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Twitter Decided To Drop Default Egg So As To Crack The Perfect Profile Picture

Twitter Decided To Drop Default Egg So As To Crack The Perfect Profile PictureTwitter has finally decided to crack down the default egg picture on the various accounts trying to scam people. The default profile picture which was introduced in 2010 in order to illustrate that the new user was about to “hatch” has become visual shorthand for trolls, bots and fury. The default egg picture is now replaced with temporary shadowy head and shoulders. You would now be able to imagine that it’s an actual human being behind terrifying conspiracy theories about fluoride, rather than your breakfast.

The design team on Twitter says that they have made these changes to encourage users so that they can upload their actual photos and express themselves more freely and independently. So now saying goodbye to Twitter egg and hello to decapitated oblong head! There were many reasons so as to why twitter decided to drop the egg. Among them, the main reason was to encourage the creation of accounts specifically used only to tweet at other users.

The design team had noticed the behaviour with the accounts that are created only to harass other, often they don’t take the time to personalise their accounts. “This has developed the connection between the default egg profile photo and negative behaviour, which isn’t fair to people who are still new to Twitter and haven’t yet personalised their profile photo.”

The motive behind this was to keep it simple, said Olly Osborne, head of social media for Vice in Europe. “It should be close enough to work on mobile, and avoid other people just focus on yourself, otherwise it’s too busy.” “Forward-facing eye contact will catch the attention of the person who is scrolling.” There are certain groups of people who know about the internet than people whose job it is to know about the internet – they are the teenagers.