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The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartphones May Be Equipped With Curved Screen On All Four Sides

The South Korean firm called Samsung Electronics is currently working on a smartphone technology that will cover the smartphone with curved edges from all four sides. The news comes from ETNews, the Seoul, South Korean-based company’s next generation display. The reports state that Samsung will ship it’s all futuristic Samsung Galaxy phones with curved screen edges on all four sides including top and bottom.The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartphones May Be Equipped With Curved Screen On All Four Sides

The smartphone device with curved edges was first released by Samsung for its Galaxy S8 phone. Also, the reports claim that Samsung and LG are working together on this technology to create a clearly bezel-less display for smartphones.

But with such four-facet curved screen, the screen-to-body ratio will be more than 98%. The latest Galaxy S8 phone that has curved edges on 2 sides have the screen-to-body ratio as 83%. Due to this reason, the company may not launch its four-sided curved smartphone this year.

However, designing such bezel-less screen is a challenging task. The main hurdle lies within the lamination process that is used by the company. The OLED panels on the display undergo a lamination process, but if the screen is curved from all four sides the display will become ineffective. This is because the corners of the screen which are laminated using present display will not allow a touch of users.

Hence, the Samsung’s competitor Apple have decided to use a flat OLED panel for its upcoming iPhone 8 devices and not the curved OLED screen.

In order to ship the upcoming Galaxy device with four-side curved edges, the company needs to enhance its lamination process and improve the durability of the screen.

Samsung is currently working on its Galaxy S9 smartphone but users are trying to make most out of the Galaxy S8 device.

Some rumors state that the design challenges for Galaxy S9 device may force Samsung to move towards the flexible display. The patent was also granted to the company for its concept of the flexible display in February 2017.

Samsung also made sure that the Galaxy S8 is safe from exploding batteries, as the company looks to move away from the stigma left by the controversial Galaxy Note 7.