Carnival Corporation, the American-British company delivering cruise ships have made its next debut in the world of entertainment by introducing a new streaming channel. Television world is not a new thing for Carnival. It had previously launched its four popular sequences for television and now marching to create two more streaming sequences.

The company in total has 103 cruise ships out of which 60 would get a chance to hold of OceanView, the new streaming channel in their cruise rooms. They can also refresh themselves by watching it on other social networking sites including Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Carnival has a number of other brands including Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Carnival Cruise Line. Company new channel is definitely going to attract millions of people towards a holiday in cruise. Cruise experience is something been top of the world. It should be totally different than what we do every day.

The company will also be broadcasting other exciting news of their cruise. It might be the flashback of their journey, attractive and delicious dishes served inside, the technology used while constructing the ship and its design.

Few days before, Carnival brought it mobile game applications for its visitors. Previous entertaining episodes of the last series will also be added to the OceanView in order to improve the user experience. Previous two shows of will be broadcasted on OceanView with different names called as ‘Go’ and ‘Local Eyes’.

‘Go’ will feature the adventurous experiences of the artist Trek Thunder Kelly. Local Eyes, on the other hand, will exhibit beautiful destinations and places from the local public point of view. The time duration of each episode will be 10 minutes and it’s going to hit 100 episodes back to back. The company has spent the treasurable amount in bringing this entertainment for the vacationers.