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Uber decides To Launch A Web Of Flying Cars In Dallas And Dubai By 2020

Uber the ride-hailing service headquartered in San Francisco, California and operating in 570 cities globally, now plans to launch a hoard of flying cars to take it ride-sharing in air.Uber decides To Launch A Web Of Flying Cars In Dallas And Dubai By 2020

On Tuesday, Uber announced that it is planning to launch a network of flying cars in Dallas and Dubai by 2020. Basically, these flying cars will similar to small aircraft that will take off and land vertically (VTOL) with zero emissions and can efficiently operate in cities. The company states that it will not be manufacturing its own flying cars. Uber will form a network that can be one of the transportation options.

Uber said that it is working with some aircraft manufacturers and real estate firm and with ChargePoint Inc. to bring this technology into reality. The company has hired Mark Moore, a NASA aircraft engineer to work on this project.

However, one needs to understand the challenges that will be faced by the company for developing flying cars. The infrastructure needed to support this technology that can cover a distance of 100 miles in just 40 minutes does not exist here. The company has joined hands with NASA and the National Air Traffic Control Association regarding the troubles that may arrive in airspace management. The ChargePoint company has also started developing the infrastructure that will provide special chargers in this flying car networks that can be used by flying cars.

This technology can reduce the travel time and the travel through congested roads. For instance, the travel time from San Francisco Marina to San Jose will be just 15 minutes compared to the existing travel time which is 2 hours. These flying cars will have less impact on the environment as compared to the gasoline-powered vehicles.

The company is working with Hillwood properties in Dallas-Fort Worth and various other real estate companies in Dubai to select the sites and construct ports for vehicle landings and takeoffs. These flying cars will be demonstrated in 2020 World Expo in Dubai and in Dallas at the same time.