Viber Goes Secure Way : Enables End-to-End Encryption

viber end to end encryptionThe social messaging app, Viber has joined the league of most secure messenger apps. The Viber rolled out the End-to-End encryption for their users, just like WhatsApp did it some days ago. The End-to-End encryption makes this social messaging service more secure for users because no one can check the messages sent from this app.

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the update of End-to-end encryption to their user base on 1 billion users. It was a two-year-old project from the company. Also, the Apple enabled the End-to-End encryption to Messages. Viber is the third company to join the league. It is now the most secure messaging app. The Viber is rolling out the update to their userbase of 700 million users. The update rollout will complete in next few weeks. The Viber is the part of Japanese E-commerce company, Rakuten. The users who updated the latest version of the app will get the encryption feature. The users with Encryption enabled will see the Grey padlock on the app, confirming the active end-to-end encryption.

In simple terms, the End-to-End encryption means the messages, media, videos or any form of content will be locked. The locked or encrypted content cannot be seen or read by anyone. No Government, Hacker, Security Agencies and not even Viber can read the messages sent via the App due to End-to-End encryption. This is not a good signal for the governments, because, with this encryption, they cannot get the necessary information of any national threat using the service from the company.


GIPHY Launched Android and iOS App : Search and Share Gif, Features

GIPHY App For Android and iOS Share Gif ImagesThe largest database of the various GIF images, GIPHY is now available on the Android. The company recently launched the Android App of the service. Now, users can download the app on Android smartphone. The GIPHY is an official partner of Twitter, which lets users share GIF images from GIPHY database in tweets. But now, Android users can embed the GIF images from GIPHY in almost everything.

The GIPHY Android App lets their users find the perfect GIF from the database of Millions of pictures and share them on any social networking site. The GIPHY allows users to share the GIF on Google+, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites. The GIPHY is one of the largest and popular GIF image database in the world. From last few months, GIPHY was trying to expand their reach and let their users create and upload the GIF on site. So, they launched the GIFMaker app and GIPHYCam app for smartphones. The Users can create and upload the GIF’s using these two apps. These apps helped GIPHY to create this massive database of millions of GIFs.

The GIPHY app lets you share the GIFs over text messages and on social network chats. The App is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The Android users with smartphones having Android 4.0 or more can easily use this app. Also, GIPHY launched the same app for iOS, which is available on Apple App Store.


Customizable Cases for Nexus Series Smartphone Launched by Google : Available for $35

Google Custom Cases for Nexus SeriesThe Google launched an Innovative service, which will let you create customized Cases for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P smartphones. With this service, customers using Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P smartphones can create custom smartphone cases in only $35.

The company announced about this service on Thursday. There are two types of Cases can be printed via this service. The first one is the Live photos, where you can choose any photo to print it on your Case. The second one is the Maps, where you can create your map and print it or use any random location map from Google Maps and print it on the case. In both types of Cases, you can add various filters and edit the images to be printed on Case before submitting them to the Google.

Also, there will be a small button in the back of the cases, which is of Shortcut. With this Shortcut Button in the back, you can launch the selected or favourite apps by one click. The Google is using NFC technology to make “Shortcut” button function. The Price of these Customizable Smartphone cases for Nexus series smartphone is set to $35, which is excellent according to the prices from competing companies who offer the same service.


Apple May Introduce the Glass Casing for iPhones

Apple May Introduce the Glass Casing for iPhonesThe KGI Securities analyst revealed that the Apple is soon going to ditch the traditional Aluminium casing for the iPhone. The KGI Securities Chief Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is the famous analyst who is expert in digging at Apple records and their plans. He revealed about this plan of Apple to introduce the Glass Casing for iPhones, by ditching traditional Full Aluminium casing.

According to the Ming-Chi Kuo, the company may reveal the iPhone with back glass Casing in 2017. The wait is too long for Apple Fanboy, but the iPhone 8 may get this glass casing design. Also, he stated that the new iPhone may have the AMOLED display, which will be the lighter and stronger than previous iPhones. This is one interesting thing cooking in the head of Apple designers. With this revelation, the iPhone 7 launch, which is scheduled for September is in the questions. The Apple’s WWDC in September, in which they will launch the iPhone 7 will be just a refresh to the iPhone 6S and 6S plus or coming with new features; we don’t know.

The Apple reserved the core design update for 2017, which may indicate the simple upgrade to the current models. But we are expecting the new iPhone 7 may come up with some different features. Although there is no need to worry because Apple is planning big upgrades to the iPhone lineups because the iPhones required to change according to the consumers demands. There is no official word about this from Apple, so we may have to wait till 2017 till they launch iPhone 8.


Apple Reduced Production Rate of Their Smartphones From April to June

Apple will Rename OS X to MacOSThe Apple Inc will reduce the iPhone production in the April to June period. The reason behind the production cut is the sluggish sale of their smartphone this year. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are the smartphones whose sales is reduced in the recent months. The Apple has informed their device makers and parts suppliers about this production cut for limited time.

The slow sales rate of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus forced Apple to manage the inventory, thus reducing the production till Sales rate comes back to normal. The company is facing sale problems since Last year December; that’s why Apple cut the production rate in January to March series. The Apple recently released the new smartphone, iPhone SE, which will see no reduction in production rates. The iPhone SE will not be made in large volumes, till the overall sales momentum of Apple smartphones comes back to the original.

Also, with the pressure of reduced sales rate, the company may try to launch their upcoming smartphone from iPhone series, iPhone 7 earlier than the expected date, which is in September. The iPhone 7 may come sooner due to pressures on Apple. But, the parts and other inventories of Apple iPhone 7 will come somewhere in May month from their manufacturers. There is no clear indication about the early launch of iPhone 7, as this is just the assumption.


Google Announced Voice Access App and Beta Testing Registrations – Voice Control Over Android Smartphone Apps, Settings

Google Announced Voice Access App and Beta Testing Registrations - Voice Control Over Android Smartphone Apps, SettingsThe Smart ‘Google Now’ helping us in opening apps, taking notes, checking weather and many necessary things by recognizing the voice commands. The Google Now is smart, but can do only basic things with voice commands from the user. Just Now, Google Announced something which change the capabilities of Google Now launcher. The Google Announced the Beta version of Voice Access app, which will help us to use all features of Android smartphone just by voice commands.

The Google Just announced about this Voice Access app beta testing program. The Voice Access feature concept is not new, but the it is for the first time Android smartphones are getting it. The Google hasn’t mentioned about the compatible apps, so we can assume that t0he Voice Access app will support every app made for the Android smartphones. The Google announced the Beta testing program for this app and opened the registrations. The registration for Beta testing is closed after Google received sufficient registrants for carrying out the beta test.

As per the descriptions shared by Google and beta testers, the Google Voice Access app will work as user commands. Means, if the user asks to “Scroll down,” it will do so. Also, the clickable links on any web page will have specific numbers so that users can pronounce the number, and Voice Access app will open that link for you. Also, the Voice Access app may come with many options for slightly impaired persons, to make most out of their Android smartphone.


HTC 10 Review – Price, New Features, Specifications, Hardware

HTC 10 Review - Price, New Features, Specifications, HardwareThe HTC 10 is launched, and the new leaked image of the smartphone is shared on the internet. The HTC 10, the new smartphone from the House of HTC is released on April 12th, 2016. The leaked image of the smartphone shows us the glimpse of the device, which is in the Black color and round camera with LED flash in the back center.

With the camera and LED flash, we can see the Antenna Strip and the home button installed on the top of the device. Also, it is rumored to have Fingerprint sensor installed in the home button. According to the Phonearena, the HTC 10 will come with the 5.1 inch Super LCD Screen, with QHD Resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. The smartphone may boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 GPU, and 4GB RAM. The Device will come bundled with the 12 MP UltraPixel camera, which we can see in the above-leaked image. The camera will be able to capture 4K videos with laser Auto focus and Optical Image Stabilization.

The popular Smartphone images Leakster, Llab TooFeR, who leaked this picture, said that the HTC may introduce a unique feature in HTC 10. He stated that the HTC 10 was the smartphone from Secret Project from the company, which may change the face of HTC Desire series smartphones.


Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update for Xperia Smartphones – Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2 in the U.S.

Marshmallow UpdateThe Sony has completed its promise of providing the Android marshmallow 6.0 updates to the selected smartphones. The Sony started rolling out the Marshmallow update for the smartphones like Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, and Xperia Z2. The selected devices started getting the Marshmallow update through OTA.The Sony developer team has already released the Beta Build of marshmallow for selected devices.

As per the details shared on Sony’s blog, the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update is rolled out for the models like Xperia Z2, Z3, and Z3 compact. The company is sending the updates to the devices which are currently in beta mode, to ensure the users will get the timely updates of the software.

There are some problems for the Sony smartphone users about this updates. First of all, the update is rolled out for the selected smartphone models from Z2 and Z3 series. The Second thing is that it is released in selected countries, that means the users living outside these countries will not able to download the update. Currently, the Marshmallow update is released in the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia and North Africa. The users not living in these countries will not receive the updates, so they’ve to wait some more time.

To download and install the update, user has to wait till the notification of Software update appears on the screen. If the user is impatient, he can install the updates via Device Settings and check for the available updates.


Upcoming iPhone 7 Rumors: iPhone 7 to be Thinner than Predecessors, Specs, Release Date, dual-camera system?

iPhone 7 rumorsRumors and Apple has the love-hate relationship. But, the Apple Fanboys love the both. There is a new talk about the new iPhone 7 in the market, which states that the iPhone 7 is going to be the super slim. Previously, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus were too thick, compared to the predecessors. The iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thick, where the iPhone 6S is 7.1 mm thick. The 0.2 mm thickness introduced in the iPhone 6S because of the 3D touch feature.

But, now the rumor suggests us that the upcoming smartphone from Apple, which is iPhone 7. The new iPhone 7 is going to be the slimmest smartphone made by Apple. The iPhone 7 is expected to have a thickness of 6 to 6.5 mm. The Apple is eliminating the 3.5 mm audio jack, which will help them to reduce the thickness of the smartphone.

The Apple is not just lessened the thickness of the iPhone 7, but also introducing the powerful battery to the device. There may be a 6.5 % increase in the battery power of the new iPhone 7. The iPhone 6S has the 6.61 Watthours of battery and iPhone 7 will have 7.04 Watthours battery, which is 6.5% increase in battery. These are just rumors on the internet about Apple iPhone 7. Everything will get clear about iPhone 7 for the official launch or announcement from the company.


Two new Android Smartphones Coming From the House of Blackberry

Blackberry Two new Android SmartphonesThe losses of BlackBerry shortened for a short time when they launched Blackberry PRIV smartphone, which was the first Android smartphone from the company. The smartphone was launched to get a huge comeback response for the company. But, the high pricing of the smartphone is the biggest roadblock to success for the company, and BlackBerry knew it.

So, to start creating own fan base with the Android-based smartphone, Blackberry is soon going to launch the two new Android Based Smartphones. The smartphones are expected to come from Budget smartphone segment. The BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that they were planning to launch new budget smartphones this year. According to the CEO, the one smartphone among two expected smartphones is going to be the device with a physical keyboard, as they are like a signature from the company. And the second one is going to be the full touch-screen smartphone.

The CEO hasn’t revealed any extra information about the new smartphones, their specifications, and launch dates, but the expected price of these smartphone can be $300-400 as they are from Budget segment. The BlackBerry PRIV is a good try to re-enter in the markets, but the price tag of $700 is not much acceptable for Android based smartphone. The BlackBerry is focusing more on the Software unit of the company so the OEM partners of the company can manufacture these smartphones.