Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leak Reveals More Secrets About The Smartphone Device

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been the latest buzz among the interested users. Many leaks and rumors are being released frequently about the device stating the specification, features and other fundamental details. The latest leak suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 device is including some techniques and the secrets which will be seen in the smartphone device soon.

Some leaked report has recently pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device will be launched publicly by the end of August. Samsung, the South-Korean giant phone maker has already unveiled the specification and design of the device via a tweeter post.

One of the trusted leak source named OnLeaks has provided much more secrets about the most anticipated Galaxy Note 8. The photo posted by this trusted leak site shows that there will be 3 different types of tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8 device. Samsung has also started revealing more details about the device as its launching date is approaching. These three-tempered glass screen protectors will vary based on the cutouts present at the top bezel.

The first tempered screen protector has 4 cutouts but the leaks by OnLeaks suggest that there will be 6 cutouts. The third tempered screen protector will have 6 cutouts but they vary in their sizes. The predecessor of the Galaxy Note 8 device called Galaxy Note 7 had one opening for the ear phone and three additional cutouts for the front camera, iris scanner and one for the light sensor.

Hence it seems that the Galaxy Note 8 device being the improvement over the Galaxy Note 7 will have 6 cutouts, the additional two for the iris detection LED and one meant for the proximity sensor.

All the leaked information will not remain unknown to the interested user as the Galaxy Note 8 device is expected to be launch on August 23. The launch of the device will also resolve the debate related to the location of the fingerprint sensor and the price of the device.