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Yoga Can Effectively Combat Depression

Yoga is one of the best physical exercise recommended by many health experts. Yoga plays an important role in keeping you healthy both physically and mentally. Yoga is a blend of different exercises which ensures the wellbeing of an individual. Now the benefits of yoga can be seen in relieving depression as well.

Depression is the silent killer across the globe. Many people take medication to ease depression which may negatively affect our health. According to the recent study, yoga holds true for relieving depression and do not take a toll on one’s health. The trend of practising yoga has become extremely popular in western countries mainly because of the health benefits associated with it.

Dr. Lindsey Hopkins, the lead researcher of the study says that more deep research and the role of yoga in easing depression should be studied on a broad scale. The research conducted by the authors of the study is at an initial stage and was conducted on a small number of individuals.
During the study, the researchers examined 23 male participants who perform yoga twice a week and these participants were studied for a span of 8 weeks. These participants performed hatha yoga which is a combination of physical exercise, breathing exercise and meditation. Out of these participants, the one who was suffering from depression has shown significant improvement in the symptoms.

During the second stage, the individuals performed Bikram or heated yoga exercises. This exercise was performed by 52 women aged between 25 to 45. The symptoms of depression in these participants were reduced after performing yoga for at least 2 times a week. Whereas the individuals who did not perform yoga have not shown significant improvement on the level of depression.

The results of the study prove that yoga is extremely beneficial in keeping us healthy both physically and mentally. Many campaigns and programs are conducted by various organizations which stress the importance of physical exercise and increase the awareness among individuals. Yoga also plays an important role in easing the back pain.