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YouTube announced 360-Degree Live Streaming Videos Support, Features, Specifications

YouTube 360-Degree Live Streaming VideosThe YouTube announced the support for 360 Degree Live Streaming videos. The 360 Degree videos can be live streamed on YouTube after this announcement. The first video which will be streamed as 360 degree is the Music event Coachella, where all the action from Music concert will be live streamed on YouTube with 360 Degree support.

With the announcement of the 360 Degree lives streaming support, YouTube revealed that they’ll be supporting spatial audio for the live streams. In simple terms, the Spatial Audio is sounds we hear in real life.The YouTube will support Spatial audio, which will record and stream the same audio which we hear in real life, with exact depth, distance, and Intensity. The Google team already rolled out the Spatial Audio feature for their VR headset, Google Cardboard. Users viewing 360-degree videos from YouTube app wearing a Google Cardboard headset can get the Spatial Audio sounds with the video.

The users can make use of 360 Degree Live streaming just like they are using it currently to live to stream their gigs or webinars. But, the user must have the camera which can record and combine the 360-degree video so that it can be streamed directly on the YouTube. Additionally, YouTube announced the 1440p support for the Live Streaming Feeds with framerate of 60fps.