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Uber Wish To Team Up With Tesla For Launching Self-Driving Cars, But Elon Musk Denied

In order to make self-driving cars a reality and to first launch the cars first on street, many companies are collaborating with each other. Recently, Waymo and Lyft have joined hands with each other and signed a deal to first launch its self-driving cars on the public street. Uber is also gearing up its effort and have extended their hands to Tesla but Tesla CEO, Elon Musk have denied the deal.Uber Wish To Team Up With Tesla For Launching Self-Driving Cars, But Elon Musk Denied

Tesla rejected the offer regarding the deal and the information comes from Wild Ride, the upcoming book written by Adam Lashinsky from Fortune which Bloomberg read in advance. The book will be published next week. Elon Musk said: The deal is “too far out” and Uber would be better if it focuses on its ride-hailing business.

Uber planned to take this initiative after Apple made $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing. Hence, the Uber CEO, Kalanick asked Musk thinking they could team up against Apple. Didi Chuxing is the Uber’s Chinese rival which is also one of the ride-hailing services. Kalanick also said that he would purchase 500,000 self-driving Tesla’s by 2020 is company develops this technology at the earliest.

While Tesla was adding the Autopilot driver-assist system, the Uber was working on its own autonomous driving system. After some days, Musk disclosed his plan in which the proposal to allow Tesla owners to use self-driving cars in ride sharing service along with some cars provided by Tesla to provide adequate coverage.

Most of the self-driving technologies work as the companies involved plays different roles, for instance, one company provides the cars and another company provides the technology. As Tesla and Uber have similar goals the partnership might have been denied by Elon Musk.

One of the spokespeople at Bloomberg reported that Tesla CEO said no to Kalanick’s offer for a partnership and did not wish to pursue the self-driving ambitions with Uber. Uber is already involved in many disputes with its self-driving car business and the company is dealing with legal dispute from Waymo after the ex-Google engineer left the company to join Uber and stole many company documents in the process.