Microsoft Acquires Italian Internet of Things Company Solair

SolairThe Microsoft has acquired the Italian IoT company. The company was built on the Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, and operating in the Internet of Things area. The company which is acquired by Microsoft is “Solair”.

The Solair was launched in 2011, mainly focused on developing the Internet of Things solutions for Businesses, instead of the retail consumers. The Solair created applications for many companies, like AEG Power Solutions, Bosch Rexroth and Japanese power company, Aiwa. The Microsoft’s Azure Internet of Things Suite helps users, mainly the businesses to monitor the systems and apply data analysis service to enhance the efficiency of firms. After this acquisition of Solair, the Microsoft will integrate their service for Microsoft Azure Cloud service users.

The Acquisition was announced at the Official website of Solair. The Sam George, who is the partner at Microsoft Azure, said that the Solair and Microsoft Azure share the same viewpoints, i.e., helping businesses with the advanced IoT solutions. That’s why the Solair acquisition will help Microsoft to boost their Azure Business. Also, the Solair CEO Tom Davis said that the Acquisition marks the start of new chapter in Solair’s progress. The company will continue to work as the independent brand, but will work under Microsoft’s roofs. The both companies have not disclosed the financial details of this deal.


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to Release on June 1st – Features, Overview, Release Date

Microsoft SQL Server 2016The Microsoft just announced that they are going to release the SQL Server 2016 on June 1st. The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be available to all customers on the June 1st. It will be accessible to the Current Customers and new customers, including individuals and enterprises.

The Microsoft said that all the four versions of the SQL Server 2016 will make public by the June 1st, which is the fourth and final release of the SQL Server 2016 from Microsoft. The Microsoft is releasing the four different versions of the SQL Server 2016, named as Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer. Also, according to the sources, Microsoft is planning to license this product according to the per core, not per processor for servers. The Per Core License is expected to bring in extra revenue to the treasury of the company,

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is coming this June with a bunch of new and exciting features. The SQL Server 2016 will have features like Stretch database function, to store data on the Database-on-premises and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage. Also, the SQL Server 2016 comes with the Always Encrypted service, which helps users to encrypt the databases at the column level.

The Microsoft is releasing this software on June 1st for all users. It is another good news for developers, after getting the announcement of SQL Server for Linux operating system, from Microsoft.


Microsoft Cortana Restricted to Use Bing and Edge browser by Default – Features, Reviews

Microsoft Cortana Restricted  to Use Bing and Edge browser by DefaultThe Microsoft’s attempt to make Windows 10 operating system smarter by embedding their voice assistant, Cortana was good, but not the best. Cortana is not available in all countries, and it is not useful in taking voice commands. But, it was good in searching things for users.

In the starting, Windows 10 users had the option to choose the default search engine and the browser to select for Cortana. Once configured, Cortana would seek the answers using default browser and search engine. But now, Microsoft has restricted Cortana from using anything other than the Bing Search Engine and the Edge browser. Users who are using Cortana will get search results through the Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine. The attempt to force Cortana to use Edge browser and Bing search engine is surely a way to divert some of the search shares on Bing Search Engine with the Cortana.

In an official Statement, Microsoft said that Cortana was not designed to work with other search engines, so if used other search engine to work with Cortana, the results may not be good and satisfying. The Microsoft’s decision to bind Cortana, Bing, and Edge browser is the indication that Microsoft wants to keep the Operating System Components and Products tied together tightly. Although there is no restriction for setting default browser or the search engine in Windows 10, restricted only for Cortana.


Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Apps for Windows 10 are Now Available – Download!!

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Apps for Windows 10The Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are the operating Systems which didn’t catch much attention from the eyes of users and tech companies. The Internet companies were not interested in creating a separate application for these two operating systems from Microsoft. But now, we have the Full Fledged apps of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram for the Latest Windows 10 Operating System.

As Facebook promised in the F8 Developers conference, the company has launched the native apps for Windows 10 Desktop and Windows Phone 10 operating Systems. The basic versions of these apps were available on the Windows Store for Windows 8 operating systems, but they were not much good as the Facebook’s Desktop version. So, using the Native app made for Windows 8 OS didn’t make any sense for users. So, the Facebook has finally launched the Native apps for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram with all features.

With the Native app of Facebook for Windows 10, the users can get access to stickers store, view trending topics and hashtags, mention friends and do all those things which can be done through the Native Facebook app for Android or iOS. Also, for desktop users, the Native Facebook app will share notifications through the Live Tiles, Start Menu and pop-ups. Also, the Cross-app sharing is enabled in this app. These apps for Windows 10 are now available to download on Windows Store on Desktop and Smartphone.


New Windows 10 Update Comes with Severe Problems and Bugs

The Microsoft Windows 10 is getting into trouble after installing the Anniversary update. The Anniversary Update sent by the company is supposed to come up with a bunch of new features, but it came with some problems and issues making users angry. The Two new Automatic Windows Updates named as KB3147461 and KB3147458 are causing the errors in the operating system.

After knowing about this issue, Microsoft asked their users to report any issues users found with the latest update. The Page on which Microsoft asked this question was filled with over 900 responses, sharing the problems with the Microsoft team. Users who updated the OS with these updates are facing the issues like “Blue Screen of Death, Infinite Boot Loop, Broken Apps like Windows Explorer, Store, Music and much more, Start Menu crash, Critical Error Popups, slow boot time and broken trackpad gestures“.


The many users are facing the same problems while using the PC after installing the update. The Microsoft team hasn’t come up with the solution for this problem yet, but it is wise for now to disable the automatic updates as of now. Those who are facing the equivalent challenges, but are safe from the blue screen of death are advised to uninstall the “KB 3147461” and “KB3147458” from their PC. There is still no confirmation from experts which update is causing the problem.

The attempt of Microsoft to forcefully send updates to Windows 8 and ten users is not a wise move. Also, sending Multiple updates once is not a wise decision at all, now it has caused the whole system crash after sending it to the users.


Microsoft and Google Agreed to Settle All Cases Against Each Other

Microsoft and Google Agreed to Settle all Cases Against Each OtherThe Microsoft and Google have agreed to become the good competitors by ending the long run regulatory battle. Both companies are agreed on the settlement and dropping the case against each other. Also, they’ve decided to work together to solve issues without taking it in court or regulators.

A Microsoft employee said that the company has decided to drop all cases against Google due to change in Legal priorities. The Google also announced that they will release all complaints made against Microsoft. Both the companies agreed to work and compete by Products and Service, not on Legal battles. The Microsoft is not taking any part in the investigation in the case by European commission’s Antitrust case against Google. Also, the Microsoft left the membership of the FairSeach and ICOM, which are the groups which support antitrust actions against Google and their business.

Both the companies were fighting like a child over every issue instead of solving it with mutual concerns. But now, the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai are on their way to resolving the longtime issue of fighting on small problems. After the Satya Nadella had appointed as CEO, the Microsoft has tightened the bond with Android Operating System environment and launched many apps for the Android users.

Microsoft and Google signed a deal last year in September, in which they decided to end the 20 Patent confliction between the business and drop the lawsuit against each other.


Department of Homeland Security Advises to Uninstall Apple QuickTime from Windows PCs

Department of Homeland Security Advises to Uninstall Apple QuickTime from Windows PCsThe Department of Homeland Security has advised Windows PC users to uninstall immediately Apple’s QuickTime Software from the PC. The Apple QuickTime software contains two significant vulnerabilities, which may harm your precious data stored on the computer. That’s why it is advised to remove the QuickTime software from the Windows computer immediately to be safe from attacks.

The Online Security Firm, Trend Micro recently found two vulnerabilities in the software, warned users about the exploitation of these vulnerabilities. The Trend Micro noted that there is no news about the exploitation of these two vulnerabilities in the QuickTime, but as Apple is not providing further support or patches for this software, the Vulnerabilities will stay malicious for an extended time. The Department of Homeland Security warned users of QuickTime Software on Windows that, if you don’t uninstall the software from PC, then be ready to face the loss of identity, Important documents stored on PC and others.

The QuickTime software support was revoked by Apple the long time ago, but the Software is still getting security patches and upgrades in Mac OS. Upon checking for vulnerabilities, the Trend Micro didn’t found any bugs in Mac version of QuickTime, which is getting the regular updates. The Homeland Security Department regularly keeps track of the software, which have no support from their developers. If the team Homeland Security department finds and the bug in the abandoned software, they publish the notice, just like they did here for QuickTime.


Microsoft Edge Users Can Now Enjoy Plugin-Free Skype Web Experience For Voice and Video Calls

Plugin-Free Skype Mircosoft edgeThe Microsoft’s Skype is the best thing happened for Video Calling. Now, after six months of the announcement of releasing the Plugin-free web version, the company finally unveiled it for Microsoft Edge browser. The Skype Web now can be used with the Microsoft Edge browser without any Plugin. Users who are using Skype web can make Video calls, Voice chat, and standard chat from Edge browser without installing any plugin.

The Microsoft users can now conduct Skype video calls and Audio calls from the Skype.com, Outlook.com, Office Online and the OneDrive, without installing any separate plugin or the software in PC. All Skype features can now be accessed via the web-based interface. The Skype web is not available for all browsers to use without installing any plugin. There is some restriction on a use of the Skype web on Microsoft Edge browser without plugins. The user cannot conduct a group call on web based Skype interface if he doesn’t have the plugin. The Microsoft said in their latest blog post that the users cannot access group calls feature from Microsoft Edge browser if they don’t have the plugin.

Microsoft team also shared more details about this Skype Web Plugin free interface. The team said that they are using WebRTC Standard to enable Edge browser users to skype calls without any plugin. While Edge browser users can enjoy Skype web without any Plugin, the Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome users may have to wait for some time.


Add-Ins Support announced for Microsoft Office for Mac : Microsoft Developer Conference Updates, Office for Mac Starbucks Add-in Features

Microsoft Office Add Ins Support for MacOn the Second day of the Microsoft’s Annual Developer Conference, the Company announced something about Microsoft office. The Microsoft Announced that the support of “Add-In” in the Software suite for Mac users. The Add-ins in Microsoft Office are similar as the Browser extensions. The Addition of the Add-ins support in “Office for Mac” is big news, because the Office online, Office for Windows and Office for iPad has already got this support. With this announcement, it is clear that Microsoft is focusing on the Mac users to sell their software suites.

The new “Add-in”, announced in this Developer conference is the Starbucks Add-in. With this Starbucks add-ins, the Users can send Starbucks gift cards to their friends. This is the Outlook Add-in, which helps users to send Email Gift cards to anyone in Email List. Also, the interesting feature of this Starbucks Add-in for Outlook is, it lets users schedule the Coffee meetings at the nearest Starbucks cafe. It will give you the option to order coffee and accompaniments before the time of your meeting.

In the developers conference, Microsoft released the new tools to create Add-ins for the Office suite software. With these tools, Developers can develop the new Add-ins and publish them. This is the exciting announcement made for add-in developers.


Windows 10 and Ubuntu to Run Together – WindowsDualBoot, Features

Windows 10 and UbuntuThe news is very exciting because it is the first time Microsoft is working with Ubuntu and BASH on their systems. The Microsoft team and Ubuntu team is working to integrate Ubuntu binaries to work with Windows binaries individually. The Microsoft confirmed this in their developer conference which was held yesterday. The Microsoft Windows 10 Red Stone build will have this feature, which will be available for us in Summer.

The Parent Company of Ubuntu, Canonical and Microsoft are working to run Ubuntu on Windows, but with the help of Native Windows libraries. This will be called as Windows Subsystem for Linux. The Windows Subsystem for Linux, or in short WSL was placed in the Windows 10 Build 14251 in January by Microsoft team. Later, that was improvised to build the bridge for Linux and Windows developers to develop programs for both operating Systems.

According to the Microsoft Spokesperson, the WSL is designed to enable Windows users to run the User-Mode Ubuntu image directly on PC, without the need for any Virtual machine software. The Users will able to run the whole Ubuntu side by side on Windows. The release date of new Ubuntu version, which is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is set as 21st April. This Ubuntu image will support the Windows Subsystem for Linux.