Amazon has provided its users with many cloud storage plans for last few years like unlimited cloud storage at just $60 per year for Amazon Drive. But there is bad news for its users as Amazon is dropping the unlimited cloud storage plan. However, the Prime subscription users will still get unlimited cloud storage for storing their photos.Amazon Will No Longer Provide Support For Unlimited Cloud Storage For Amazon Drive

The users signing up for Amazon Drive from today will not be able to select unlimited cloud storage option. The company has revamped its services and now it offers 2 plans: the users can select either 100 GB for $11.99 per year or they can select 1 TB for $59.99 with additional 30 TB available by paying an additional charge of $59.99 per TB.

Although the change is sudden, the existing Amazon Drive users need not worry as they don’t need to switch immediately. The users who have already subscribed for 1 year of unlimited subscription can enjoy unlimited cloud storage and towards the end of subscription, the user will be automatically shifted towards 1 TB plan if they opt for an auto-renew option.

Also, the subscribers of Amazon Prime will get unlimited photo storage option and the subscribers of Amazon Drive will receive additional 5GB free space. The users who have not selected auto-renew plan has a grace period of 180 days to download their data or delete the data from Amazon Drive. After the grace period, the data present on Drive will be removed.

Amazon may disappoint its customers with this new move but it’s not surprising as many companies have initially offered unlimited cloud storage plans to grab a large number of users.

In the race of providing unlimited cloud storage option, Amazon was the first which provided unlimited Amazon Drive storage in 2015 followed by Google who announced its free unlimited photo storage option. The Amazon Drive users can download their files from cloud storage to their computer using Amazon Drive Desktop Application.