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Ben Affleck to Play Batman Again in DC Comics Films

Ben Affleck to Play Batman Again in DC Comics FilmsThe actor who played Batman in recent DC Comics saga, “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, Ben Affleck will play the Role of Batman in next two standalone Movies. The DC Comics announced that the Actor Ben Affleck will feature in the two Justice League movies as Batman and will also direct one of the films.

The Studio announced this Tuesday in CinemaKon conference, but later published an Official Press release for the media. In the Press Release, the Warner Bros, who is making 10 DC Comics movies over next five years, said that the films, which are coming in next five years will have different directors. Also, they’ve named each film and their directors, which includes the Ben Affleck’s Name. There is no information released by Warner Bros about next standalone Batman movie’s release date, which Ben Affleck will direct. But, it is confirmed that the Actor and Director will take part in the story writing of the movie.

Actor Ben Affleck previously appeared in the DC Comics “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” as Batman. The Film was not appreciated by Critic’s over weak storyline but was a box office Hit in many countries. The Next Movie Warner Bros and DC comics is “Suicide Squad” which is coming in August. The latest trailer for the movie indicates the presence of the Batman, as a character in it.