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Web-based Tool Called Google AutoDraw Will Transform Your Scribbles Into An Art

The good news for scribblers is here. The AutoDraw feature launched by Google will transform your clumsy scribbles into an artwork. It will be beneficial for people who do not have excellent drawing abilities.Web-based Tool Called Google AutoDraw Will Transform Your Scribbles Into An Art

The artistic AutoDraw app is freely available, that can identify your doodles and turns them with the arts submitted by the professional artists. The app is available for Phone, tablets, Desktop also. For instance, a user can draw some sketch of famous celebrity and this app will transform it into a professional drawing.

The AutoDraw app is based on machine learning algorithm which also suggests potential options that match with their sketch.

To use this AutoDraw feature visit and start scribbling. After completion, the AI based assistant will show different options based on your drawing on the top bar. For instance, if a user draws ice-cream, then they will be able to choose the best-matching ice-cream, from choices that are provided.

The layout of this app is similar to Microsoft Paint, with the options like shapes, fill different colors. The web-based tool comes with 2 options, first AutoDraw option where users will get suggestions and the Draw option where you can scribble or just keep drawing and Google will not display any suggestions of what the art may be like.

The best thing about this feature is that it will not force you to choose one from the listed suggestions, instead, you can simply keep on drawing on the app for hours.

If you wish to send a birthday greeting to your friend you can just doodle on this app, select the best greeting from the suggested options and just send it to your friend. It has numerous options like you can choose brush size, width, a number of colors and much more. The machine learning based app can recognize your drawing within 20 seconds and provide a suggestion regarding same. An individual can also download the image for future use.