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YouTube TV goes live in some markets of United States: Here’s how you can sign up for the same

YouTube TV has been launched on April 5 in the Unites States. But as of now, there are many limitations such as limited content and region constraints.YouTube TV goes live in some markets of United States: Here's how you can sign up for the same

The internet TV subscription service called YouTube TV is available only in 5 states namely Chicago, Los Angeles, New York city, Philadelphia and bay areas of San Francisco. YouTube TV will roll out to other regions of United States soon.

Following are the list of things that you should know:

First of all, the users need to be aware that YouTube TV is paid internet TV subscription service and not free. But, the company has given the free trial of 30 days for the users to have a gist of the service. After 30 days, users will have to pay $35 on monthly basis to view 40+ channels. Also, users need to pay using credit or debit card only.

In order to sign up for this service, users need to pay extra for VPN subscription because the free versions of VPN will not work for this service. You can get this VPN by visiting YouTube TV website and connecting to one of the VPN servers available in some areas.

Users can also sign up for Android app of the YouTube TV from the play store, then get logged in into your VPN on the phone.

What YouTube TV service offers to its users:

  • The service provides the users the ability of live streaming across various platforms, for instance, desktop, smartphone or a tablet device
  • YouTube Red Originals access
  • Live streaming from channels like ABC, ESPN, Fox, NBC and many others

However, it is not advisable to signup for this service using iPhone or iPad devices because it will cost you $39.99 per month with an additional tax.

Don’t sign up for the place where you don’t live, instead wait and once you return to your residence then sign up. This is must so that you will get access to proper local networks or right local feeds.

Also, it is advised that users should not use original Chromecast as they may face more errors with the first generation Chromecast.

The ads that are most annoying thing seen on YouTube will be present in the YouTube TV also. If users want to get rid of them, they have to pay additional $9.99 per month.