Box Partnered with IBM and AWS to Provide International Cloud Storage for BusinessesMoving the data on cloud storage servers is the trickiest task than most people’s imaginations. The companies store data on the servers located in different countries. If this continues, one day internet will be more like a fragmented disk, where the data stored in the various countries, and the data providers have to obey the state laws to move data in servers of other nations.

The data storage company, Box has come up with a unique solution to let users store data locally over the cloud. The service, which will let users save data locally, named as the Box Zones. For this service, the company has partnered with other cloud storage companies over the globe. The Box CEO Aaron Levie said that the firm is working on this solution for over two to three years, which is quite a long time for a company which founded in 2005.

The Chief Executive said that the business has to decide about setting data centers around the globe or to partner with the other cloud storage companies. The Box choose the second option of partnering with other service providers. Currently, the IBM and Amazon web services are the initial key partners for Box Zones service. The partnership with Amazon web services and IBM will help them to comply with the online storage policies of countries like Germany, Ireland, Singapore, and Tokyo.

The Box Zones service will help businesses to store their data internationally, complying with the policies of respective counties, where the data has saved.