Walmart’s CEO should be an example for other CEOs to enter the gun debate

Walmart CEO, Mr. Doug McMillan is taking steps towards introducing a number of policies for tackling gun violence. This change of policies was a domino effect caused by the mass shooting at one of the Walmart stores in El Paso that killed 22 people.

This was done as an answer to several requests from thousands of Americans to use his power as the largest gun retailer to create a model for responsible gun-selling practices. When he became the CEO of Walmart, he increased the age requirement to 21 for gun buyers. It’s been 5 years since he came into power of a company which is spread across the country. Ever since he had been hesitant to speak publicly about gun violence, fearing a customer backlash and political. He gave in to the pressure and finally entered the debate on Tuesday.

In an open letter to his employees, Mr. McMillan, a 52-year old from Arkansas, said that Walmart would stop selling ammunition used in military-style weapons and handguns. He also said that they would end the sales of handguns completely and discourage people from carrying guns in Walmart stores. He also wrote to the President and some congressional leaders, calling for a debate regarding reauthorizing the assault-weapon ban and financing research on gun violence. This might prove to be a crisis. His actions to get involved in a significant conversation regarding responsible gun sales in the US could promote other business leaders to enter the debate. Many top executives are eager to enter this debate for the betterment of gun laws and reducing this epidemic of gun violence. There are some exceptions, such as the chief executive of VISA, Mr. Kelly, he prefers to stay at a neutral standpoint saying that their company is following all the rules and doing nothing wrong. VISA is used as a network repeatedly to carry out mass killings. Such officials should study Mr. McMillan’s example and follow his footsteps.

Walmart started verifying and crosschecking all the individuals with the help of the government. They also videotape sales and follow strict policies for sales. Mr. McMillan wishes to share his model with other retailers which could help in curbing the gun violence epidemic. He wishes to curb the problem with the help of government officials.