Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14295 For Mobile and PC {Slow Ring Release*}

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14295Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14295

The Microsoft team has launched the Windows 10 Insider preview for the PC and mobiles; The Microsoft Lumia mobiles are getting the Windows 10 Insider Preview on their smartphone. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14295 is more about the improvements and bug fixes from the last build. The Microsoft was expected to release the Build of Windows 10 Insider Preview with a bundle of new features.

The Microsoft’s Annual Developer Conference is all set to start any time soon on March 30th.  The Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 Red Stone build update for the eligible smartphones like Lumia 550, Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, etc. the qualified smartphones from Windows will get Fast Ring update notification on their smartphone. Just a few days ago, Microsoft started to send Windows 10 updates to qualified Windows OS Smartphones, and this one is the newest update users will get.

The Annual Developer Conference from Microsoft is just going to happen. There are huge speculations about the announcements which will be done in this conference. The Microsoft can release the new Build of Windows 10, which may have the bunch of new features and improvements, of course. Also, in this developer conference, Microsoft can make new and exciting announcements and reveal their action plan with Lumia smartphones and Surface Tablets.


Microsoft AI Chatbot ‘Tay’ Removed – Artificial Intelligent Twitter Bot

Microsoft AI Chatbot TayThe team of coders from Microsoft and Bing has coded an Artificial Intelligent Twitter bot to chat with other users. The Twitter bot from Microsoft was named as “Tay”. The “Tay” made a debut on Twitter just 24-28 hours ago of publishing this post. But, the Microsoft had to remove the Twitter account of “Tay” after it started replying to others will Racist and Abusive comments.

Actually, “Tay” is an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot launched by Microsoft to learn the “Conversational Understandings” of the AI coded program. But, something went wrong and within 24 hours of launch, the ChatBot Tay started posting a racial and abusive reply. Starting from Racism, it ended by supporting the Holocaust by Hitler.

The Twitter bot was fed with Information and coded by Microsoft and Bing coder teams. Also, it was able to learn automatically to respond by learning from others. But, someone realized that if “Tay” learns any abusive word, it will use it while chatting with another, so someone bombarded her with some offensive replies. That’s why. Microsoft’s Chatbot “Tay” started posting rude and Sexist comments.

After getting numerous reports about “Tay”s observations and replies, Microsoft immediately removed that account from Twitter. Also, they’ve deleted almost 92k tweets done by their disastrous Chatbot.


Microsoft Edge Browser with Extensions Support Test Build- Download, Update!!

Microsoft Edge Browser with Extensions SupportThe Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer alternative, Edge Browser now got the support for extensions. The Edge Browser will have support to install extensions, which was not available when it was launched. The Microsoft Edge browser is a successor of Internet Explorer browser. The developers can use the test build of this browser.

In the test build, there are three extensions in Edge browser test build. First, one is Microsoft Translator, which offers translation over 50 languages. Reddit Enhancement and Mouse Gestures. These extensions can be installed manually in the browser. Also, these three extensions can be install simultaneously on Google’s Chrome Browser, and Chrome Extensions can be ported to Edge Browser. The new set of extensions like Adblock, Adblock Plus, and Evernote are going to come pre-installed at the end of the year.

Although, this build was to be revealed at the end of last year, but it was delayed until March. And now, it is here for developers to test it. Microsoft didn’t share any word about the period of this analysis by developers, but we know that after the trial period is over with success, then the extension will be available in Windows Store. The same delay happened with the Windows 10 roll-out for smartphone users. Microsoft announced that developers can create their extensions for the Edge browser, instead of using three basic extensions.