Layoff Season Continues : American Apparels Kicks 500 Employees

American Apparels Kicks 500 EmployeesThe maker of hip clothing and apparels American Apparels is planning to layoff its 500 workers soon. The company went into bankruptcy restructuring, thus kicking 500 employees from the enterprise. The company sent notifications to its 500 employees about their layoff from the enterprise. There are almost 4,300 employees in Southern California, from which 500 will kick out.

Nativo Lopez, who is the social activist and the union leader of workers at American Apparels said that the Layoff notices were sent to the 500 employees on last Wednesday. There are some employees who still about to receive the notice. Lopez also stated that the layoffs occurred at the American Apparels sites in South Gate and Garden Grove, California.

The Los-Angeles based American apparels were well known for their cozy garments and fashion accessories. Also, the edgy digital and print advertisements were the point of attractions for many of their customers. But, the mistakes made by management led this company into bankruptcy. Now, the company is going through the Bankruptcy Restructuring program, after approved by a judge. In this restructuring, the several hedge funds, and big business like Monarch capital, and Standard General added extra money in the company to ensure smooth restructuring. The above companies will take over the American Apparels after Bankruptcy Restructuring process completes.


Facebook Profile Expression Kit Announced in F8 Conference : Video Profile Pictures

Facebook Profile Expression KitIn the Annual developer conference of Facebook, which is named as F8 conference, the company announced the Facebook profile expression Kit for developers and users. This Facebook Profile Express Kit will give the third-party developers a way to record and upload the video profile pictures. The Facebook introduced the Profile Videos features in September last year.

The Toolkit announced today in the annual developer conference of Facebook, F8. The company said that there are initial partners who are working with this toolkit to allow users record and set the videos as a Facebook profile. The companies like Instagram, CinemaGraph PRO, and MSQRD are working with Facebook profile expression kit to introduce Video profile recording on their apps. The increase in Mobile video consumption by 70% last year, Facebook launched the Profile Video feature for their users.

With video profile feature, users allowed uploading a short lapping video as their profile picture. The video which can be used on the profile has to record from a native Facebook app for Android or iOS. But, with this Toolkit, Facebook gave access to third-party developers and apps to record short videos and use them as the profile video. The Profile Videos feature is introduced to provide competition to the short video social network like Snapchat.


Paid Leave for New Parents in San Francisco

Paid Leave for New Parents in San FranciscoAfter the pressure for developing better workplace policies for the workers, the San Francisco became the first city to offer Paid Parental leaves for employees. The City Government asked local businesses to give their employees fully paid leave of six weeks. The “Paid Leave” can be availed by the New parents and the Workers who adopted a child. This scheme is applicable for both, Mother and Father.

The City’s Board of Supervisors approved this measure for better work environments in the city. There is no official rule in the USA about Paid Parental Leaves, but the San Francisco has one now. Previously, only the officers and high-level workers were able to avail the paid leaves as New parents, but now it’s opening for all.

Most of the employees in the city are happy about the announcement of this measure. The Parental leave is very helpful for the New Parents to take care of their Kid properly. While, the Small businesses in the city are not feeling good about this announcement. But, the rule is applied to those companies, which have almost 20 employees.

The California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island’s announced the ‘Partial Paid Leave’ for New parents in the city. In this program, the New Parents can apply for four weeks of Partial Paid Parental leave to take care of their newborn baby.


$100 Million Tax Fraud Chief Sentenced for 20 years in Prison

$100 Million Tax Fraud Chief Sentenced for 20 years in PrisonFlorida Federal Judge sentenced the $100 million plus IRS fraud chief for 20 years of prison. The Federal judge of Florida court sentenced the man for illegally obtaining private identities of the individuals and routing the Income Tax refunds. The fraud as big as $100 million.

Harlon Decoste, who is known as Money King, previously pleaded guilty to fraud, identity theft and other serious charges. The Decoste has faced more prison time than his assistants in crime, but the time was reduced slightly. The Internal Revenue Services said after a deep investigation that the group of Harlon Decoste and his friends rented a house in suburbs of Miramar, where they set up the ten computer “factory of Fraud.” With these ten computers, team stole $108 million from July 2011 to May 2013. From the collection of 29,000 Stolen Identities of individuals, the group was able to receive almost $28.3 million as Tax Refunds.

The fraud was opened to the world when Police responded to the robbery in the area and raided the house. They found ten computers, stacks of cash, expensive jewelry, and bags of Marijuana. The police later took the Harlon Decoste and his colleagues in the custody. The US Federal judge, William Dimitrouleas sentenced the 20 years of prison to the “Money King”.


Cardboard Camera App for Google Cardboard Users : Record 360 Degree Videos, Features, Spec

Google Cardboard Camera AppThere is good news for the Google Cardboard fans. The Cheap Virtual Reality Headset, which is made from Cardboard got a new app to play. The Google Announced the “Cardboard Camera” app, which lets users record the 360-degree videos, which are to be seen with Google Cardboard headsets. The 360 Degree videos are recorded via the Cardboard camera app, which is now available on Play Store to download in 17 languages.

The Best thing about this camera app is that it will help you to record the 360 degrees 3-D virtual reality video with the sounds. You can launch the app, Put the smartphone in your Google Cardboard and start the recording. It will start recording the 360-degree video and sounds of what you capture and talk while recording. The video later can be shared with the friends and relatives, who have the Google Cardboard and compatible smartphones with it. According to the Google, it will provide 3D Virtual Reality tour of anything you record through the app.

Unlike the Virtual Reality Videos, the scenes captured from the Cardboard camera app are still. They are not moving the things in Video moves. This app captures the 360-degree panorama shot with sounds. So, once recording the panorama shot, users can view the 360-degree image with 3D effect. It will not give the Virtual Reality Video experience. But still this app is so good in providing a spine-chilling tour of any place, thing or scenery.


Live Chat API and Chatbots are Expected at Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook Live Chat API and ChatbotsThe Facebook is working on the Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. The company is expected to announce about these two features in the “Facebook F8 Conference,” which is the annual developer conference arranged by Facebook. The company is working on implementing the Chatbots and Live chat features on Facebook, which are expected to announce next week in San Francisco.

The Chatbots are computer programs, which makes digital interaction with someone easy by replying with preloaded answers. These are very much similar to the 1800 helpline numbers, where we hear the pre-recorded voices giving instructions. The Businesses can use the Chatbots for their customer service system and make the digital interaction with their clients an easy task. Many Small-Medium Enterprises don’t have the resources to implement the Chatbots technology. So, Facebook has spotted the market conditions and opportunities.

The Facebook has resources and skills to create the Chatbots. So, they will offer the Chatbot service for enterprises, with Facebook Messenger Integrations. The Business which is present on Facebook can make use of the Chatbots to digitally respond to the customer complaints. Also, the Expected announcement at F8 conference can be the API tools for developers. With API tools, developers can build the Chatbots and Live chat platforms for the Businesses individually. The F8 conference is all set to commence in next week, in San Francisco.


Apple Watch 2 Expected to Launch in June 2016, News, Features, Apps and Specification

Apple Watch 2The Apple Inc is working on the new edition of Apple Watch, which may name as Apple Watch 2. The Drexel Hamilton analyst, Mr. Brian White assumed about the launch event of revamped Apple Watch. The Brian White said that the Apple can launch this new watch in June. Before this, the expected announcement was scheduled in September 2016.

The Apple Watch is experiencing the healthy sales without any hiccups. The Company can introduce the new Apple Watch 2, which may be 20-30% slimmer than the current version. The company can launch the new smartwatch to be ready to compete with the other smartwatch makers like FitBit, Pebble, and others. The move which is predicted by the Analyst at Drexel Hamilton is the off-bit move from the Apple Inc.

Previously, it was assumed that the new Apple Watch 2 could be launched in September 2016 when the Apple arranges the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S smartphones are expected to launch in September 2016 WWDC. But, the Apple watch 2 is coming way too early in the market, which is surprising.

With this prediction of Launch of Apple Watch 2, Analyst said that the new smartwatch from the company may host powerful GPS tracking module and much-improved battery life for the watch. The Analyst Brian White took a tour of the companies from Apple’s supply chains and heard about the launch of this smartwatch and little about the specifications.


Minecraft Update for Xbox One and PS4 : New Skin Pack, Achievements and Bug Fixes

Minecraft Update for Xbox One and PS4The good news is coming from the camp of Microsoft. The Minecraft game got the new update for Xbox gaming consoles. The new update of Minecraft released with the new skin pack, story mode, achievement box and several minor bug fixes. The Minecraft update has been released for PlayStation consoles too.

In the new update of Minecraft, which is available for Xbox One, PlayStation four and other consoles, users will get fresh skin packs and new game characters. There are exactly 27 character skins added in the game update. The main character in the game is Jesse. The Jesse has got multiple character skin updates. Players can change the look of Jesse because the character has multiple versions in the game update.

With Character Skin sets, the six new Xbox Achievements and the PS4 Trophies added in the game. Now players can play the game and collect trophies with a new update of the match. Players can collect the trophies and achievements by completing the game modes. As usual, the games have some minor bugs which may ruin your gaming experience. The Minecraft had some bugs in the previous version like the Ender Dragon gets immune randomly while playing the game, slimes are not spawning and many others. Microsoft team has fixed These bugs for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.


Goldman Sachs Agreed to Pay Settlement Money for the Role in Financial Crisis

Goldman SachsTo settle the claims, which misled the Mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis in the United States, Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $5.06 billion. The United States Department of Justice announced this on Monday. The department also said that the settlement is based on the role of Goldman Sachs in Scrutinizing, packaging, Marketing and Selling of residential mortgage bonds in the period from 2007 to 2009.

The US department of justice said that by investing in these Mortgage bonds, Investors lost billions of dollars in the 2007 to 2009 financial crisis. The settlement comprises of $2.385 billion of a civil penalty and $1.8 billion for other relief funds. The other relief funds include the resources to the distressed borrowers and homeowners, whose mortgage value exceeded the total value of their property. Also, the Goldman Sachs will pay $875 million to settle the claims made by New Yorks and Illinois Attorney General, National Credit Union Administration and Federal Home Loan Banks, situated in Chicago and Seattle.

The Goldman Sachs spokesperson said in a statement that the Goldman Sachs is happy to leave the legacy matters behind by resolving them. The company had taken the wrong steps in the financial crisis, but then helped to strengthen the culture and reinforced the commitment towards the clients.


New Kindle Oasis Coming Soon : Images leaked on Chinese Website

New Kindle Oasis leaked ImagesThe Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave a little hint about the upcoming Kindle Ebook reader. There is no official announcement from the company yet, but the Chinese website Tmall.com’s mistake made it leak the latest Kindle images. After realising the error, the images were removed from the company website, but the quick spotters spotted it and shared the pictures on the internet.

It is still a leak, so there are chances that the New Kindle will come with more features. The Images people spotted on the Tmall.com website. As per the images placed on Tmall website, new Kindle is smaller than the previous model and will have the small bump on the side, which will help readers to handle it perfectly. The new Kindle May have the Rechargeable battery, not the Solar cell charging casing, as the rumors were in the news. The New Kindle, which may have name ‘Kindle Oasis,’ weighs 131 grams, lighter than previous Kindle models.

The images reveal that the Kindle Oasis may have the same display of older Kindle models with 330 dpi resolution and improved Frontlit system. Also, it will have built-in-Accelerometer, which will change the orientation of the book, when the user shifts his hands. The Accelerometer is highly useful because the Kindle Oasis is going to be the One-handed Ebook reader from Amazon.

As there is no official announcement from the company, we cannot confirm about these leaks, mistakenly made by Tmall staff. The Jeff Bezos hinted the announcement in next week, so it’s better to wait till next week to get official information.