Global Smart Locks Market 2016- Honeywell , Locstar, Jiangmen Keyu Intelligence, Samsung

Global Smart Locks Market by Application, Type, Manufacturers, and Regions, Forecast up to 2021Smart Locks Market

Smart Locks Market Report Details:

This report covers Smart Locks in global market, mainly report includes North America Smart Locks market, Europe Smart Locks market, Asia-Pacific Smart Locks market, Latin America Smart Locks market, also covers Middle as well as Africa Smart Locks market. This report divied Smart Locks market based on manufacturers, type, application and Smart Locks market regions.

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Market Segment by Manufacturers, this report covers
2 Adel
3 Allegion
4 August
5 Guangdong Be-Tech
6 Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock
7 Honeywell
8 Jiangmen Keyu Intelligence
9 Kwikset (Spectrum Brands)
10 Locstar
11 Master Lock (Fortune Brands)
12 MIWA Lock
13 Probuck
14 Samsung
15 Tenon
Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers
1. (USA, Mexico and Canada) Smart Locks Market in North America .
2. (Germany, Italy, UK, Russia and France) Europe Smart Locks Market.
3. (China, Southeast Asia, Japan, India and Korea) Smart Locks Market in Asia-Pacific .
4. (Middle and Africa) Latin America Smart Locks Market.

Market Segment by Type, covers
1. Fingerprint Locks
2. Electronic Cipher Locks
3. Remote Locks
4. Others

Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into
1. Household
2. Commercial
3. Others

Report also inludes Smart Locks market growth rate XXXX % during forcast period. Worldwide Smart Locks industry report covers compititors/Manufacturers Profiles in Smart Locks market with their Business Overview. Smart Locks Market report also includes Smart Locks market by Type and Applications, Smart Locks Sales, Revenue, Price and Smart Locks Industry Share. This research (Smart Locks Market Research) study also includes worldwide Smart Locks Market Competition, by Manufacturer, by Manufacturer. Worldwide Smart Locks Sales and Smart Locks Revenue by Regions (2011-2016)

Report on (Smart Locks Market Report) mainly covers 10 Section to deeply display the global Smart Locks Industry.

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Section 1, to analyze the Smart Locks industry’s top manufacturers, with sales, Smart Locks market revenue, and price of Smart Locks in 2015 and 2016;

Section 2, to display the Smart Locks market’s competitive situation among the top manufacturers, with Smart Locks market sales, revenue and Smart Locks market share in 2015 and 2016;

Section 3, to show the global Smart Locks market by regions, with sales, Smart Locks revenue and market share of Smart Locks , for each region, from 2011 to 2016;

Section 4, 5, 6 and 7, to covers the key regions, with Smart Locks market sales, revenue and share by key countries in these regions Smart Locks industry scenario;

Section 8 and 9, to show the Smart Locks industry by type and application, with sales Smart Locks market growth rate and share by type, Smart Locks market application, from 2011 to 2016.

Section 10, Global Smart Locks market forecast, by application, type, and regions, with Smart Locks market revenue and sales, from 2016 to 2021.


Bug In iOS Allows Hackers Access Apple Devices Using iMessenger

Apple will Rename OS X to MacOSAn error in the Apple software’s handling of images allegedly permits hackers to gain access to an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or Apple TV with a seemingly harmless iMessage or email.

The flaw in Apple’s picture-handling Image I/O API means that a malicious Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) file can cause a so-called buffer overflow, which makes it easy for a hacker to override Apple’s security and run their own code on the device.

“This vulnerability is especially concerning as it can be triggered in any application that makes use of the Apple Image I/O API when rendering tiled TIFF images,” said Tyler Bohan from security firm Cisco Talos.

“Depending on the delivery method chosen by an attacker, this vulnerability is potentially exploitable through methods that do not require explicit user interaction since many applications (ie iMessage) automatically attempt to render images when they are received in their default configurations,” he added.

Most apps on, say, an iPhone, use the Image I/O API to render pictures, including Messages, MMS, Safari, Mail and others, making them susceptible to attacks.

If the image is viewed either automatically or manually, the attacker can gain full access to the device, steal passwords and other information; all without the user having a clue.

Apple released iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6, tvOS 9.2.2 and watchOS 2.2.2 software updates to amend this bug and a few others on Monday, but the users who have yet not updated are still open to attacks.

The iOS 9.3.3 update is unavailable for the iPhone 4 and older devices, which puts them at risk. There are over 1 billion iOS gadgets around the globe, all of which are vulnerable to this security break unless updated.

Android previously faced two similar security flaws known as Stagefright and Stagefright 2, which affected nearly a billion devices, worsened by the fact that the updates required to fix the hole were not released promptly by smartphone manufacturers and mobile phone networks.



France To Extend State of Emergency For Six More Months

In light of the Bastille Day massacre in Nice, the French national assembly has voted to extend the national state of emergency for a further six months.

State of EmergencyA state of emergency was already in place since the Paris attacks last November, and this extended period will see the emergency security measures in place till January 2017. The French police shall have added powers to carry out searches and to place suspects under house arrest.

France President Francois Hollande had announced last Thursday about his plan to raise the emergency measures, but he changed his stance only hours later after a Tunisian-French truck driver drove through a crowd at a Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice, eventually killing 84 people, most of them children. The Islamic State Group later claimed responsibility for this attack.

This is the fourth time the parliament has proposed prolonging the state of emergency, and all that remains is for the Senate to approve of the move.

Hollande’s Socialist government has been intensely criticized for its response to a series of extremist attacks.

The fact that the president was accepting to the six-month extension of the emergency was seen as an acknowledgment to the conservative opposition who have claimed that the state of emergency be extended through to the end of the year.

With the elections due next year, the political unity observed after last year’s assassination of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has faded away.

However, while some on the right think the six-month extension is still short, there are also critics on the left worried about civil liberties who argue that an attack occurred even with the state of emergency in place.



McDonald’s Testing Freshly Made Beef Patties in 14 Restaurants in Dallas Area

McDonald’sThe Hamburgers from the McDonald’s were made in the restaurants after taking them out from the freezer. The Frozen patties of Hamburger comes from the processing facility of the McDonald’s, which is later cooked perfectly in the local restaurants. Now, the McDonald’s is trying to experiment with the Freshly made beef hamburger patties in the McDonald’s Restaurants in Dallas Areas.

After introducing the Gilroy Garlic Flavoured french fries, this is the new experiment from the McDonald’s. The freshly made hamburgers are being tested in nearly 14 restaurants in Dallas Area. The McDonald’s employees in the selected testing locations will make burgers in the restaurants instead using the frozen patties and warming it. The Hamburgers in the McDonald’s Restaurants Comes from the company processing facility and then the frozen patties were cooked or grilled before serving them to the customers.

The McDonald’s said that the Test is going on from November, but they’re still not able to draw any conclusions from the test. But, if the test results come as positive, then the people coming in McDonald’s will get freshly made patties, instead of the day-old frozen patties. The Beef used in the Fresh patties is of same quality Beef which is utilized for the Frozen patties. The McDonald’s is nowadays focusing on using the cool and local ingredients for the restaurants so the customers can get locally made fresh food in the restaurants. This Fresh hamburger thing is the part of the campaign from McDonald’s.


IBM’s Watson Supercomputer To Help Security Researchers Fight Cyber Crimes

Cyber CrimesThe supercomputer from IBM, which is Watson is going to work on a mission to stop cyber crimes. The IBM Watson will focus on analyzing the security data and find the traces of the Cyber Crime experts. The IBM announced today that the Watson is learning Cognitive Intelligence techniques, and will apply it to analyze, identify and Prevent Cyber Crimes.

The Supercomputer is capable of processing millions of things in seconds, which is the plus point while accessing and processing the data. The Watson will collect the data from the Internet and user behavior about the Cyber Crimes and then analyze it to draw the conclusion, which can be used effectively to prevent the Cyber Crime Attacks. The Watson will work through Clouds, which makes him process the data faster. According to the report by IBM, Average Security firm in the world analyzes the 2,00,000 pieces of security-related data every day, which is still less to counter the Cyber Crimes. So, the Watson may help researchers to process it on the large scale.

With the increasing rate of Cyber crimes, the word may need 1.5 million security experts by the end of 2020 to counter the increased Cyber Attacks. This is massive workforce for these offences to handle. But, IBM will try to use the Watson to combat the Cyber Crime by analyzing, identifying and preventing the cyber crimes.


WhatsApp Standalone Application for Windows and Mac OS Desktops Launched

After releasing the Wildly popular Android and iOS messaging app, the WhatsApp become the most famous tech company and later acquired by Facebook. Some time ago, they launched the Web Version of WhatsApp, which allows users to access the WhatsApp from Web browsers. And now, they’ve launched a Standalone Application for the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Means, the WhatsApp is now available on Computers with a Native Software.

The Interface of WhatsApp software is similar to the Android or iOS versions of the App, but it is on PC, and that is the much different thing. The Cross Platform Social messaging app is helping millions of people to communicate with each other free of cost. WhatsApp announced about the Desktop Applications for Mac and Windows Operating Systems in the blog post. The WhatsApp for PC and Mac is no different from the Web version, but the Standalone application allows you to log in through the smartphone without being connected to WhatsApp on Smartphone all the time.

Whatsapp SecurityThe Log In Process of the WhatsApp PC and Mac is same and the Web Version. A User has to Scan the Random QR Code appeared on the Screen, and it Will Open the WhatsApp Chats on PC. Users now have the option to choose “desktop alerts”, “Sounds” and “Message Previews” on PC. The WhatsApp for PC is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems and the MacOS Devices. The WhatsApp for PC can be Downloaded from the Official WhatsApp website.


10-Years Old Finnish Boy Get $10k From Facebook for Finding a Bug in Instagram

10-Years Old Finnish Boy Get $10k From FacebookThe 10-year-old Finnish boy found and Bug in the Instagram’s app and reported it to the security team. Now, he has the youngest hacker to locate the bug on Instagram and receive $10k as participation in Facebook’s Bug Bounty program.

Jani, who is the boy who found a bug, by which user can delete anyone’s comment on any photo without asking for permissions. The Flaw he found was dangerous and could have affected all Instagram users if exploited. Instead, Jani decided to inform Instagram’s security team about this flaw and received $10k from the parent company of Instagram, Facebook. This bug report made Jani the youngest participant in Facebook’s Bug Bounty program as the former youngest boy was 13 years old when he reported the bug under Facebook’s bounty program. The amount of $10k has been given to the parents on behalf of Jani because, he is not mature enough to handle the money. But, Jani said that he’ll purchase Soccer Game, two computers for him and his brother and a Bike with the bounty money.

The Bug Bounty program from Facebook was launched in 2011 to find the vulnerabilities in the framework of the Social networking site. From that day, Facebook claimed to distribute nearly $4.3 million to over 800 Bug bounty participants. From that list of Researches and Bounty members, Jani is now on the top of the best hackers who helped the Facebook.


Netflix App Users Can Now Adjust Streaming Settings to Save Data

Netflix App UsersNow, the Netflix Smartphone app users will get the option to choose the streaming settings and control the data usage by the Netflix app. The Smartphone users who are on the low-speed internet connection or limited Cellular Data connection can use this feature for better user experience with Netflix. The New Feature, named as “Cellular Data Usage” in Netflix’s Android and iOS apps will allow users to tweak the default streaming settings and get most from the Netflix without worrying about unexpected data consumption.

By default, the Netflix streams on Smartphone by per Gigabyte of data. But from now, the users have the option to choose from the settings, according to their Internet Data plan. If they are on the Cellular Network, then the parameters can be adjusted according to the respective data plan activated on cellular network. For example, In the “App Settings” menu in Netflix App, under the “Cellular Data Usage”, user will get option to toggle between Default Settings and manual settings.

Under the manual settings, there is an option for users to choose between, Low, Normal, High and Unlimited Settings. In Low Settings, The user can stream for Four hours with One GigaByte of the Data, With Normal, User can Stream for Two hours with 1 GB of Data and With High, User can stream for One Hour Per GB Data. That’s the fantastic option introduced for those who are on Limited Data connection plan and don’t want to exceed it with Netflix.


Opera Introduces Native AdBlocker in The Developer Version of Desktop Browser

Opera Introduces Native AdBlocker in The Developer Version of Desktop BrowserThe Opera Software’s, famous for the Opera Web Browser on Desktop has launched the new version of the browser, with Native Ad-blocker developed by the Opera Team has been added in the Desktop browser version. But, the Feature will be added soon in the Android version of Opera Browser, which is named as Opera Mini browser.

The Opera is the first Ad-blocker supporting web browser in the world. They’ve launched the Developer version of the Desktop browser, which has Ad-blocker feature. The opera announced about this almost two months ago but released today. The Opera is one of the Major web browser companies on the internet, but first one to openly supporting the Ad-blockers. The Native Ad-blocker from Opera will block the Advertisements before loading the page, which will result in faster loading of the web page. The User will have the option to disable Adblocker, if he has nothing to worry about the advertisements.

The Opera is not the biggest web browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but it is one of the Major browsers league. The Desktop version of Opera browser attracts 60 million users per month, and the Opera Mini browser, which is smartphone version draws 100 million installs per month. There is no doubt that Opera’s Native Ad-blocker will shake online advertising market.


Microsoft Cortana Restricted to Use Bing and Edge browser by Default – Features, Reviews

Microsoft Cortana Restricted  to Use Bing and Edge browser by DefaultThe Microsoft’s attempt to make Windows 10 operating system smarter by embedding their voice assistant, Cortana was good, but not the best. Cortana is not available in all countries, and it is not useful in taking voice commands. But, it was good in searching things for users.

In the starting, Windows 10 users had the option to choose the default search engine and the browser to select for Cortana. Once configured, Cortana would seek the answers using default browser and search engine. But now, Microsoft has restricted Cortana from using anything other than the Bing Search Engine and the Edge browser. Users who are using Cortana will get search results through the Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine. The attempt to force Cortana to use Edge browser and Bing search engine is surely a way to divert some of the search shares on Bing Search Engine with the Cortana.

In an official Statement, Microsoft said that Cortana was not designed to work with other search engines, so if used other search engine to work with Cortana, the results may not be good and satisfying. The Microsoft’s decision to bind Cortana, Bing, and Edge browser is the indication that Microsoft wants to keep the Operating System Components and Products tied together tightly. Although there is no restriction for setting default browser or the search engine in Windows 10, restricted only for Cortana.