WhatsApp Standalone Application for Windows and Mac OS Desktops Launched

After releasing the Wildly popular Android and iOS messaging app, the WhatsApp become the most famous tech company and later acquired by Facebook. Some time ago, they launched the Web Version of WhatsApp, which allows users to access the WhatsApp from Web browsers. And now, they’ve launched a Standalone Application for the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Means, the WhatsApp is now available on Computers with a Native Software.

The Interface of WhatsApp software is similar to the Android or iOS versions of the App, but it is on PC, and that is the much different thing. The Cross Platform Social messaging app is helping millions of people to communicate with each other free of cost. WhatsApp announced about the Desktop Applications for Mac and Windows Operating Systems in the blog post. The WhatsApp for PC and Mac is no different from the Web version, but the Standalone application allows you to log in through the smartphone without being connected to WhatsApp on Smartphone all the time.

Whatsapp SecurityThe Log In Process of the WhatsApp PC and Mac is same and the Web Version. A User has to Scan the Random QR Code appeared on the Screen, and it Will Open the WhatsApp Chats on PC. Users now have the option to choose “desktop alerts”, “Sounds” and “Message Previews” on PC. The WhatsApp for PC is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems and the MacOS Devices. The WhatsApp for PC can be Downloaded from the Official WhatsApp website.


Netflix App Users Can Now Adjust Streaming Settings to Save Data

Netflix App UsersNow, the Netflix Smartphone app users will get the option to choose the streaming settings and control the data usage by the Netflix app. The Smartphone users who are on the low-speed internet connection or limited Cellular Data connection can use this feature for better user experience with Netflix. The New Feature, named as “Cellular Data Usage” in Netflix’s Android and iOS apps will allow users to tweak the default streaming settings and get most from the Netflix without worrying about unexpected data consumption.

By default, the Netflix streams on Smartphone by per Gigabyte of data. But from now, the users have the option to choose from the settings, according to their Internet Data plan. If they are on the Cellular Network, then the parameters can be adjusted according to the respective data plan activated on cellular network. For example, In the “App Settings” menu in Netflix App, under the “Cellular Data Usage”, user will get option to toggle between Default Settings and manual settings.

Under the manual settings, there is an option for users to choose between, Low, Normal, High and Unlimited Settings. In Low Settings, The user can stream for Four hours with One GigaByte of the Data, With Normal, User can Stream for Two hours with 1 GB of Data and With High, User can stream for One Hour Per GB Data. That’s the fantastic option introduced for those who are on Limited Data connection plan and don’t want to exceed it with Netflix.


eBay Updated Android App and iOS: Introduced Material Design UI in App – Download, Review

eBay Updated Android App and iOSThe eBay is one of the first few E-commerce marketplaces opened on the internet, and it is still in good position. The eBay has now rolled out and upgraded their smartphone app, which brings some distinct changes. The Android App of eBay is getting the update with latest changes. The users who have the app can update the app from Play Store to see the changes made in App.

In a new version of the app, the users can see the Material Design-inspired layout, with the beautiful Flat UI. With the UI, the Search Bar for items is also improvised. The Search Bar looks more like the Google Search bar. Also, the Slider Menu option, which can be accessed by swiping to the right from left in the app comes with Flat Material Design. Also, there is action button on the home screen of the app, for users who want to list the new auction for products. With the change in the User Interface of the Android App of eBay, the simplicity of this app also increased. We think increasing the simplicity of this app is the main reason behind this material design update.

The Look of the eBay app is optimized for the fast loading and faster checkout. The users were facing the problems while using the old versions of the app and it was taking too much time for checking out, but now the problem is solved by the eBay team. The Update is now available on Google Play Store for Download.


Developer Ported Counter-Strike 1.6 to the Android Smartphone

Counter-Strike 1.6 for Android smartphoneThe programmers and developers do craziest things with the line of code. This time, they got success in running the Counter Strike 1.6 multiplayer game on an Android Device. The Counter-Strike 1.6 is the favorite computer multiplayer game which is graphically demanding.

The Android Developer Alibek Omarev ported this computer game to the Android Smartphone. Also, the developer is sharing free-to-use APK files, so every Android user can play the game comfortably on his device. The Game ported to Android is not any online Stream of the game, but the actual game. For playing Counter Strike 1.6 in PC, the user has to install two APK files on the Android Device. Then, he has to transfer the original installation folders of the game in your PC to the Android Smartphone, on which you want to play the game. The Part of initial installation on your PC is required to emulate Counter Strike on your Android.

Surprisingly, when I tried playing this game on my smartphone, it didn’t lag while playing. But, you can feel that the character is not moving faster, as we play on the PC. The Touch controls may seem little difficult while playing this game, so you’ve to get used to the controls of the game. The Screen may look cluttered with the control options for playing this game.

Here is the Github link of the developer, where he uploaded the APK files of the games and shared installation instructions.


Verizon Offers 2GB Data to Customers Using Android Pay

Verizon Offers 2GB Data to Customers Using Android PayThe mobile wallet and wireless payment technique are spreading like a virus in the United States, which is the real thing. The companies are aggressively promoting the wireless payment technology. Just like Google’s Android Pay. The Android pay is the wireless payment service helps Android users to make the wireless payment on the counters which accept Android Pay payment. The Android Pay is the wireless payment method, which uses Near-Field Connectivity feature of the Android smartphone to complete the payment from stored debit or credit cards in your smartphone.

When Google bought the Softcard technology from Verizon, the America’s biggest cellular carrier is promoting it aggressively through the various offers. One such offer which they announced recently is giving away 2GB data to the Android Pay Users. The Verizon Users will get the 2GB of data on making payment from Android Pay. To get the Data, the user has to pay through Android Pay three times on the counters supporting Android Pay. Once the user completes first three payments, he will get the 2GB data from the Verizon. This offer is only applicable for the Verizon customer, who is having Postpaid connection. To avail these offer, the user has to complete three transactions from Android Pay by 13th June 2016.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer ask users to redeem the data received in this offer by July 13th. Otherwise, it cannot be redeemed.


Microsoft Outlook for Android Wear Support Announced: Features, Specifications

Microsoft Outlook for Android WearThe Microsoft launched the Outlook app for Apple Watch, which was very smooth and provides better user experience on the Apple Watch. The Same app was launched for Android Wear smartwatches. But, the Android Wear version of Outlook app was not much promising as it is on Apple Watch. Now, it is official that Microsoft is providing the Support to Android Wear smartwatches and released an update for the Outlook app on Android Wear.

With the Official Android Wear Support, the smartwatch users can install the Outlook app and get Emails, read Emails, View Notifications, Reply with preset messages and other things. The Android Wear smartwatches will get the update soon on Google Play Store. After update release for Outlook on Android, the smartwatch users can install it in their Android Wear watches to start using it.

Before this update, the Outlook app was getting full support from the company for Apple Watch, The User experience of Outlook app on Apple Watch was impeccable. But, it was worse on the Android Wear smartwatches. Many times users reported the unexpected crash of the app, the problem of Notifications not displaying correctly and many others. But, thanks to the Microsoft team for updating the support for Android Wear. The updated Outlook app for Android Wear will come in next few days on Google Play Store for Download.


HTC 10 Review – Price, New Features, Specifications, Hardware

HTC 10 Review - Price, New Features, Specifications, HardwareThe HTC 10 is launched, and the new leaked image of the smartphone is shared on the internet. The HTC 10, the new smartphone from the House of HTC is released on April 12th, 2016. The leaked image of the smartphone shows us the glimpse of the device, which is in the Black color and round camera with LED flash in the back center.

With the camera and LED flash, we can see the Antenna Strip and the home button installed on the top of the device. Also, it is rumored to have Fingerprint sensor installed in the home button. According to the Phonearena, the HTC 10 will come with the 5.1 inch Super LCD Screen, with QHD Resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. The smartphone may boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 GPU, and 4GB RAM. The Device will come bundled with the 12 MP UltraPixel camera, which we can see in the above-leaked image. The camera will be able to capture 4K videos with laser Auto focus and Optical Image Stabilization.

The popular Smartphone images Leakster, Llab TooFeR, who leaked this picture, said that the HTC may introduce a unique feature in HTC 10. He stated that the HTC 10 was the smartphone from Secret Project from the company, which may change the face of HTC Desire series smartphones.


Nvidia Pascal GP100 GPU Unveiled: Serious Threat to AMD Polaris GPU

Nvidia Pascal GP100 GPUAfter launching the Iray VR Technology at the GPU Technology Conference, the Nvidia unveiled the Pascal Architecture GPU, the GP100. The GP100 is a new Graphics Processor from Nvidia, which is based on Pascal Architecture. This GPU offers double performance than the previous Graphics processor chips made by Nvidia. On the second day of the GTC ( GPU Technology Conference ) the Nvidia Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled this Pascal architecture-based graphics chip.

The CEO Claimed that the GP100 Graphics Processor chip is the largest FinFET GPU in production. The Graphics chip by Nvidia has 610 mm2 of surface area, which hosts nearly 15.3 billion transistors. The Experts call it “Monster” chip. The power consumption of this Chip is small, because of the FinFET Technology used while manufacturing it.

The GP100 Graphics Processor chip comes with core architectural changes. The Chip comes with the High Bandwidth Memory, which is almost double than the previous line-up of the GPU’s from Nvidia. Currently, The Nvidia GP100 GPU is now shipping to the Data centers, who use Custom Server boards. The Data Centers will receive the Processors packaged with Chip on Water Wafer Surface technology, said the CEO. The Nvidia GP100 GPU can outrank the AMD’s upcoming Polaris GPU regarding performance.


Google Biggest Security Update for Android – Fixed 39 Bugs

Google Biggest Security Update for AndroidThe Google just released the biggest security update for Android Ecosystem, with 39 vulnerability fixes. The Google team has set 15 Critical vulnerabilities, 16 High threat vulnerabilities, and eight moderate vulnerabilities in this update. The 26 different components in Android Operating System, like Bluetooth, Mediaserver, Video kernel driver and many other have patched for vulnerabilities.

Last month, reports came out that Android has one severe weakness, that be used to steal valuable data from a smartphone. The App, which gives root privileges to threats via this vulnerability, has removed from play Store after noticing it. Linux developers have already patched the Vulnerability, which was found, but Google ignored the red signal given by Linux Developers. But now, the Google team has patched that vulnerability too, in the latest security update for Android.

With above vulnerability, Google team succeeded in patching the vulnerability in the core system. The DHCP client also called as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service had a flaw, which lets an attacker enter in the smartphone anonymously, causing memory corruption and run third party programs with root privileges. The Team patched this vulnerability before it gets exploited. The Nexus smartphone users will get the Security update soon. But, the smartphone made by third party OEM’s will have to wait till manufacturer modify it according to their convenience.


HTC One M1 Flagship Smartphone: Release Date, Price, Features, Specifications

HTC One M1 Flagship SmartphoneSoon, we are going to experience the Flagship smartphones launch event from HTC. The HTC announced the exact date of flagship smartphone launch; The HTC is going to launch the HTC One M1 flagship smartphone. This is the first launch of HTC in the year 2016. The HTC announced the date of Launch of their flagship smartphone on Twitter. The recent tweet from HTC mentions the time of launch and venue of the event.

On Twitter, HTC launched the Teaser of this smartphone and suggested three places to watch the 1 pm. The people have to visit HTC.com on 1pm in London, 8am in New York and 8 pm in Taipei. These are the exact timings of the virtual event, which can be attended by everyone. The exact launch date of HTC One M10 is April 12th, 2016.

Also, there are no official revelations from HTC about the specifications of this flagship. According to the rumors, the HTC One M10 may boast a 5.2-inch display with 2560×1440 pixels resolution. Also, it may be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and Adreno 530 GPU. There may be a RAM of 4GB. The design of this smartphone has already leaked. It will come with a full metal body or only, unibody design.

The HTC One M10 is expected to enter in storage variants. The expected storage options are of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB internal storage option.