Drone Startup Zipline Raised $18 million: Will Deliver Medical Supplements in Remote Areas

Drone Startup Zipline The Drones are proven to be the life saver in remote areas. One such Drone Planemaker startup has bagged the funding from Big Names like Paul Allen, Jerry Yang, and others. The Zipline, which is SanFransisco based startup, bagged nearly $18 million from the Microsoft co-Founder Palu Allen and Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang. There are other investors also who put some money in this startup. The money raised from investors is to be used in the production of Drones and distribution of goods in remote areas.

The Zipline developed a Plane-like Drone, which will help the residents of Rural areas in Africa. The Zipline Drone can fly in remote locations and drop the Medicines and other necessary goods for the people of Africa. The CEO of Zipline, Rinaudo, who was a Professional Rock Climber before starting this startup said that “delivering the Medicines in the remote areas is a global challenge.”

The Zipline planes are drones, which look like the small airplanes. Unlike drones, the Zipline planes can drop the light weight payloads from low altitude on target locations. Currently, Zipline decided to start the delivery of Blood and other medical supplements in the African nation of Rwanda. The Rural Clinics will get the deliveries of Blood and medical supplements via Zipline planes-cum-drones.


Global Building Automation and Control System Market 2016 Size, Analysis, Share, Competitive, Growth and Forecast by 2020

Global Building Automation and Control System Market 2016Research report on Global Building Automation and Control System Industry 2016 – 2020 analyzed the world’s main region market size, share, trends, conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

Global Building Automation and Control System Industry 2016 is a comprehensive, professional report delivering market research data that is relevant for new market entrants or established players. Key strategies of the companies operating in the market and their impact analysis have been included in the report. Furthermore, a business overview, revenue share, and SWOT analysis of the leading players in the Building Automation and Control System market is available in the report.

Combining the data integration and analysis capabilities with the relevant findings, the report has predicted strong future growth of the Building Automation and Control System market in all its geographical and product segments. In addition to this, several significant variables that will shape the Building Automation and Control System industry and regression models to determine the future direction of the market have been employed to create the report.

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The report begins with a market overview and moves on to cover the growth prospects of the Building Automation and Control System market. The current environment of the global Building Automation and Control System industry and the key trends shaping the market are presented in the report. Insightful predictions for the Building Automation and Control System market for the coming few years have also been included in the report. These predictions feature important inputs from leading industry experts and take into account every statistical detail regarding the Building Automation and Control System market.

Statistical forecasts in the research study are available for the total Building Automation and Control System market along with its key segments. The key segments, their growth prospects, and the new opportunities they present to market players have been mentioned in the report. Moreover, the impact analysis of the latest mergers and acquisition and joint ventures has been included in the report. The report also provides valuable proposals for new project development that can help companies optimize their operations and revenue structure.

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The competitive landscape of the market presented in the study profiles the most prominent players in the market. The business overview, recent developments, key strategies, and revenue share of key market players in the global Building Automation and Control System market have been covered in the research report. Moreover, the latest events and their impact on the Global Building Automation and Control System industry have been presented in the report. In addition to this, the report features strategic recommendations that will help new entrants or established players optimize their ROI.


Intruder Tries to Enter in The White House : Arrested By Secret Service

Intruder Tries to Enter in The White HouseThe US Secret Services made quick detention of the Unknown Intruder in the White House. On Friday, The Unknown Intruder was arrested after making an attempt to enter into the White House from Fences.This Incident was happened at Friday 11:45 PM at North Side of the White House. The Unknown Intruder threw the Bag before entering the White House, but before entering, The Secret Services arrested him. The Intruder has been charged for Unlawful Entry in President’s Residence.

The US Secret Services have not revealed the identity of that Intruder, Not even the Gender of the intruder is revealed. The Secret Services also not shown the contents of the Bag thrown before entering the White House. The Intruder has been arrested and sent to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department for Further Investigation.

Also, it is not confirmed that the President Barack Obama was in the White House while the Intruder tried to enter. But, it was confirmed that President was in Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit. The same incident was happened one year ago when a man from Connecticut tried to cross the North Side Fence of the White House. The US Secret Services arrested that man immediately.


VolksWagen to Redefine Their Ruined Image in US

VolksWagen to Redefine in usAfter the fiasco over VolksWagen’s cheating in Carbon Emission levels, Company wants to redefine their ruined image in the USA. The Volkswagen arranged a meeting of almost 650 deals of their cars in the US and discussed their plans to redefine themselves in US Car market. The image of the Volkswagen was ruined after the cheating over the carbon emission laws. The Global Head of VolksWagen Motors said,

We are working to redefine the Volkswagen brand in the United States by strengthening our management team, our partnerships with dealers, and our product portfolio.”

The company said that they are working with their partners and deals to discuss the strategies for strategic re-launch of the vehicles. The German car maker faced a huge drop in car sales after the fiasco. The dealers of Volkswagen cars in the US faced difficult consequences , which resulted in giving the compensation to nearly 600,000 VolksWagen Car owners. The company discussed about this in the recent meeting with dealers.

One group of sellers agreed to keep their partnership with VolksWagen intact. They said that the Business is game of patience, and we have to play it patiently. After the assurance of Re-launch of VolksWagen cars and redefining the image of the company, the Dealers agreed to stay as the distribution partner of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the small group of dealers is not much happy with the discussion at this meeting.


Employees Can Earn Financial Incentives through Recently Launched Innovative Wellness Program

Employees Can Earn Financial Incentives through Recently Launched Innovative Wellness ProgramHealthcare providers worldwide are focused on improving patient monitoring and enhance health outcomes by using various IT tools and innovative technologies including wearable devices. Governments in different countries in collaboration with major insurance companies and private players offer preventive healthcare plans and programs. As part of managed care, these programs include the delivery of various healthcare packages by providing financial incentives that not only boost the adoption of wearable devices, but also help track the vital health data. A U.S. based health insurance provider major UnitedHealth Group and chip-maker Qualcomm Incorporated, through its wholly owned subsidiary Qualcomm Life, Inc., have launched UnitedHealthcare Motion™, a nation-wide wellness program that will provide employees with a range of wearable devices without charging any additional cost. This nationwide program, currently available in 12 states and Washington, D.C., links patients and their wearable devices to an ambitious plan that offers financial incentives for reaching health goals and specific outcomes. The employees can earn financial rewards of up to $1,460 per year for meeting specific walking goals.

This will motivate employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. The health benefit plan was announced at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in March this year. More programs are planned between the partnering companies to provide connected health solutions to include employers and people across the nation, thereby transforming managed healthcare. Plans are underway to get permission from more state regulators to expand, throughout the United States where the main goal of the employers would be to offer high-deductible insurance plans to improve healthcare outcome.

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The industry-leading health information technology conference was recently concluded on 4th March in Las Vegas. The conference also known as HIMSS16 featured among other key healthcare IT developments, many breakthroughs in mhealth tools and online technology such as cloud based systems, which actively transform healthcare outcomes and enhance patient engagement. Patient monitoring through wearable devices have long been a crucial part of physician practice’s bottom line. Healthcare providers and various stakeholders including clinicians and hospital staff are witnessed to be actively involved in developing an online wellness infrastructure through the design of patient portals to increase patient engagement. The wellness program uses a Trio Tracker device consisting of wearable technology including Fitbit or Jawbone device and offers numerous benefits.

The announcement by the collaborators UnitedHealth and Qualcomm was unique, since the engagement will incorporate the data from the wearable device and home diagnostic tests into a massive integrated database in medical-care provider network of the insurance company. Reiterating on the financial rewards this plan offers, Steve Beecy, VP, UnitedHealthcare, “On any given day, a covered employee and their spouse can earn $4 a day… Not everybody is going to achieve all those numbers every day, but we put the cost of the device and the incentives are in the insurance premium so they are paid for”.

Witnessing the benefits and outreach of these managed care plans, governments in partnership with private players in different countries are proactive in incorporating such financial incentives-linked benefits to their prominent healthcare plans. Successful implementation of such programs, however, witness some constraints, mostly in terms of reliability and accuracy of the wealth of data collected by these wearable devices, apart from ethical concerns. Creating awareness of significant health reimbursements credits employers can earn, along with ensuring confidentiality of their health data, would enable companies get faster rollout approval of such insurance plans by the regional agencies. To this end, insurance companies and technology providers need to create an efficient technical and regulatory pathway to consumer-mediated sharing. This can be achieved by adequately defining who can and who cannot access their health information along with taking all other associated measures sincerely to protect health information.

For instance, Qualcomm Life, has brought “medical grade connectivity” to the partnership by assuring security mechanism of patient data as per the compliance with the federal HIPAA privacy rules. But this should not stop here. According to companies involved in cybersecurity expert’s healthcare providers and payer organizations should conduct a timely and systematic risk assessment of all the potential risks and related vulnerabilities. Such initiatives becomes supremely important in order to implement world-class security practices and increase the benefits of innovative online patient-engagement platforms. This is expected to boost the growth of healthcare IT industry across regions


Amazon’s Prime Now Soon to be Integrated in to Amazon.com

Amazon's Prime NowAmazon’s quick home delivery service will be integrated into the Amazon.com environment. The Prime-Now, which is the logistics service of Amazon, which offers 2-hour delivery and 1-hour delivery to the Amazon Prime members, will be integrated into Amazon.com Ecosystem to help users to use it with extra cost. Currently, Amazon Prime members can order perishable goods with the two-hour delivery option for free and one-hour delivery for $7.99 only. The Prime-now was available only through the native app, but Amazon team is eager to adapt and integrate it.

In a news report from Bloomberg, it was said that the Amazon is quite happy with the performance of Prime-Now service. The Prime-Now has worked better from its launch, which happened in December 2014. The Prime now offers Amazon Prime member a free two-hour delivery and $7.99/- for one-hour delivery of individual items. Mostly, users can order groceries and perishable items with Prime now.

In starting days, Prime-Now was available only in Manhattan city, but soon after the launch, it was expanded in almost 20 cities of US and International presence in London, UK. The items, which cannot be sold on AMazon.com website, are available on the Prime-Now app. Now, with this proposed integration, Amazon users can order the groceries and perishable items like Egg, vegetables, milk, etc. from Amazon website.


Amazon in Talks to Buy a Stake in Online HD Mapping Company, HERE!

Amazon in Talks to Buy a StakeThe Amazon Inc is in the talks with German car maker companies to buy the stake in online Geo-mapping company, HERE. The Amazon initiated the discussions with German auto makers about this matter. Sources said that Amazon could take the stake in High-Definition Geo-Mapping company, HERE as the Cloud Service provider. The company is in need of reliable cloud service provider to manage the servers of the Mapping services and to manage the data came from the sensors fitted on cars of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

The reason behind Amazon’s stance in buying a stake in HERE could be the Prime-Now, a One-Hour, and Two-hour delivery service. Currently, Amazon is working to introduce the Prime-Now in more cities of the United States. So, they need real-time maps and traffic updates to deliver products within given time. The HERE mapping service is owned by the German car makers, Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW.

The German car makers recently bought the Nokia’s Mapping business to get help in the project of developing the self-driving car. The German car manufacturers are in talks with HERE with Amazon. The companies will use HERE High-Definition Mapping technology to power up their current businesses.


Delays in Oculus Rift VR Headsets Shipping: Company Apologizes

Oculus Rift VR HeadsetsThe most-awaited Virtual reality headset of 2016, the Oculus Rift was started shipping to the customers who pre-ordered it. Some got the actual piece in the hand, but some didn’t get it yet. The Oculus Rift VR Headset is still not in the hands of the customers who ordered it. Even after the official dispatch announcements, the customers are unable to track the status of their order. The Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe posted on Twitter, confirming the delays in shipping the Oculus Rift headsets to customers. He further added that the ‘Unexpected Component Shortage’ is the reason for delays in shipping of Rift VR Headsets.

The Oculus has sent an email to those who pre-ordered it, apologizing about the delays in shipping process for their Rift headset. The Email sent to Oculus Rift VR Headset customers is as follows.

“We’ve been working through an unexpected component shortage, and unfortunately, that issue has impacted the original shipping estimates for some early customers. We’re working hard to get up-to-date ship windows, and you should expect to see your order status updated on oculus.com by Tuesday, April 12th.”

– Content of Email sent by Oculus to customers

The company apologized the customer about the delays in the shipping and announced that they’ll discount the shipping and processing charges for the orders are not delivered yet. As per email, the Oculus Rift VR headsets will start shipping again after 12th April.


Blue Origins Launch-and-Land Rocket Successfully : Jeff Bezos Congratulated Team

Blue Origins RocketThe Space Transportation company of Amazon CEO, Blue Origins successfully launched and recovered the suborbital rocket. This is the third time Blue Origin rocket was launched and landed on earth. The rocket which was tested by Blue Origins is capable of carrying six passengers in space.

The New Shepard rocket from Blue Origins was launched from the trial site in West Texas, was landed back near the test site after controlled flight. The space rocket was flying autonomously, said Blue Origins. It was the suborbital rocket from the company. The Amazon CEO Tweeted to congratulate the team Blue Origins on the successful test of the sub-orbital rocket. The New Shepard rocket was rose to the apogee of 103,369 meters and the rocket booster was restarted to land before the 1,108 meters for the successful landing.

The Blue Origins is one of the few private space transportation company. The Blue Origins and SpaceX are working on the project of developing the Launch-and-land rockets, which is the start of new age reusable rockets, which can cut the cost of space missions because the rockets can be used after refurbishing. Both companies are testing the rockets, but soon to start flying with the passengers.


Alaska Airlines to acquire Virgin Airlines :- Deal expected to close on $2 billion

Alaska Airlines to acquire Virgin Airlines Deal expected to close on  2 billionThe Alaska Airlines is almost near to seal the deal of acquiring the Ninth largest airlines in the US, the Virgin America. The Virgin America is the ninth-largest airline in America by Passenger traffic. The Alaska Airlines has outbid the JetBlue Airways to acquire the Virgin America airlines for more than $2 billion.

The Alaska Airlines agreed to pay the $56 to $58 per share for this acquisition of the Virgin America Airlines. The deal is expected to announce by the companies on Monday; still it is not confirmed the deal. The deal between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America could be the another deal between two airline companies of America after 2013. In 2013, the deal between US Airways and American Airlines happened.

The Virgin America Airlines is an Airline subsidiary of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. The company went public in 20174, and then become a popular low-cost domestic airline in the US. The Virgin America has the market share of nearly 1%, and the Alaska Airlines has the Market share of 5%. The Alaska Airlines is said to final this deal to gain the market share of Virgin America airlines to compete with their rival airline’s companies.