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Twitter Revamps Its Design To Provide Faster, Lighter And Better Experience To Users

Twitter, the news, and social networking site launched back in 2006 have undergone a number of modifications to provide faster, lighter and easier user experience.Twitter Revamps Its Design To Provide Faster, Lighter And Better Experience To Users

The new modifications and fixes will surely eliminate the drawback of current design which was and enhance its user base. The new redesign will roll out across iOS, Android, TweetDeck, and Twitter Lite in coming days and weeks.

The first notable modification is the side navigation menu displaying the profiles, additional accounts, settings, and privacy. The side navigation menu will leave only a few and essential tabs at the bottom. For the iOS users, the link to articles and websites will open in Safari viewer within the app using which people can easily access the accounts on the website for which they have signed up.

Some small design modifications include drift towards more common typography, bolder headlines, and rounded profile images. These small changes will help the users to get faster access and to focus on what they want. The change to settings location is also one significant move by Twitter.

Twitter also claims that we welcome feedback and ideas from people and continuously make changes to make it feel lighter, faster and better to use. We also take into consideration the things which people love and the things which they don’t, which helps us to grow.

The arrow icon which was present on Twitter use to create confusion among users like they use to think that this icon indicates going back to the previous page or deleting something. But now this reply icon has been modified by Twitter to speech bubble to eliminate the confusion.

All these modifications are made to make the app user-friendly, appealing to all existing users as well as for new visitors. As Twitter is experiencing slow growth over recent years this new move will surely bring perks to users as well as the company.

The most awaited high-end features like the ability to edit the posted tweets have not yet rolled out. The update is currently available for Android and iOS users and will roll out to other platforms in near future.