trump requests gm and auto union to make a deal as workers plan for a strike

Trump Requests GM and Auto Union to Make a Deal as Workers Plan for a Strike

On Sunday, President Donald Trump has pushed UAW (United Automobile Workers union) and GM (General Motors) to settle. The President’s tweet reads, here we go again with GM and the UAW. Trump said, get together and make a deal. This tweet was a reply to the UAW’s call for a strike against General Motors. A four-year contract between the union and the automaker has expired on Saturday. The UAW said its members at the Detroit automaker would walk away by 11:59 p.m. if GM fails to fulfill demands. Notably, the strike could take away around 48,000 workers heading to industrial action. Apart from this, it has paved the wat for the nation’s first auto strike in the past twelve years.

As a reply, GM said they had offered a firm proposal that boosts wages, profits and raises U.S. jobs in significant ways. The automobile company noted it seems hugely disappointing that the union has opted for a strike. Even more, GM has settled in goodwill along with a request for urgent procedure. The automobile company aims to develop a secure future for its workers as well as business. GM said it has offered an agreement that consisted of wage or lump-sum expands in all four years. Apart from this, the company claims had provided an enhanced profit-sharing pattern during the contract.

On the other hand, the union said they had contributed to re-establishing General Motors when they were close to extinction. But both sides had failed to reach a provisional settlement by Saturday’s deadline even after a series of talks. Today, the two parties might continue negotiations which will hopefully end with a tentative of a permanent deal. It is not the first time the President has pushed on the talks. Before this, Mr. Trump had requested both sides to start discussions rather than to wait for the contract-closure. At the time, Trump’s appeal cited the contact with UAW, that was on the due of completion.