Crazed fan of Taylor Swift arrested for stalking and burglary after waiting on her roof, says report

Taylor Swift had declared an escape from the crazy fan. A 29-year-old man was stalking her and was arrested after the burglary. He has climbed up on the roof and has tried to enter her house by ringing the door bell several times. We have the strange details, here.Crazed fan of Taylor Swift arrested for stalking and burglary after waiting on her roof, says report

The 27-year-old pop star Taylor Swift was forced to call the police on yet ANOTHER stalker, according to TMZ reports. The report says that an obsessed fan climbed several times onto the roof of her beautiful penthouse in New York City. The incident had taken place from 10pm-2am. He would keep ringing her door bell frequently almost for an hour and move around in the lobby.

The crazed fan is a 29-year-old named Mohammed Jaffar, and this really freaked out Taylor. He was then arrested for stalking and burglary and he has to pay $20k to get out of the jail.

Taylor Swift: The Pop Star

We might think that the Taylor would be safer in the glamorous building. Along with Taylor, Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh also lives there. The saddest thing is that she had spent $20 million to purchase that home, so she does expect more protection.

The singer of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” also faced similar kind of situation about 6 months earlier, when another stalker was arrested in Nov. 2016. In the case of this situation, a 39-year-old man called Frank Andrew Hoover annoyed Taylor’s family, asked for photos with her and stalked her till the airport, even after she got a restraining order against him. So offensive!

The whole incident left Taylor really freaked out, and we can’t imagine that she has to go through the same trouble again with this stalker. “She tries to neglect that incident and forget it as early as possible, but whenever she starts thinking about it, she gets afraid,” an insider reported to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She tries not to focus on it at all because she does not want it to scare here anymore.”


Ed Sheeran ‘Nearly Breaks Spotify’ With Streaming Record

Ed Sheeran 'Nearly Breaks Spotify' With Streaming RecordEd Sheeran, an English singer and songwriter have broken the previous Spotify record for the best first week of streams for an album with his latest release ÷. The 26-year-old had seen more than 273m streams of his third album, after five days of release on Tuesday. The previous record was set by The Weeknd who saw 223m streams in seven days with Starboy last November.

A Spotify Spokesperson interpreted, “It’s fair to say Ed Sheeran nearly broke Spotify this week.” Ed’s on course for a number one album this week, which will be revealed during The Official Chart with Greg James on Radio 1. When it comes to the chart, for every 1,000 streams of an album that counts as one physical sale. Based on that formula his streams would count for at least 273,000 sales in the charts. It’s expected he will take over the singles charts too, having nine out of the top 10 slots in the midweeks on Monday.

Spotify has also disclosed that the 16 tracks from ÷ are the most-streamed 16 tracks this week. When it comes to the singles chart, 150 streams of a song counts as one physical sale. The Official Charts Company disclosed that just 6% of Ed’s midweek sales came from streaming sites, so his total is expected to be huge for first-week sales of an album. More than 800,000 sales of Adele’s 25 in November 2015 gave her that record, and that’s something Ed is conscious of.

He recently announced GQ magazine: “Adele is the one person who’s sold more records than me in the past 10 years. She’s the only person I need to sell more records than. That’s a big effort because her last album sold 20 million. But if I don’t set her as the benchmark then I’m selling myself short.”


Former Oasis Frontman Noel Gallagher Frank About His Distaste for Adele

Noel-GallagherNoel Gallagher is not exactly known for his tact, so when he expressed his personal opinion of Adele’s music—that he doesn’t like it—it should not come as a surprise to anyone; or rather, the specific words he used should not come as much of a surprise at all.

Indeed, the former Oasis frontman is one of the few who will forgo the Adele bandwagon now that her third studio album has propelled the 27-year-old Brit beyond the record industry stratosphere.

When asked about it, Gallagher replied: “Lately, the one I’ve been asked about is Adele. If someone wants to know what I think of Adele, I’ll f–king tell them. Not because I have any sort of agenda or because I’m trying to whip up any kind of hysteria.”

Ok, so he is entitled to his opinion; after all he has been around the business for a very long time. But does he have anything to about her album or her artistry at all? I mean, she is a Grammy-winning recording artist, after all.

Honestly, he replies, “I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t like her music. I think it’s music for f–king grannies.”

Apparently it is as hard as for Gallagher to get into her music as it is for her to write it. Indeed, the new mum has been passing one life milestone after another—mostly in regards to her new son, Angelo with long fiancé Simon Konecki—which complicates matters when trying to sit down and pen a song.
In fact, Adele says, “I found it impossible, for a while. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about…What’s wrong is I wasn’t sad.”
Maybe her confusion was just the thing she needed to keep her fans happy as this next album is not leaving the charts any time soon.


Adele’s “25” Top Album for 2015 In Just A Few Weeks


In 2011, Adele’s icon-status-cementing album 21 sold 11.2 million copies, according to Nielsen Music, whopping sales figures that simply don’t exist in the music industry anymore.

To no surprise, Adele’s “25” is the best-selling album on iTunes for 2015. The album was released on Nov. 20, and marks Adele’s first album in almost five years

“It’s off to a great start, considering that it’s a five-minute ballad and five-minute ballads are not what pop radio does these days,” says Sean Ross, author of the Ross On Radio newsletter.

Apple announced Wednesday that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” was the year’s biggest single, while Adele’s “Hello” is sixth on the songs list.

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud,” Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again,” Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon ranked second through fifth, respectively.

Coincidently, “Uptown Funk” and “Thinking out Loud” earned Grammy nominations for record of the year on Monday, while “Thinking out Loud” and “See You Again” will compete for song of the year.

Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” was second behind “25” on the albums list. Drake’s album with fellow rapper-singer Future, “What a Time to Be Alive,” ranked sixth.

Taylor Swift’s “1989,” the “Fifth Shades of Grey” soundtrack and Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” rounded out the Top 5.

The Weeknd earned three songs in the Top 20 with “Earned It” (No.9), “Can’t Feel My Face” (No.11) and “The Hills” (No.15). Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Style” came in at Nos. 18 and 20, respectively.