Market
Global Managed File Transfer Software and Service Market

Managed file transfer is a fast, secure, reliable, and transparent way of exchanging heavy or a large number of files inside or between the organizations.

To understand and assess the opportunities in this market, the report is categorically split into four sections, namely market analysis by software, service, vertical, and region. This report covers the global Managed File Transfer (MFT) software and service market performance in terms of value contribution. The report includes key trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities influencing the growth of the global MFT software and service market currently. Impact analysis of the key growth drivers and restraints, based on the weighted average model, is included in this report to better equip clients with crystal clear decision-making insights.

In the vertical segment, demand for MFT in the banking, financial service & insurance sub-segment is significantly high as compared to other sub-segments. This sub-segment is estimated to account for 21.50% value share of the overall vertical segment by the end of 2025. As per PMR estimates, this segment is projected to expand at a decent CAGR during the forecast period.

The report also analyzes the market across various geographies and arrives at the market size in terms of value and volume for the forecast period (2015-2021).

Of the aforementioned segments, in terms of value, the Latin America market is expected to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period, and in terms of value, North America is expected to account for the largest share of the total MFT software and service market by 2025.

This report on the global MFT software and service market profiles some of the key players, including The Axway Inc., IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Software AG, CA Technologies Inc., GlobalSCAPE Inc., Wipro Limited, SWIFT, Micro Focus (Attachmate), and Signiant Inc.

On the basis of service, the market is sub-segmented as follows:

  1. Implementation & Integration service
  2. Consulting Service
  3. Maintenance service

Of the above-mentioned sub-segments, in terms of value, the implementation & integration sub-segment is expected to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Leading market participants are investing heavily in R&D activities in order to innovate new MFT solutions that would be able to cater to the demand for distinct products across various regions.

Source: http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/market-research/managed-file-transfer-service-market.asp

About Persistence Market Research:-
Persistence Market Research (PMR) is an innovative provider of market research reports and consulting services. The three PMR pillars of strength that have helped us win clients for years are: Quality Research, Quick Research, and In-depth Research.


Hackers Steal Verizon Enterprise 1.5 Million Customers Data – Security Alert!!

Hackers steal Verizon Enterprise 1.5 Million Customers dataThe American Telecommunications company, Verizon said that the hackers tried to exploit the vulnerability in one of their client’s enterprise portal. The company stated that the hackers didn’t get the access to the sensitive data like Customer Proprietary Network Information also known as CPIN and other precious data.

The CPIN is the Customer Proprietary Network Information; in short, it is the data that telephone companies collect, like Time, Date, call duration and destination number. The data is safe with the Verizon. According to the news of third party website, the someone has posted a thread, selling 1.5 million Verizon customers information, on Secret forum for hackers and exploiters. The underground hacker posted the thread for selling this information. He is selling almost 1.5 million number for $1,00,000/-. Also, he is selling these figures in different packages of 1,00,000 numbers for $10,000/ per package.

As per the statement released by the Verizon, the vulnerability which was tried to exploit is fixed, and no sensitive data has been leaked. Although, the company has started notifying the customers, whose information has been leaked in this failed attack on Verizon portals.

The Verizon communications are American conglomerate, who is selling their data centers to collect almost $2.5 billion. Verizon is known as the No. 1 wireless carrier.