The US is accused of cyberattacks and other unethical behavior by Huawei

Huawei accuses the US of conducting cyber-attacks, illegal searches, attempting to trap, and other unethical behavior. The company said that the US has been using all available tools, including “deceitful means” to undermine the business of Huawei and its partners. This allegation was made without evidence after a day the US and Poland signed an agreement to strictly investigate 5G network equipment provided by foreign suppliers such as Huawei. The US has instructed law enforcement to menace, threaten, coerce, tempt, and incite current and former employees of Huawei, said the company.

According to Huawei, the US has illegally searched, detained and arrested Huawei employees, dug out old civil cases that had been resolved, sent FBI agents to homes of the employees, and committed other wrongdoings. A source who asked not to be named told the Wall Street Journal that this year US law enforcement have contacted at least three employees of Huawei’s US office. But the Wall Street Journal pointed out that it is common for FBI agents to visit former and current employees of the company which is under investigation. In addition to the concern of national security, the US is scrutinizing new allegations of intellectual theft of property. Huawei’s allegations were made in an unrelated press release, which meant to refute Huawei’s sole allegations of patent infringement.

At the end of last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Justice had investigated Huawei for allegedly stealing intellectual property rights that were patented in the US. In the press release, Huawei said that the allegations were wrong. Huawei wrote that the company strongly condemn the malicious and joint efforts of the US government to disrepute Huawei and curb its leadership in the industry. Huawei has repeatedly denied the Trump administration’s allegations that the government has been dominated by Chinese government officials. The company has published its list of allegations for the first time since the US blacklisted Huawei.