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Uber Downfall Continues With The Resignation Of Rachel Whetstone

Uber Downfall Continues With The Resignation Of Rachel Whetstone

2017 has been a year of controversies for Uber and continues to be one, after Rachel Whetstone, the company’s head of policy and communications (Public Relations) announced her resignation today. Uber has seen some of the top management executives resigning from their position due to internal miscommunication and differences. In an internal email sent by the company’s chief executive officer, Travis Kalanick to his employees, the announcement of the departure of Rachel Whetstone was announced. Uber has been in different kind of controversies including sexual harassment case against one of the top management executive, Travis Kalanick’s video of a communication with Uber driver in an inappropriate manner.

Rachel Whetstone was instrumental in developing the internal communication and formal culture of the organization. She was one of the oldest female executives of the organization. The incident occurred in less than a couple of months wherein she was handed the responsibility to fix up the damaged image of the organization after the allegations about sexual harassment and culture which doesn’t support women empowerment. Rachel Whetstone was assigned the responsibility to investigate the matter and provide fruitful insights on the issue and repair the image of the organization.

Rachel Whetstone was a formal Google employee before joining Uber and served at Google for a decade. She joined Uber in 2015 when Uber was struggling to have an expert top management executive team. Rachel Whetstone managed to handle the external and internal controversial issues which were about the damage the reputation of the organization. Uber was accused of involving and capitalizing on Donald Trump’s Presidential election campaign and was criticized by the people by deleting the Uber app on the mass level. In last two months, Jeff Jones, the President, Brian McClendon who was a top engineer, Ed Baker, who worked in Uber’s growth and product team resigned on an immediate basis, with the recent resignation of Rachel Whetstone who was the Public Relations head.

Jill Hazelbaker would handle the role and responsibilities of Rachel Whetstone after her resignation. Jill Hazelbaker is an ex-Google employee and also was an assistant to Rachel Whetstone at Uber. He also handled the political operations for Senator John McCain before joining Uber. Jill Hazelbaker has known Rachel Whetstone for a long time since they were together in Google as well as in Uber.

It’s a tough time for Travis Kalanick and the whole organization, precisely after the resignation of Rachel Whetstone who was instrumental in redesigning the cultural behavior and policies of the organization. After all the controversies till date, Uber has developed a very negative image and things are expected to go worse.