In October 2016, Google has released the Jamboard, which has 55-inch display monitor that will work with its G Suite tools for enterprises.The 55-Inch Google Jamboard Will Cost You $5,000, But Is It Worth?

Earlier, Google has reported that the price of the Jamboard will be under $6,000, and it is seen that the company is keeping its promise about the price and release date of the Jamboard.

Google Jamboard Will Cost $4,999

Google has disclosed that the Jamboard will have a price tag of $4,999, but this is ultimately an expensive piece of hardware. Apart from the price tag, the Jamboard will cost $600 as the annual fee and the customers who will purchase it before Sept 30. will see a price reduction by $300.

The Jamboard will have a free wall mount, two stylus pens and an eraser. Additional pieces of the stylus and the eraser will cost $9.99 each.

The Jamboard will be released in May, with a slow rollout to other areas around the world.

How Is The Google Jamboard Useful?

A price tag of $4,999 is very high, but it was not designed for personal purposes. Rather, the device is developed to be used by enterprise customers for digital collaboration.

The device is connected to the internet and starts off as blank space on which users can write using a stylus. Apart from being a digital whiteboard it also allows users to access collaborative tools, such as including pulling in files which are stored on the Google Drive.

Its features include a 55-inch 4K ultra high-definition display with a 120 Hz touch scan rate and a 60 Hz video refresh rate. The device can detect up to 16 simultaneous touch points and has the ability to recognize handwriting and shapes. The Jamboard also has a built-in 2K telepresence camera, along with speakers and microphones.

Google Jamboard vs. Microsoft Surface Hub

As compared to Jamboard the Microsoft Surface Hub, a device with similar uses was released in 2015 with an $8,999 price tag.

Microsoft has maintained its sustained performance, but with recent advancements being made for its G Suite, it seems that Google is making important process in the space.