Monopoly Blows Out Three Classic Game Tokens

Monopoly Blows Out Three Classic Game TokensThere has been a big shakeup in Monopoly’s eight classic game pieces. Say goodbye to the boot, thimble and wheelbarrow tokens. The ouster of the classic trio is the result of an online vote Monopoly parent Hasbro (HAS) held in January at VoteMonopoly.com, marking the first time in Monopoly’s 82-year history that Hasbro crowdsourced the future of the game.

Voters were faced with a choice: Should Hasbro replace some or all of the traditional game pieces like the boot and top hat with more culturally relevant items like a computer, hashtag or emoji? More than 4.3 million votes determined the newly configured group of eight: a T-Rex, penguin and rubber ducky will join the five classic tokens, Scottie, the dog, cat, hat, battleship and car. The boot, thimble and wheelbarrow won’t appear in the game starting this fall.

Fans of Monopoly were asked to select their favorite eight tokens from 64 possible options. A total of 56 were entirely new, while the other eight were the classics. The boot and thimble have been a part of the board game since 1935 and the wheelbarrow was introduced in the 1950s. Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming said, “While we can’t say why these exact tokens were chosen or who exactly chose them, we know they represent the voices of our fans young and old from around the world.”

He said fans of the now rejected thimble, boot and wheelbarrow did rally hard to keep them around longer. Berkowitz said, “We saw a lot of passionate fans out there, considering Singer Sewing Co., who rallied their fans on their social pages to keep the thimble token.” Hardware chain Ace Hardware used social media to drum up support for the wheelbarrow. He further added, “I imagine that the thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow tokens don’t resonate as much with today’s fans.”

Although crowdsourcing input is unique for the brand, Hasbro has set up 300 different versions of Monopoly to date. Most recently Hasbro released a cashless version of the game, Monopoly Ultimate Banking, which used bank cards and an electronic banking unit instead of paper bills. Berkowitz said, “We’re always listening to our fan base. They’re very engaged with the brand, especially on Facebook. We want them to continue to weigh in with ideas.”


Key differences between social and online gambling

Hundreds of years ago one could not even imagine gambling without the need to come to a big town and visiting the wealthy building. Now user can gamble from elsewhere, the two things one needs are an internet connection and presence of a digital device. Now the most popular types of casinos are online and social. If you are planning on opening a gambling business, you should know the differences between these two types and which ones to select.

Key differences between two casino types

GamingToday gambling is not about making money with your luck. There are a lot of people who gamble for fun without risking their money. Since online casinos always require betting with real money, most gamblers have shifted to more affordable opportunity, which is social media gambling. Real betting houses require casino game software from reliable casino software developers. This and many other thigs are crucial if one wants to open an online or social gambling platform. Here are the key differences between the classic web-based platform and its social version:

1. Riskiness: gamblers who don’t like losing money and become addicted to gambling choose social ones;
2. The concept: since online casinos appear all about betting and winning real money, other ones are all about satisfaction and amusement;
3. Atmosphere: as online casinos are staffed with different sound and visual effects for keeping you in a real excitable atmosphere, other ones track the user into a calm atmosphere appearing more like a mobile game than the slot;

Despite these types of gambling systems seem drastically different, they all require providing a quality service with an instant customer support and main emphasize on the game management.
How to make money on a social casino?
1. Providing a space for advertising: calm and relaxing atmosphere of a Facebook game makes people more open for special marketing offers;
2. Providing special paid features. If a person really enjoys the game, they will always be ready for paying extra money for an extension or additional opportunities.

Gaming 2Now social media platforms have become as profitable as online ones. Design and creative atmosphere of gambling attract much more people than simply an opportunity of gaining extra cash. When starting your business, you should concentrate on a single type if you want becoming efficient. That is why it is up to you to choose what clients will come to you for. Will they come for an amusement or to bet for money? If you answer this question, you will have no problems in making the right choice between the two.