Apple has promised on Thursday that it will manufacture iPhones and other iDevices by using only the recycled materials or by using the renewable sources of energy.Apple Goes Green And Promises To Launch iPhones And Other Devices Using Recycled Materials

Apple has released all the measures in 2017’s Environmental Responsibility Report that it is planning to implement go green event and reduce the environmental impact. Also, Apple has made $40 million by recycling its old iDevices.

By taking this initiative the company is planning to reduce its dependence on finite sources and to use recycled and renewable sources. Apple has not yet achieved this initiative as it is waiting for the iPhones to return back to the company where they can be recycled.

However, Apple has already taken this initiative seriously and have started melting down it’s iPhone 6 to manufacture Mac mini computers and used iPhone 7’s chemical formula to focus mainly on recyclable components and have reduced the dependency on non-recyclable components by 27 percent.

At the beginning of this year, Apple has manufactured the iPhone 6s logic board and have also improved the iPhone’s assembling process to reduce the greenhouse emissions by 60 percent with the help of Liam robots.

The Cupertino-based multinational company is also encouraging the customers to return the devices through Apple Renew, the company’s recycling program.

The company now stresses on using only the recycled materials and stop depending on mining materials. Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives said the company has not yet decided on how it can achieve this ambitious goal.

The world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer is taking various measures as a part of Environmental responsibility which is as follows:

  1. Using only renewable sources of energy and improving the energy efficiency of its products and reducing the impact on the environment.
  2. Preserving valuable resources
  3. Use of safe materials and processes for manufacturing its iPhone and other iDevices.

Apple’s go green initiative will influence other electronic device manufacturers to take measures to protect our environment.