Weekly Science: What is a quantum computer exactly?

Weekly Science: What is a quantum computer exactly?

It will be difficult to answer this question. We also resigned from Google’s founder as the company entered a turbulent adult era. This is one of the most exciting technological developments of the year, perhaps one of the most important. The problem is that no one can explain Google products in a way that everyone can understand. The first thing to know is that quantum computers are experimental methods. He is not ready for the golden time zone at best. But experts believe that in the end, today’s computers look like toys that can handle tasks that traditional computers can not do. Quantum mechanics is s a strange behavior that is manifested by particles of electronic light or strange metals that have been cooled hundreds of times or less. This peculiar behavior is challenging to explain because it is different from what we experienced if someone has studied quantum bits, the fundamental elements of a quantum computer, then no quantum bits.

Hartmut Neven, founder of Google Quantum Lab: Digital computers use Boolean logic languages ​​- 0 and 1. Quantum computers transform Boolean logic into quantum law. As a result, there is a richer set of work. This allows you to perform certain tasks in fewer steps.

Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research: Classical computers perform exercises at incredible speeds. Quantum computers manipulate precise control qubits and amplify the responses required by various possibilities by disturbing information (such as pond waves).

UC Cooper Mathematics Professor Greg Cooper Bug: A quantum computer is an unusual device that can execute algorithms that enhance quantum randomness. Some problems will be smarter than the entire Earth, where a relatively large number of sub-bit arrays are filled with conventional computer chips.

Dorit Aharonov, who was a professor of computer science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializes in quantum computing. The quantum bits are two of 0, and 1. n qubits can navigate exponentially across multiple computation passes. Smartly designed offsets between these paths ensure that only the right answers are kept, giving you unimaginable computing power.