Department of Homeland Security Advises to Uninstall Apple QuickTime from Windows PCs

Department of Homeland Security Advises to Uninstall Apple QuickTime from Windows PCsThe Department of Homeland Security has advised Windows PC users to uninstall immediately Apple’s QuickTime Software from the PC. The Apple QuickTime software contains two significant vulnerabilities, which may harm your precious data stored on the computer. That’s why it is advised to remove the QuickTime software from the Windows computer immediately to be safe from attacks.

The Online Security Firm, Trend Micro recently found two vulnerabilities in the software, warned users about the exploitation of these vulnerabilities. The Trend Micro noted that there is no news about the exploitation of these two vulnerabilities in the QuickTime, but as Apple is not providing further support or patches for this software, the Vulnerabilities will stay malicious for an extended time. The Department of Homeland Security warned users of QuickTime Software on Windows that, if you don’t uninstall the software from PC, then be ready to face the loss of identity, Important documents stored on PC and others.

The QuickTime software support was revoked by Apple the long time ago, but the Software is still getting security patches and upgrades in Mac OS. Upon checking for vulnerabilities, the Trend Micro didn’t found any bugs in Mac version of QuickTime, which is getting the regular updates. The Homeland Security Department regularly keeps track of the software, which have no support from their developers. If the team Homeland Security department finds and the bug in the abandoned software, they publish the notice, just like they did here for QuickTime.


Customizable Cases for Nexus Series Smartphone Launched by Google : Available for $35

Google Custom Cases for Nexus SeriesThe Google launched an Innovative service, which will let you create customized Cases for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P smartphones. With this service, customers using Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P smartphones can create custom smartphone cases in only $35.

The company announced about this service on Thursday. There are two types of Cases can be printed via this service. The first one is the Live photos, where you can choose any photo to print it on your Case. The second one is the Maps, where you can create your map and print it or use any random location map from Google Maps and print it on the case. In both types of Cases, you can add various filters and edit the images to be printed on Case before submitting them to the Google.

Also, there will be a small button in the back of the cases, which is of Shortcut. With this Shortcut Button in the back, you can launch the selected or favourite apps by one click. The Google is using NFC technology to make “Shortcut” button function. The Price of these Customizable Smartphone cases for Nexus series smartphone is set to $35, which is excellent according to the prices from competing companies who offer the same service.


Rocket Internet to Recover Losses Made by Their Startups : Aiming to Recover Losses Till 2017 End

Rocket InternetThe German Capital group, Rocket Internet said that they are going to wipe out all the losses made in recent years. Rocket Internet is a German Capital Group, which provides Angel capital to the Startups. Rocket Internet claimed that the Losses of their companies rose exponentially, after three of their funded startup burned $1.1 billion in operations. The company said that they are on the way to make all start-ups profitable by the End of 2017.

The Rocket Internet was founded in Berlin by three brothers, Oliver, Alexander and Marc in 2007. The company funded and started many e-commerce sites to replicate the success of big e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba. The company became the top Angel Investor in Europe soon after the commencement of business. Since Listed on the market in October 2014, the company faced biggest losses, as the startups in the Online Shopping to food delivery were not doing well in businesses. The share of the company fell by 9.8 percent on Tuesday after they sold a stake in the startup, which is the heaviest startup in Rocket Internet’s portfolio which is making Losses.

The CEO of Rocket Internet said that the startups created and funded by the company are on their way to make profits in 2017. He also stated that 2016 is a good year for the business, 2017 will be Very Good year, and 2018 will be a great year for all startups in the business.


Microsoft Filed Lawsuit Against US Government in Seattle Federal Court

Microsoft Filed Lawsuit Against US Government in Seattle Federal CourtThe Microsoft Corporation has filed a Lawsuit against US government, against the right to tell their customers about Government Data Requests. The US government always asks internet technologies for the data of their clients, which are a suspecting threat to the national security. The Microsoft filed a Lawsuit for getting the right of notifying the customer about Government Snooping on their data. In the Lawsuit filed in Federal Court in Seattle, the company argues that the US government in violating the constitution by not allowing Microsoft to tell their customers about Government request of their emails and documents.

As per the Lawsuit, the US government actions contravene with the fourth amendment to the constitution, which says about the right of persons or businesses to know if the government finds, investigates or seizes their property, including Online identity and documents. The United States government is following the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (EPCA) to snoop over the documents and other information of the customers of various companies. The Act was passed 30 years ago when the age of Information Technology barely started. Thus, the law is not outdated.

The Lawsuit filed by Microsoft against American Government is the indication of Cold War between Technology companies and the Government. In recent years, the US Government is asking for details of the customers of the companies, which is the threat to the privacy of an Individual. The Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said that just like Apple, we are on the government radar, and we expect other tech companies to stand with us.


GoPro Announced Developer Program for Expanding the Camera Lineup User Experience

GoPro Developer Program for Expanding the CameraThe Action Camera Maker company GoPro announces their Developer Program for the third-party developers. The Third-party app program was a part of GoPro’s move to increase the enthusiasm for the Action camera’s from the company. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced this in San Francisco; he also stated that the program was in working since last one year.

The GoPro Developer Program offers Seamless integration and User Experience in Third Party camera and GoPro cameras. Also, the GoPro developer toolkit helps developers to create apps which support GoPro camera. For example, the Third party app, which can control the camera, preview videos and manage the media can be made with Developer Program Toolkit from the company. Also, developers can create hardware to connect with the GoPro devices or can create the custom mounts to dock GoPro devices on it.

Adam Silver, who is the head of the developer program said that People love to use GoPro camera with other products, and the developer program will help to expand the integration with other products so the customer can get better user experience. In the Event from GoPro, nearly 30 companies showcased their products related to the GoPro cameras. Like, BMW-M app, which tracks and analyzes the data, records car telemetry, speed, location, and video from the GoPro camera.


YouTube announced 360-Degree Live Streaming Videos Support, Features, Specifications

YouTube 360-Degree Live Streaming VideosThe YouTube announced the support for 360 Degree Live Streaming videos. The 360 Degree videos can be live streamed on YouTube after this announcement. The first video which will be streamed as 360 degree is the Music event Coachella, where all the action from Music concert will be live streamed on YouTube with 360 Degree support.

With the announcement of the 360 Degree lives streaming support, YouTube revealed that they’ll be supporting spatial audio for the live streams. In simple terms, the Spatial Audio is sounds we hear in real life.The YouTube will support Spatial audio, which will record and stream the same audio which we hear in real life, with exact depth, distance, and Intensity. The Google team already rolled out the Spatial Audio feature for their VR headset, Google Cardboard. Users viewing 360-degree videos from YouTube app wearing a Google Cardboard headset can get the Spatial Audio sounds with the video.

The users can make use of 360 Degree Live streaming just like they are using it currently to live to stream their gigs or webinars. But, the user must have the camera which can record and combine the 360-degree video so that it can be streamed directly on the YouTube. Additionally, YouTube announced the 1440p support for the Live Streaming Feeds with framerate of 60fps.


Verizon Pours $300 Million for Fibre Optics Network in Boston

Verizon Pours $300 Million for Fibre Optics Network in BostonThe America’s largest cellular network carrier, Verizon is investing $300 million in replacing the traditional and old copper lines with High speed optic fibre cables in Boston. The Boston city still has the Copper Wire based data carriers, which are now outdated. So, the Verizon is introducing the Optic-Fibre wiring for the internet connectivity. This Transition from Copper Wire network to Optic Fibre Network will transform Boston in Technologically-Advanced city in the United States.

The Mayor of Boston city noted that the town is developing faster, which is not bearable for the current network infrastructure, so the Optic Fibre Network will help the city to become the most technically advanced next level city in the United States. The project of replacing the copper wire network will start from Neighborhood to the neighborhood in the city. It will start from Dorchester, WestRoxbury, and Dudley Square area. The project is going to start anytime soon, which will complete in next six years.

After completion of the Optic Fibre Network in Boston City, Verizon will provide high-Speed broadband services to the residents of the City. Also, the Verizon may drop the Super High-Speed 5G Network service in the city as they introduced 4G for the first time in Boston in 2010. In addition to these services, Verizon is planning to add the Wireless Hotspots in Utility Holes and Street lights to ensure the high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity over the city.


Financing Startup Raises $100 Million from PayPal Co-Founders

Financing Startup Raises $100 Million from PayPal Co-FoundersThe online finance startup Affirm. Inc got the $100 million funding round from Co-founders of PayPal. The funding round was led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and two co-founders from PayPal. The company focuses on on-the-spot financial solutions for consumers.

The Affirm.Inc offers financing to their customers while checkout process in Brick and Mortar stores and Online stores. Currently, the company supports more than 700 Physical and Online Businesses using their service. After receiving the funding, Affirm will introduce new features to their customers, including the Loyalty Program and Financial Management tools. After this round of investment, the total capital of the Affirm comes near to the $450 million including the debts of the firm. With the help of new series of funds, Affirm will try to grow with expected rate by joining new businesses and store with their network. The companies with more than $1 billion sales are preferred for the partnership by Affirm.

Affirm’s CEO, Levchin said to the reporters of Bloomberg media that raising funds, this time, has become a tough job than it was for last two years. He added that the co-founders of PayPal, who have immense interest in the financing technologies and startup decided to fund our company. Founders Fund led the funding and joined by previous investors in the enterprise, like Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Spark Capital.


Former Facebook President Sean Parker Pledges $250 Million for Cancer Treatment Therapy

Former Facebook President Sean Parker Pledges $250 Million for Cancer Treatment TherapyMany people on this globe are fighting the cancer. There is no other dangerous disease than cancer. After realizing it, the Ex-president of Facebook, Sean Parker pledged to donate $250 million on cancer treatment therapy, which is called as immunotherapy. The immunotherapy helps in immunizing the patient’s body and harnessing the internal power of the body to fight against the cancer cells. The Immunotherapy is proved to be the game-changer in recent years, after getting success to remove cancer cells from the patients body.

Sean Parker announced about this on his blog, where he said the $250 million donations will be given to the Parker Institute of Cancer immunotherapy, which is linked with six other cancer research institutes. The six other cancer research centers connected with Parker Institute are named as MD Anderson Institute Houston, Memorial-Sloan Kettering in New York, Stanford and UCLA, University of Pennsylvania and the University of California-San Fransisco.

The Human body is designed to fight against any foreign cell, which entered into the system. The Immune system locks down the growth of that foreign cell and prevents any disease to grow up. But, when Cancer cells begin in Body, it doesn’t happen, because the cancer cells are cultivated rapidly. So, in Immunotherapy, the immune system of body strengthens and fights against the cancer cells, which increases the chances of recovery of patients.

The Ex-President of Facebook, Sean Parker is also the founder of File-Sharing computer service, Napster.


The MidAmerican Energy Company to Invest $3.6 Billion in Iowa

The MidAmerican Energy Company to Invest $3.6 Billion in IowaThe Investment Tycoon Warren Buffet’s company MidAmerican Energy is all set to invest $3.6 billion in providing clean energy via wind turbines in the State of Iowa. The MidAmerican Energy company is the clean and renewable energy provider in America.

According to the plan of the enterprise, they’ll build 1,000 wind turbine across the state, which will produce more than 2,000 Megawatts of clean energy for the state of Iowa. This is the first of its kind and biggest economic project in the Iowa state of America. The project is named as the “Wind XI” which will have more than 1,000 wind turbines in the whole country. The Wind XI project is all set to dominate the presence of the Alta Wind energy company, which is the Iowa’s largest renewable energy provider.

The Current CEO of MidAmerican Energy company stated to media that they are pledged to provide 100% clean energy to the families of Iowa states. The Wind XI renewable energy farm will create 100% clean energy and the jobs for the Iowa residents. The project of $3.6 billion Wind Farm in Iowa will get approval in next board meeting and the work on this project will start by early 2017. According to the company, Majority of the work will complete in 2018, and they’ll start providing the clean energy in the state.