“Goodbye!” Google Chrome App Launcher will Discontinue from Windows, Mac and Linux OS!

Google Chrome app launcherJust now, Google announced that the Chrome App launcher, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems will discontinue. The Chrome App Launcher, which was available for these three operating systems, will no longer be there. According to the Google, the Chrome’s users are not using this Chrome App launcher to open the apps. That’s why Google decided to remove it from next update.

The Google officials said that the Chrome’s approach towards simplicity and streamlining browsing features is the main reason of the removal of App launcher from Chrome family. The Chrome App Launcher will be removed from next update of the Google Chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. The main reason is that the chrome’s users did not prefer Apps launcher to start Chrome apps. They’re doing it mostly from the Chrome Browser itself.

Google said in a blog post that the existing Chrome users will get a notification about the removal of the Chrome App launcher. The Chrome apps however, can be accessed from the apps short cut in chrome’s bookmarks or via “chrome://apps” command. The Chrome Apps launcher will be left intact for the Chrome OS users.


Google’s Camera App Rumoured to add Goggles Feature with Android Camera {Goggles Visual Search Features}

Google's Camera App Rumored to add Goggles Feature in Android SmartphoneThe search engine giant, Google is rumoured to add a new feature to its camera app. The Google Goggles can be the new feature in the Google Camera App. With the Google Goggles in the Camera app, users can search any information while using the camera app. The Google Goggles is an Augmented Reality app or simply a feature.

The Google Goggles can help users to get information about anything you are capturing through the camera. Suppose, if you want to check out the name of any flower, then you can start the camera app, and Google Goggles will find the name of that flower or anything for you. The Goggles feature can read the text also. It can read the text written in various languages, like English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and many others.

Also, it will make your camera app as the QR Code scanner, Barcode scanner. Google has already tested this technology with Google Glass and another third party VR Headsets. Google Goggles feature is embedded in Camera App, so it is supposed to come with the Latest Android N OS. The Google Goggles technology was introduced back in 2009; later it was integrated with Google Glasses.


NetFlix app Update with “Data Saver” Feature Only For Android SmartPhone

NetFlix app Update with Data Saver FeatureIf you are facing lag on Netflix app, if used from a smartphone, then it is because of controlled speed for streaming and video quality by Netflix. Few days ago, it was revealed that Netflix is throttling video quality and streaming speed for the mobile data plan users. We’ve already covered this news. After getting negative responses from users and cellular companies, the Netflix agreed to fix this issue in next App update.

The Netflix was lowering the video quality and streaming speed for most of the mobile data users, especially AT&T and Verizon customers. The company reduced the streaming rate for mobile data users. The rate was reduced to almost 600 kbps on mobile networks. The Netflix stated that the decision was taken to help cellular data users to save their data plan and keep them from using all data on Netflix. The reason was good, but the mobile companies were not much happy.

So, Netflix announced that they’ll fix this issue in next update of the App. The company may introduce the “Data Saver” feature for cellular network users and the flexibility to choose desired video quality on smartphones. Those who have mobile networks to watch the movies will get a suggestion to use the Data Saver feature, and those with unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connections can easily watch the high-Quality streaming videos. The new app update will be rolled out in May.


Google Play Store – 80% Discount Sale on Android App. {Grab Now!}

Google Play Store - 80% Discount Sale
Google Play Store – 80% Discount Sale

On the occasion of Easter Sunday, Google Started giving almost 80% discount on top apps and games available on Play Store. The Random Android users got the chance to claim the discount on top apps and games in Google Play Store. As per the story on Phonearena, the Random Android users spotted banner of 80 % discount on popular apps on Google play Store.

It is evident that Google was giving the discount on the occasion of Easter, but surprisingly the discount on top apps on Play store was not available for US Android users. It is strange why Google filtered US Android users from this discount. According to the Google, the discount which was offered on Play Store was not available for US users, but for Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany.

Also, the discount was given to the particular hand-picked customers by their PlayStore search history and purchase history. Those who went through a lot for top paid apps and games, but didn’t purchase any of those games were most of the users who got the 80% discount. Also, the users who already bought any app or game got the discount on similar and related apps and games. It was a Happy Easter Sunday for those who got the discount on Apps and Games on Play Store.


Google Android Pay Debut in UK Soon : Mobile Payment Service { Alternative Google’s Apple Pay}

Google Android /payGoogle’s proprietary virtual payment system, named as “Android Pay”, will make its debut in the UK in next few months. The Android Pay is the wireless payment method to use via NFC-enabled smartphones. The NFC Enabled Android smartphones can use Android Pay, to pay for anything via smartphone. This technology by Android is a rival of Apple Pay.

In Android Pay, the user stores his credit or debit card details in his Android smartphones, which later transmitted via NFC to the Tap-and-Pay outlets, which makes the payment wireless and secure. The smartphones, with Android 4.4 or more and with NFC connectivity are capable of using Android Pay. Currently, this service is available in the USA.

The Android Pay is a secure and hassle free method of making payments, as there is no need to carry your physical credit card. Also, it is secure because the way of payment is wireless and no one can complete the transaction without Passcode or fingerprint of the user. Currently, the premier banks in the UK, i.e., Lloyds Bank, HSBC, and Nations has agreed to support this type of payment systems.

According to the blog post on Google’s blog, the Android Pay is getting almost 1.5 million new users each month in the USA> So, to increase their reach, they are entering into UK markets very soon. Also, there are expansion plans to expand Android Pay in Australia too. The development of Android Pay can complete at the end of this year.


Google Update 2016: Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast #Nomenclature

Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast

Google Updates 2016 :-

The Search Engines just announced the new name of one of their product. The Google Changed the name of Google Chromecast App on Android and iOS to “Google Cast”. They made this announcement few hours ago. The Google Chromecast is an online-streaming dongle made for televisions. With Google Chromecast, users can stream the content in their smartphones on their televisions.

The Chromecast is a low-cost alternative to the Streaming TV boxes like Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV. The Chromecast made its particular place because of compact size. It was the most popular streaming device of 2015, with almost 20 millions+ Google Chromecasts sold in a year,

This is the small change from Google’s side. But the experts are saying that Google is giving a hint to this change. The Hint can be about the expansion of Google Chromecast usability. Also, this change in name is just a start from Google to integrate the technology of Chromecast into more gadgets. The Google has partnered with a new company, Vizio. These two companies are working to create a smart television, which will have Google Chromecast technology embedded. The Smart-TV will be remote less and can be controlled via Google Cast App on Android and Smartphone or from the Chrome Browser.

Experts are indicating that there may be a big announcement about the integration of Google Chromecast with other devices. Also, there may be some big plans for Android TV by Google. For now, we can just sit and wait for the next update from Google about the Chromecast dongle and Google Cast app.


Google Android Security Warning and Updates that will Blow your Mind!

Google Android Security WarningGoogle is working hard to launch their newest Android operating system, named as Android M. they have been working with security measures of this operating system. Newest security measures from Google added in Android M ensures that the operating system is safe to run on device.

Google has added Boot system manager that scans whole operating system while booting. It can show you the current status of your firmware version. When you’ll start the smartphone running on Android M version, the security feature will scan the operating system and tell you if it is okay to run the device. There will be an alert message on screen when the features finds any error in Android system.

Google has added information about this feature on its Nexus Support page. In this page, Google states that there will be three types of start-up screens which will show you the status of the device OS. The first screen will come if you have installed another version of Android device. You can install another ROM when the device is rooted. This feature will check the status of new version and tell you about the status.

If you have unlocked the device, you can see this message with new security feature of Android M which says, “Your device software can’t be checked for corruption. Please lock the boot loader.” This message will come when you have unlocked the device boot loader.

The third warning message will be displayed after switching on the smartphone will be “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.” This message will appear if the security software found the OS damaged or corrupted. You cannot start the device when this message appears until you install proper stock ROM of the device. Google also stated that these messages will disappear after 10 seconds.

This is the quite interesting feature we can see in official released build of Android M. Google is testing this feature of Nexus device running on Android M developer versions.