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WhatsApp Uses Video Calls as Bait

If on your phone comes this message that promises to activate WhatsApp video calls instantly, be careful, it is a Trojan.

After announcing the update of video calls in WhatsApp, now a message that circulates through the messaging service promises users to activate the function instantly without knowing that it is an attempt to steal information by installing a Trojan.

The fraudulent message promises to activate the functionality if previously the user shares the link between their contacts, the page counts the number of times the user presses the share button, says Eset.

The user must pass a series of ads, while, in the background, the Trojan steals information from the cell phone number. For example, they open the SMS and automatically add the number to a premium service.

The message is not a virus, since there is no executable file that is downloaded and installed on the device. The problem is generated from a message that introduces a third party, and that is harmless if you do not enter the attached link.

We remind you that video calls are already registered in the new version of WhatsApp officially available in the Play Store and App Store. If your smartphone is eligible for this feature, you will not have to install any extra applications or visit a page to activate it.

Update your version of WhatsApp officially on Android and iOS.