Alaska Airlines to acquire Virgin Airlines :- Deal expected to close on $2 billion

Alaska Airlines to acquire Virgin Airlines Deal expected to close on  2 billionThe Alaska Airlines is almost near to seal the deal of acquiring the Ninth largest airlines in the US, the Virgin America. The Virgin America is the ninth-largest airline in America by Passenger traffic. The Alaska Airlines has outbid the JetBlue Airways to acquire the Virgin America airlines for more than $2 billion.

The Alaska Airlines agreed to pay the $56 to $58 per share for this acquisition of the Virgin America Airlines. The deal is expected to announce by the companies on Monday; still it is not confirmed the deal. The deal between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America could be the another deal between two airline companies of America after 2013. In 2013, the deal between US Airways and American Airlines happened.

The Virgin America Airlines is an Airline subsidiary of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. The company went public in 20174, and then become a popular low-cost domestic airline in the US. The Virgin America has the market share of nearly 1%, and the Alaska Airlines has the Market share of 5%. The Alaska Airlines is said to final this deal to gain the market share of Virgin America airlines to compete with their rival airline’s companies.


Tesla Model 3 Affordable Electric Car from Tesla Launched – Price, Specification, Features

Tesla Model 3 Affordable Electric CarFinally, the Tesla Motors has unveiled the covers from the New “Tesla Model 3” car. The Tesla Model 3 car announced today in the launch event. The Company CEO Elon Musk unveiled this car in Phase 1 Event. The Tesla Model 3 vehicle is the most affordable segment car from the company. The Model 3 comes with a price tag of $35,000/-. This is the base price of the car, which will increase after applying the taxes.

The Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the Model 3 will have the 215 Miles range, 0 to 60 KMPH speed in 6 seconds and Supercharging feature. The numbers of Pre-orders before the official launch of this car is recorded at 115,000. The Company has started the pre-order process all over the globe. The potential buyers can register in the Pre-order by paying $1,000/- at Tesla Dealership. The Pre-order is limited to “Two Cars Per Person’ for this time. The Model 3 car is expected to deliver to customers in 2018.

In recent tweets, the CEO Elon Musk have said that the Model 3 car will be launched in Phase 1, and they launched it today. The company is going to add some new features to the car in Phase 2 and Phase 3. The deliveries of Tesla Model 3 is expected to start in 2018, with newest features added.


Tesla to Reveal Model 3 Today- Price, Features, Images, Reviews

tesla model 3The newest addition to the Tesla cars lineup is the Entry-level Model 3. The New Entry Level Model 3 from this Electric-car company is priced much lower than its previous models. The Tesla Model 3 is expected to come with a price tag of the $35,000/-.

The Company CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the launch of this vehicle. The CEO Said that the company will reveal about this Model 3 car in the “Tesla Design Park” in Southern California.When asked by a person about the Revelation of the Model 3, the Elon Musk answered that the company will reveal the car in the first launch event, but the other extra features will get added later. Currently, the Tesla will show the base version of Model 3.

tesla car model 3

Last Month, Elon Musk announced the price to join waiting for the line of Tesla’s Model 3 entry level is fixed and set to $1,000 for all users. The rollout of this car is planned in the starting of the year 2017. The company will deliver the cars first in The West coast of United States, then the East Coast. The new model from this electric car company will be revealed very soon in the design park of the enterprise. The launch is expected to happen today. i.e., 31st march.

tesla model 3 render


Boeing Decided to Cut Off 4,000 Employees till this June

Boeing decided to cut off 4,000 employeesWorld’s most popular Airplane maker company Boeing, decided to cut off 4,000 employees. The company took this decision from the POV of cost cutting. The company will reduce its workforce by almost 4,000 employees till this June. If the targets and saving doesn’t meet as per the goals of the business till the year end, then there might be another cut off of 4,000 employees.

The company said that they’ll reduce the staff by retirements, Voluntary buyouts, Voluntary retirements and resignations. The Involuntary layoff is the last option to reduce the workforce, said the company spokesperson. Since 2012, Boeing reduced its staff by almost 13,000 employees.

The main reason behind this layoff is the competition from Airbus. The Airbus is the biggest rival company of Boeing. The Airbus is giving stiff competition to Boeing, by selling the planes at less price than Boeing. Although, as per market reports, Boeing was ahead in the manufacturing of the airplanes. The Boeing has manufactured and delivered almost 709 planes last year, where Airbus just delivered 556. In fact, the Boeing has cleared its targets for the year 2015.

The stiff competition from Airbus is forcing the company to save the money and invest it in marketing tactics to get new clients. That’s why Boeing decided to cut off employees from the enterprise. The First layoff is expected to complete till June 2016 End.


Mazda MX-5 Miata RF in New York Car Show- Price, Features, Images, Reviews

Mazda MX-5 RF Miata in New York Car Show- Price, Features, ImagesOne of the Most talked cars from New York International Auto Show, is Mazda MX-5 Miata RF. This car from Mazda stunned car enthusiasts and got massive attention.The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is a retractable Fastback car. The Retractable Fastback means the cars with mechanical foldable Rooftop. Those want a Luxury car with significantly low price from others, then the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is a better choice.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF looks more like a luxury car. The reviewers compared this car with the basic design of Jaguar F-type and Ferrari 599. Some elements in Miata RF reminds us of these two vehicles, said critics in the car show. The Miata RF looks more like an expensive car, but it is not.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is powered by a 2.0-liter SkyActive four-cylinder engine, which can produce 155 horsepower. The Six-Speed transmission system accompanies the engine. Due to the Mechanical Roof and other components, Maza Miata RF may be the little overweight than other Mazda cars. This car is fantastic at the design point of view. Also, in a “World Car Design of The Year” contest, Mazda Miata RF competed with another Mazda car, which is CX-5 and won the title. Without any doubt, this is the classiest and stunning car from Mazda. This car comes with a base price tag of $24,915/-.


Mahindra “Quanto” Re-launched as “NuvoSport” on April 4- Indian Price, Features, Images

Mahindra Quanto Re-launched as NuvoSportIndian Car Manufacturer Mahindra announced the Launch date of their new Compact-SUV segment vehicle, Mahindra NuvoSport. April 4th is the official launch date of Mahindra NuvoSport. The Mahindra NuvoSport, which is a Stylish Compact SUV vehicle at targeted at urban buyers.

It will come with expected price tag of Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 7.5 lakh/-.

The Mahindra NuvoSport is an upgrade to the Mahindra Quanto, which was not a top vehicle from Indian Auto maker. The company has the plan to recover its lost market share, which was lost by the flop performance of Quanto. The Mahindra NuvoSport is the ambitious project by the company to reclaim its lost market share.

As an upgrade, NuvoSport will get LED Rear lights, rugged black bumper, vertically stacked head and tail lamps, five-spoke alloy wheels and plastic skid plate. Also, for safety measures, it’ll have dual airbags. There are no official details available about this vehicle, but it is expected that Mahindra will launch this car with a 1.5-litre engine, which will generate power of almost 90bhp.

The in-house design team at Mahindra’s Research Valley in Chennai worked on the style elements of this vehicle. The Car aims to appeal the urban buyers. Previously, Mahindra launched TUV300, which is also a Compact SUV vehicle to attract Urban and Rural Buyers both. There will be an official revelation about the specifications and other things in Official Launch at April 4th.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza– (Petrol Version): with 1L Boosterjet, expected to launch on this Diwali in India.


Future Cars Launches- BMW Working on New High Profile Car in Series

Future Cars Launches- BMW CarsRecently, The Luxury car maker “BMW” said that they are working on a new Flagship Car series. The BMW is working on new car series to compete with their Arch-Rival Mercedes-Benz. The BMW will launch new range of cars to compete with Maybach Range of cars from Mercedes-Benz. Reports say that the new cars from BMW are replacement for their current flagship “BMW 7 Series” cars. And of course, new range of cars will have higher price tag than BMW 7 Series cars.

The BMW 7 Series range of cars was revealed in Geneva motor show, and the sale of these series cars will start in next few months. The BMW 7 Series drew massive attention from Cars enthusiasts, and it was meant to be the direct competition for the Mercedes-Benz cars.

There is no official announcement about the Name of new High-End car series from BMW, but according to the rumours, the new range will be from “M Series” as the expansion of this range of cars is already planned by the company. According to the car experts, the BMW will try to show us a preview of new series cars from the “Series 7 Centennial Edition”, which will go on the floor somewhere later this year. The ultra-Luxurious segment can be the next target of BMW so that they can compete with Rolls-Royce cars. Here is an Indian car “Maruthi Suzuki Vitara Brezza” Petrol version is launching soon in india