apple launched macos catalina publically today

Apple Launched MacOS Catalina Publically Today

Apple has launched the MacOS Catalina to the public. After a few days of launching the final Beta version of the operating system, Apple finally launched the operating system to the public. It is one of the most anticipated operating systems from Apple, as it comes with tons of different features. From the separate apps for Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts, the macOS Catalina said bye to Apple iTunes software. Not just this, but the Apple Sidecar is one of the exciting features that the users were excited to use when the company announced the same.

With Final Adieu to Apple’s iTunes application, MacOS Catalina welcomes the Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts apps for the computers. From now on, the iTunes software will not have the Music, TV, and Podcasts option and can be used only to connect the external devices. The Apple Sidecar, which is one of the most exciting features, allows users to use the iPad side-by-side. With this feature, the users can mirror the macOS on the iPad to work wirelessly and vice versa. The same feature allows the users to use the iPad as the secondary wireless display.

Along with these features, Apple introduced the new Find My Device app and updated version of the Safari Browser. The Find My iPhone app now allows the users to track the missing iPhone, even if the iPhone is not connected to the Wi-Fi or the Internet. Also, the redesigned Safari browser is looking refreshed. Just like other operating systems from Apple, macOS Catalina will be made available free of cost to all of the eligible devices. Only the devices older than 2012 do not qualify for receiving the macOS Catalina update due to the system performance restrictions.