Pokémon Go Player Shot Dead In San Francisco

Apple Poised To Make A Whopping $3 Billion Through Pokémon GoA man has been shot dead on San Francisco’s waterfront while playing Pokémon Go, authorities have said.

Calvin Riley, 20, was shot on Saturday night by a hitherto unidentified assailant at Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square, the US Park police confirmed.

A family friend, John Kirby, told local station KGO-TV that Riley and another friend were out playing Pokémon Go when the former was shot.

“From what we know there was no confrontation. There was nothing said back and forth. It was just senseless, just came up and shot in the back and ran away for nothing,” Kirby said.

Kirby said Riley and his friend had noticed someone watching them from the top of a hill that overlooks the park, but it was dark and they were mostly focused on their phones.

The National Park Service spokesman Lynn Cullivan informed that investigators believe there are many witnesses to the attack because the killing happened in the bustling Fisherman’s Wharf area.

Sergeant Robert Jansing, a detective with the US Park police, stated that the gunman did not attempt to take any of Riley’s belongings or to mug him.

It’s uncertain whether the attack on Riley had anything to do with Pokémon Go.

But the game’s popularity and necessity to walk around has caused inadvertent effects in everyday life. Property owners have been complaining of players trespassing and damaging their grounds, and many players have also been injured or robbed as they focus on the game.

Law enforcement officials have already issued several warnings about the game’s dangers, saying players can and do become too engrossed in the game and go out of tune with their surroundings.



Nintendo Shares Given Major Boost After Pokémon Go Faces Unprecedented Success

Nintendo shares soared by an added 14% on Tuesday, more than doubling the firm’s market capitalization to £32 billion in a mere seven sessions since the mobile game Pokémon Go was launched in the US.

The unprecedented success of Pokémon Go – now available in 35 countries– has triggered massive purchase of Nintendo shares, surprising even some seasoned market players.

Pokémon GoNintendo shares ended Tuesday up 14.4% at 31,770 yen, making its profits more than double since the game released.

Turnover in Nintendo shares hit 703.6bn yen, surpassing the record for trading turnover in individual shares it set on Friday, of 476bn yen.

The success of Pokémon Go, unexpected even to its creators, has heightened hopes that Nintendo could capitalize on a lineup of other popular characters ranging from Zelda to Super Mario to reinforce its entry into augmented reality.

“Virtual reality and augmented reality have been a focus of the market but hardly anyone was expecting Nintendo in this area. Suddenly Nintendo has become an AR-related stock,” said a fund manager at a Japanese asset management firm.

The fund manager, who stayed unnamed due to corporate reasons, said the big gains were understandable considering the likely enhancement to Nintendo’s USP.

“Under my rough estimate, the sales from Pokémon Go and upcoming related gadgets will boost net profits by 50 billion yen. Based on that assumption, Nintendo is traded at 30 times profits, which is not unreasonable,” he added.

Shares in First Baking, a bakery company with annual sales of 25 billion yen, saw its shares rise 18% on Tuesday as it sells “Pokémon Bread” among other breads in character-decorated bags.



BlackBerry To Stop Production Of Classic

BlackBerry To Stop Production Of ClassicThe smartphone pioneer BlackBerry announced on Tuesday that they will stop making its Classic model, only 18 months after launching the device that would target the users who prefer a physical, rather than touchscreen, keyboard.

The Classic was launched early in 2015, with a physical keyboard not unlike its predecessor BlackBerry Bold, and operated by the company’s own revamped BlackBerry 10 OS, which has since failed to regain market share occupied by Apple’s iPhone and others in the same style.

BlackBerry has also launched another smartphone powered by Alphabet’s Android software and has several more in the pipeline. According to BlackBerry chief executive John Chen, a September deadline imposed by the company itself could result in a profit for the company’s trimmed-down handset business.

BlackBerry has shifted from its one time market dominating smartphones to the software that private companies and governments require to manage their devices. A few investors and analysts have even gone so far to suggest BlackBerry jettison handsets entirely.

The company will permanently stop production of the Classic as it aims to update its device lineup “to keep innovating and advancing our portfolio”, said Ralph Pini in a blog post. Pini joined BlackBerry in May as new chief operating officer and devices head.

BlackBerry’s stocks have dwindled in recent quarters as the revenue fell. In Toronto, the stock was last down 3.8% at C$8.55. On Nasdaq it was off 2.4% at $6.60.



Oculus Patches the Flaw Which Allowed HTC Vive Users to Access Oculus Games

Oculus Patches the Flaw Which Allowed HTC Vive Users to Access Oculus GamesThe trick which allowed the HTC Vive users to play the Oculus Rift games has been closed. The Oculus has released the App update, which bans the Non-Oculus Rift users to access the Content from their Store. With the flaw in the Oculus Rift app, the HTC Vive users were able to access the exclusive content on their VR headset.

Two of the exclusive Oculus Rift games were able to play on the HTC Vive headset with the trick. The Revive, who bypassed the simple code which allowed porting the Oculus Rift Exclusive games on the HTC Vive hardware. However, the two exclusive games had to legally purchase from the Oculus Stores, but the porting method made the apps run on the third party hardware. The company has released the security update, which patches the flaw denying the access to HTC Vive users to access the content. The Oculus has already told that the ‘Trick” will get obsolete with the future update and advised the users not to download the apps from Oculus store, which will break them after the upgrade.

The HTC Vive users are frustrated after the security patch. The Legally purchased the app from the Oculus Store will not run anymore. The money and the time of the HTC Vive users have gone into the flush. The Reddit thread about this update has flooded with the disappointed users of the VR headset.


Games News: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 to Hits Steam Store

Final Fantasy XThe most awaited Final Fantasy Games are ready to get launched on the stream to download for PC users. The Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 10-2 are willing to get launched on the Steam platform tomorrow. The PC version of these games will be launched tomorrow, i.e., 12th May 2016.

The Product page of these two games had appeared on the Steam before the hours of release, which hinted the release of the games on PC. Now, the official Twitter handle has confirmed this, and it is the time of Party for the PC gamers. The 12th may is the Day when the Direct Sequel of the games from the Final Fantasy series games will be launched for the PC users.

Both the games, i.e., Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will have the Dual-Audio support in English and Japanese Voice-overs in a background, Auto-save, No Encounter mode and option to turn up the speed. The Final Fantasy 12, which is for PlayStation 2 and the Final Fantasy 15 is missing from the Steam Store for PC users. But, according to the experts, these two games will soon be ported for the PC users, so they can play the games without owning any gaming console. There is a Similar version of these two games, which was made for the PlayStation 4 with same boosts and features. Those who have no patience to wait for the official launch of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 on PC can try the PS4 version.


Samsung’s Patent Filings Reveal Smartwatch with Virtual Screen Technology

Samsung to investment $300 million to set up R&D center in VietnamAs per the reports, the Samsung is designing the Smartwatch, which can operate by transmitting the display on your hand or palm. You read it right; the Samsung is working on the Smartwatch prototype, which can add the screen on your Palm or anywhere on Hand, so you get more space to operate your smartwatch. The Smartwatch, which is in the development mode by Samsung, can project the display on nearby surfaces like Hand, Palm or wall, etc.

In the recent patent filing, the Company has filed some images, which indicates the new smartwatch with the smart inbuilt projector, which can project the display on nearby surfaces and make it touchscreen., With virtual display technology, the smartwatch can extend the screen size by projecting it on nearby surfaces. The Samsung has filed several images to the USPTO, which indicates the development on this smartwatch. Also, according to the pictures submitted by the company, there is the indication that the same technology can be used in their VR headsets, as the company described the procedure of implementing it on VR and AR headsets.

Although it is just a necessary Patent Filing, we cannot tell when it will come in retail stores. But, if it comes to retail stores for sale, then the smartwatches will be smarter than now.


News from Sources Reveal about Full Glass iPhone 8 – Price, Specification, Features

Apple will Rename OS X to MacOSThe Falling sales of the iPhone are the bad news for Apple. The company will soon go to launch the iPhone 7 in September, which is said to revive the fall in sales. But, the experts say it may just be the redesigned version of the previous iPhones, just like the iPhone SE. But, the leaks are indicating some different news for the future smartphones from the company.

As per the news shared by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who is the close person in the Apple Device manufacturers, Apple is going to introduce the Full Glass iPhone. As we reported earlier, Apple is going to ditch Full Aluminium Chassis and add the Glass panel covered smartphone. Now, the news is almost confirmed, not officially, though. The Full Glass iPhone will be launched soon after the launch of iPhone 7 this year. The iPhone 7 will have a similar design like previous smartphones, but the next smartphone will come with this glass chassis.

The Apple is going to ditch the “S Series” for iPhones from next time, making the Next smartphone after the September launch be the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will come with no Home Button, No visible Front camera, and Full Front Screen. The front camera will be embedded in the Display somehow, the Home Button will be embedded in Display somehow, said famed industry commentator, John Gruber in his podcasts. Although, anything is just a speculation before Apple announces it officially.


HP Chromebook 13 News- Slimmest and Lightest Chromebook Ever built – Pricing, Reviews, Features, Images

HP Chromebook 13 The HP has launched the Chromebook 13, which is the slimmest Chromebook ever built. The HP Chromebook 13 is the latest Chromebook from the company, which is as thin as MacBook series laptops from Apple. The HP Chromebook 13 comes with a bunch of surprises as it has the Intel Core M Processor, made for saving battery, an anodized Aluminium chassis which is lightweight and just 0.5 mm thick.

The Aluminium body of this excellent Chromebook 13 comes with a quad-HD display with a resolution of the (3200×1800 pixels). The HP will offer a 1080p HD display variant of this Chromebook. Also, the HP Chromebook 13 can support two 2K external Displays or the one 4K external display. For connecting the external displays, the user will get a USB-C Docking station, using which he/she can connect the External Displays, Keyboard, Mouse and the Wired internet using the Ethernet port.

The base configuration of this HP Chromebook 13 will have the 6th Generation Intel Pentium M Processor coupled with the 4GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard flash storage. Also, it will have various processor variants to choose. HP is offering options with Intel Core M3, Core M5 and Core M7 processors, and option to choose RAM up to 16GB for hardcore multitasking. The price of the base model of this Chromebook is set to $499/-.


Gaming News – Minecraft is Now Available for Oculus Rift VR Headsets

Minecraft is Now Available for Oculus Rift VR HeadsetsThe games are going into Virtual Reality world after the introduction of Virtual Reality headsets by many famous companies. One such famous Virtual Reality headset maker, Oculus launched the Virtual reality version of a favorite game, Minecraft. The Oculus Rift VR headset users are now able to play this epic game by wearing the headset.

The Oculus VR, the Facebook company, launched this game on Oculus Store for $7. The Oculus users can now purchase and download this game for their VR headsets. The Minecraft is a favorite Block-Building game which debuted in 2007 and still ruling the gaming world. The simple block building game made for Desktop, Mobiles, and the Gaming consoles broke all records. The developer sold millions of copies of this game to gamers. The official statement released by the Oculus on their website states that, the MineCraft: VR Edition game is exclusively available on the Oculus Store for $7. Also, the game supports all the features from Pocket Edition, which includes Creative Modes, Survival Modes, Skins, and Multiplayer. The Players have the option to choose from the comfortable Theatre view or the First person view for the intense experience.

After the launch on Oculus VR headsets, Microsoft announced the VR edition of this epic game for Samsung Gear VR Headsets. The Microsoft is the developer of this block building game.


Intel Working on Solution to Replace 3.5 mm Audio Jack

Intel Audio jackThe 3.5 mm audio jack on the smartphones is the most hated component by manufacturers. The 3.5mm audio jack makes smartphone little more thick than designed. That’s a bad thing for designers and manufacturers. But now, Intel is taking the initiative to develop a USB Type-C Audio jack.

The Intel team is working on a prototype of the USB Type-C Audio technology, which will replace the 3.5 mm Audio jack in the smartphones and tablets. The Intel may replace 3.5 mm Audio Jack as a hardware replacement. The USB Type-C connector jack will be the slimmer and faster than the 3.5 mm jack. The Audio streamed via headphones with USB Type-C Jack will be crystal clear like heard never before, said Intel. The USB Type-C jacks are useful for the smartphone manufacturers, who want to make their smartphone thinner and lighter by some grams of weight.

The USB Type-C jacks for Audio and headphones will take more than five years to implement fully in the smartphones because every smartphone and candy bar mobile on this earth have 3.5 mm audio jack for the headphones. The headphones with 3.5mm audio jacks are preferred by users nowadays. Once the USB Type-C connector jacks get implemented in the smartphones and tablets, the smartphone makers would start using it.

The Apple is believed to developed something like USB Type-C connector jack for the new iPhone. The Apple is rumored to kick the 3.5 mm audio jack and replace it with USB Type-C jack. It is still doubted by the experts because the Apple has the Lightning connector for all products, so they think that the Apple will replace the 3.5 mm jack with Lightning connector.