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WhatsApp Just Rolled Out Quick Reply And New Photo Sharing Feature Which Will Improve Messaging

WhatsApp the Facebook-owned free and popular instant messaging service is constantly working to provide enhanced messaging experience to the users. Recently, WhatsApp for iOS has revamped itself with new features which will improve the overall user experience.WhatsApp Just Rolled Out Quick Reply And New Photo Sharing Feature Which Will Improve Messaging

WhatsApp Inc has revealed a bunch of new features on Monday like new Albums and Filter feature for photo sharing along with the quick reply. The features are available for the latest version of iOS which will help users to instantly reply to a message. The photo sharing feature will make it easy for users to organize photos, customize images and handle messages.

A few months ago, the company had launched new Status feature which is one way of photo sharing similar to Snapchat stories. The way of sharing photos directly with the contact in chats was not a good experience to the user as they were shown in the message body. With the release of photo albums, the users can now organize their photos automatically by four or more photos generating a tile display which will be displayed in the message thread.

Multiple photos will be shown with a plus sign using which users can view media items. Although it might seem to be a minor change it will enhance the messaging performance of the user. WhatsApp iOS users can also include filters for their photos, videos or GIFs. Using filter option like black, white, pop, chrome, cool and film users can add new photo or video or existing one for filters.

WhatsApp users can also use quick reply shortcut feature, in which user just need to swipe right on any message thread and start typing the message which appears at the bottom of the chat window. This will be a useful feature especially for group chats where lots of questions get embedded into one another.

However, the new features are currently available for the iOS version of WhatsApp and it will reach the Android users anytime soon. Surely the new quick reply and photo sharing feature will grasp users interest and make conversations easier.