Revenues of Twenty-first Century Fox’s Cable Division Increased beyond Prediction to $4.41 Billion.

The cable and satellite division of Twenty-first Century Fox Inc crushed the revenue and profit estimations of many analysts at the Wall Street for their previous quarter. Although, The Twenty-first Century Fox Inc is one the verge of selling their media and television section to their biggest competitor Walt Disney Co resulted in fluctuations in the share prices firstly rising by 2 percent and then declining back to the same price. On the contrary, Fox’s cable division comprising of the Fox news channels and other Fox Channels have shown a positive incline in the sales and revenues for the last quarter. The incline in the sales revenue was 11 percent crossing the projected revenues of $4.33 billion by the analysts to reach $4.41 billion for the quarter ended in December. Thomas Reuters projected the total sales revenue for the same quarter ended in December would be approximately $4.33 billion. There are regulatory clearances pending for the news and Sports channels which required to be sorted out in order to ensure smooth functioning of the operational activities and focus on the development process.

The biggest deal in current situation bagged by the company is to broadcast the National Football League games for all their upcoming next five seasons for which they have made payments amounting to more than $3 billion. The confirmation of this big news was done by the Wall Street analysts over a conference call and Fox executives gave the required confirmation. There are projections about the decline in the viewership of the National Football League during the last two seasons due to lack of potential and enthusiastic audience but still, it would never be able to upset the advertisers in terms of broadcasting the advertisements to promote their product and services. The Sunday afternoon National Football League games are already aired on the Fox Sports channel but it would be beneficial for the advertisers if all the games of the League season are aired on one single channel.

Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch confirmed that they are focused to make Fox Cable be a compelling product with the ability to air all the league seasons and matched on one single network. There were fluctuations in the sales revenue during the past two years wherein the broadcasting revenues of Fox channel fell by 5.8 percent equivalent to $1.81 billion during the same quarter of the last year even though there were strong ratings and viewership due to the US Presidential elections process and the World Series of Baseball were aired on the channel. The current viewership is attracted to the online viewership and the current broadcasting companies are making numerous attempts to hold their viewership from getting diverted.


Comcast is planning to launch Xfinity Instant TV to widen the scope of its streaming services

Comcast Corp. is hoping for major expansion and rebranding in the current year. The company, which released a TV streaming service in 2015, is reportedly looking forward to widen its video streaming options for the broadband subscribers who are not willing to pay much money.Comcast is planning to launch Xfinity Instant TV to widen the scope of its streaming services

The news comes from reliable sources of Reuters, who have also revealed that the upcoming service from Comcast is dubbed as Xfinity Instant TV.

Xfinity Instant TV is specially designed for people who do not wish to subscribe to Comcast’s existing cable TV plans.

Xfinity Instant TV: What will it provide?

The reports claim that this service will have a price tag between $15 to $40 per month. The service will comprise of key broadcast networks and will give subscribers the option to include sports channels like ESPN. This service will also include Spanish channels like Univision and Telemundo.

Xfinity Instant TV: Availability

The TV is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2017. The service will be made available to around 50 million homes that come under Comcast’s purview. These include cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

Why the release of Xfinity Instant TV?

The main motive of Comcast for Xfinity Instant TV is to widen its consumer volume as the viewing habits of people are changing. With new service, Comcast will be able to cater to homes via high-speed internet. These customers are either not interested in large cable packages or cannot afford the Comcast TV streaming plans.

Xfinity Instant TV will be released with the expectation that subscribers will move toward, and upgrade to Comcast’s X1 platform over a time period. Xfinity Instant TV will likely compete against services like DirecTV Now, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

Is Comcast breaking net neutrality rules?

As Xfinity Instant TV will be similar to Stream, it could provide Comcast subscribers a big perk by not estimating the data usage.

The company says that the Stream TV service is not an internet one. The TV streaming service was enabled to provide content onto PCs, tablets and phones and they have to pass via a broadband modem.

Comcast is been considered under the FCC radar for allegedly breaking Open internet rules. On the other hand, Comcast said that its Stream TV was a “zero-rated” service.