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Android apps is expected to gain victory over iOS app store in terms of mobile app spending

Android, the most popular mobile operating system on its way to beat Apple in terms of mobile app spending, says App Annie’s report. This report also elaborates the revenue which is generated from mobile apps along with play store and third party app store share in the overall revenue.Android apps is expected to gain victory over iOS app store in terms of mobile app spending

Android app store will occupy dominant position in the app store market

Without considering the third-party stores, Apple will be at the top position, according to the company’s forecast and this top position will remain stable at least till 2021. The report says that mobile app downloads will also reach the hike of 352 billion by 2021. The revenue generated from these downloads will be near about $139 billion.

On another hand, Google Play alone will contribute about $42 billion and the third-party app store will reach $36 billion by 2021. China has mostly contributed to the Android’s huge success, where users can use app store with the help of popular internet services like Tencent, Xiaomi, Huawei, Baidu, etc.

Rising mobile app market of China

China is helping its middle-class population to access the services efficiently that are provided by the app store. But according to Annie’s report, the China’s market is maturing and will become saturated by 2021. Even though, there will be consistency in the revenue growth.

The downloads from mobile apps will see a growth rate of 19 percent from 2016 to 2021. This is amazing to note because, bigger cities in China have almost reached the saturation level, which will pave way for other regions to prosper.

The leading nations in mobile app downloads are China, India, United States, Brazil and Indonesia. They have attributed for 54 percent downloads in 2016. The report states that this ranking is expected to remain same even in 2021.

The findings of the report are based on the data gathered from top publishers, economic status, stakeholders opinions, growth trends exhibited in past and company’s performance. The revenue generated from advertising is not included in the company’s report.