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United States Tops The List Of Obese Individuals And One-Third Of World’s Population Is Obese

Obesity has affected more than 2 billion individuals across the globe and the recent research has shown that weight-related health issues are resulting in more deaths.United States Tops The List Of Obese Individuals And One-Third Of World’s Population Is Obese According to recent study one-third of the world’s population is obese and urbanization, poor diet involving a large amount of fat, sodium, and carbs and sedentary lifestyle is aggravating the condition further. Around 30% of the global population is obese and over last three decades, there has been a substantial increase in obese individuals.

The United States tops the list of obese individuals and 13% of children and young people are obese. Egypt has recorded the highest number of adult obesity which is 35% out of the total 195 countries. A new medical journal has shown the impact of obesity and the health risks associated with it.

Among 2.2 billion obese and overweight individuals recorded in 2015, 710 million of these individuals are obese consisting of 5% children and 12% adults. A large volume of individuals are facing death due to obesity-related diseases like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer and much more.

The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine lists the findings of the study along with the country which has highest obesity rate. Apart from being obese even if you are overweight, you are equally at the risk of diseases and the related death.

Hence it is necessary to maintain healthy BMI which is the ratio of person’s height and weight. One of the recent studies has shown that the chemicals present in food containers also cause obesity. Thus, one should opt for natural foods as the chemicals present in fast food or preserved food accelerate the growth of fats.

The best way to stay fit and healthy is a daily exercise. Even basic and moderate exercises like brisk walk can reap benefits. The people can use YouTube and social media to learn different exercises.