Google have planned to integrate with Android Pay into mobile banking apps of various apps to make things more convenient.Android Pay Integration With Mobile Banking Apps That Will Make Your Payment Task Easier

Android Pay is digital pay platform developed by Google that helps users to make payment with Android phones, tablets and watches. Android Pay feature was released back on September 11, 2015. It was released to compete with Apple Pay and other payment options.

Android Pay is joining hands with many banks across the world. Some of these banks are Bank of America, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, mBank and USAA.

The collaboration will other banks will take place in near future. The technology is based on Near Field Communication that will transfer card details, transfer funds etc. There is no need to use credit or debit card chip as users can upload these details to this digital wallet.

The customers of above mentioned banks can use the mobile app of that respective bank to add cards to their Android Pay by just single click. Once these details added they can be used easily to make payment at stores, on the web wherever the Android Pay button is available.

Even is the integration with the bank’s mobile app varies the main motive of adding cards to the digital wallet provided by Google remains same. Enhancing these integrations will help the company to compete against its rival Apple Pay, which is also popular. Apple Pay has maintained its standard in the market although different options like Samsung Pay and Android Pay are available.

It is interesting to know that Android Pay integration with banking apps will work even if the users don’t have the app installed. Also, the users can manage their bank card choices by using the app of their bank, but it’s limited to that particular bank card. For example, you cannot delete the Bank of New Zealand card from the Discover app, as you need to do the payment using Bank of America app.