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UNESCO Urges Australia To Take Prompt Actions To Save Great Barrier Reef

The great destruction to the world’s heritage and largest coral reef known as Great Barrier Reef of Australia is raising serious concerns among environmentalists and UNESCO has advised concerned authorities to take prompt measures protect it from extinction.UNESCO Urges Australia To Take Prompt Actions To Save Great Barrier Reef

The coral bleaching caused by climate change, rising water temperatures, and human-induced greenhouse gases are causing a threat to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. If these conditions worsen further than the Reef could become extinct by 2050. Some researchers also claim that there are no chances to reverse the damaged caused to the Great Barrier Reef but some of them are optimistic. UNESCO on June 3, have advised the Australian government to take serious actions and efforts to protect the Reef.

With the current pace of efforts, it would be difficult to protect the reef and the measure is proving ineffective in satisfying the long-term targets to protect the reef. The Great Barrier Reef has become a victim of back-to-back coral bleaching which has affected two-thirds of the reef and the recent updates reveal a sharp decline in a number of corals present towards the north of the reef.

World Heritage Committee UNESCO has mentioned that Australia is slow in meeting the water quality targets. The draft released by UNESCO also praised Australian and Queensland governments for their initial work towards protecting the reef from extinction and their $1.28bn investment plan to improve the water quality.

The report focuses on reducing the number of agricultural pollutants released into the Reef to meet the Long-Term Sustainability Plan targets and improve the water quality. It will be embarrassing for Australia and its governments if the Great Barrier Reef is being listed in the United Nations “in danger” list and if it gets negative marking.

The primary factors affecting the great barrier reef are coral bleaching, poor water quality due to the household, agricultural and industrial runoff, climatic change posing threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

UNESCO have praised the Australian government efforts and plans which will save the Great Barrier Reef from extinction.