the life expectancy rate in america is declining

The Life Expectancy Rate in America Is Declining

Everyone wants to live a happy and prosperous life, and no one wants to die early. A new report shows that the life expectancy rate in the United States of America is declining, and there are various reasons to blame it. The life expectancy rate shows how many years you are going to live and not to surprise this rate is continuously decreasing in the USA. Obesity, drug overdose, suicides, and alcohol-related problems are the main reason behind it.

The report shows that the life expectancy rate is declining for the last ten years mostly, and if we compare it with the previous time, then there is a piece of good news for everyone. The life expectancy rate has increased from 69.9 years in 1989 to 78.9 in 2019. However, this increase in the life expectancy rate has slowed over time as compared to other high income generating countries. Other countries that share the same economic level as of USA have a higher life expectancy rate. The United States of America is already famous for spending billions of dollars on health care costs, yet it’s not producing the required results.

The life expectancy rate in the USA has started to drop from the last five years. The rate declined to 78.6 in 2017 from 78.9 in 2014, which is surprising to many Americans because the USA spends the most significant amount of per capita income on health care costs. West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, New England’s northern area, Maine, and Vermont are those places where the death rate has increased from the last few years. Doctors studied the data and found that drug overdose and overconsumption of alcohol are the primary reason behind the decline of the life expectancy rate. One of the most concerning things among these is that youngsters have died because of alcohol-related illnesses and this number keeps rising.