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Audi And Volvo Will Bring Google’s Android Integration To Next-Gen Cars

Audi and Volvo are heading towards Android for its next-gen cars and the announcement was made on Monday, 17 May at Google’s I/O developer conference. The use of infotainment systems has become common these days in cars and most of the cars are equipped with some kind of functionality related to iOS or Android.Audi And Volvo Will Bring Google’s Android Integration To Next-Gen Cars

Audi and Volvo will facilitate deep Android integration into its cars in future which goes beyond entertainment, navigation to helps drivers to control windows, AC, sunroof via Android Auto. This move will also help Google to compete with its rival Apple in terms of grabbing more real estate in automobiles sector.

The Android integration will be first brought to Audi Q8 Sport and Volvo XC60 to test the new features. The move will widen the scope of mobile activity and connected activities which will generate more data that can be used by Google for advertising and media delivery. Also, Android Auto is not an operating system and it is cast interface that runs on a smartphone and uses in-dash car displays as external touch screen monitor. Google has earlier displayed a Google-designed interface which is similar to “Pure Google” Pixel phone and the custom interface found in Fiat-Chrysler which is similar to Android smartphones like Samsung and LG.

Android integration will bring the apps like Spotify, Google Maps and more apps to the car so that there is no need of using Android smartphone. The photos revealed during conference shows Volvo’s skinned version of the Android-based infotainment system. It is similar to what is seen in Volvo ships in a car featuring an iPad-shaped screen, a pull-down top panel and bottoms A/C controls.

Many car manufacturers like Honda, Hyundai ship Android in cars today but without Google’s involvement. Due to this the Android running in cars never gets updated. Detailed features will be displayed this week at Google I/O, also the Android Auto team will host a live streamed session that can be viewed by everyone.